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Psychology Essays

Psychosocial Pathways Between Working Conditions and Wellbeing

Part I: Article Summary This article interested me because it examines how social relationships and isolation influence health outcomes. The biopsychosocial model proposes that social factors affect biology and health, directly relating social psychology to health. The introduction summarizes previous evidence that social isolation increases mortality risk similarly to smoking. Social relationships influence health behaviours ... Read More
Pages: 4       Words: 1080

Positive Psychology Interventions Can Enhance a Sense of Purpose, Leading to Improved Outcomes in Addiction Recovery.

Abstract Addiction in general brings substantial individual and societal burden when it comes to the high recidivism after the traditional symptom-focused treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and 12-step programs. Although such methods successfully work for some, they usually do not encourage well-being and positive functioning. The latter is concerned with increasing strengths, promoting positive ... Read More
Pages: 12       Words: 3141
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Biopsychosocial Assessment of Childhood Behavioral Disorders: Case Study of Ben Liu

Introduction Ben Liu, a seven-year-old kid with behavioral issues, is the focus of this paper’s biopsychosocial examination in the context of his family and culture. A differential diagnosis for Ben’s symptoms will be made using evidence-based literature and DSM-5-TR criteria. Culturally responsive engagement tactics will also be considered to meet Ben’s diverse requirements and improve ... Read More
Pages: 9       Words: 2467

Understanding Developmental Risk Factors in Criminal Behavior

Introduction Various developmental, psychological, and environmental factors affect criminal behaviour. In a detailed analysis of three case studies to highlight the intricacies behind the crime, this paper assesses the effect of risk factors, specifies the type of crimes- whether being expressive or instrumental evaluates the criminality of the offenders, and applies particular theoretical frameworks to ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1329

Techniques for Group Leaders in Counseling Stages

The group leader plays a vital role in counseling sessions where the group is transitioning from one stage to another and overcoming any resistance that might arise. The techniques used at each level are crucial for building a positive group dynamic and grappling with the challenges associated with group counseling. In this paper, I will ... Read More
Pages: 3       Words: 751

Character Analysis: Adam Project

Adam Reed, a 12-year-old male teenager attending Franklin Middle School, is being raised by a single mother after his father’s untimely death in a vehicle accident. Adam is somewhat diminutive compared to his contemporaries and has periodic episodes of asthma, which are alleviated by the use of an inhaler. Due to his low height, he ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1160

Assessment of the Confidentiality and Mental Health Case Study

In the case of Dr. Laura Simmons and Mr. Alex Turner, the ethical dilemma surrounding confidentiality in mental health treatment is evident. Dr. Simmons, guided by the principle of privacy, faces the challenge of balancing trust and potential harm. Colizzi et al. (2020) believe trust in therapeutic relationships is crucial for effective mental health interventions. ... Read More
Pages: 7       Words: 1666

Lifespan Theories: Career Development in Childhood and Adolescence

The Super Theory was developed by Donald Super based on his premise that an individual’s self-concept evolves. According to the Super Theory, an individual’s career pathway spans their entire life. According to this paradigm, children’s professional development starts in early childhood while developing their sense of self. The core of the Super theory on career ... Read More
Pages: 9       Words: 2228

Art, Development, and Developmental Theories

Identify and describe the three developmental processes Physical Development Physical development involves structural, functional, and capacity changes in the body. It encompasses motor skills, coordination, and general physical fitness (Cranach, 2020). Example with Jesus and Children: In a work of art a toddler would be playing around with activities that represent motor function and coordination. ... Read More
Pages: 3       Words: 776

Navigating Mental Health Challenges in LGBTQIA+ College Students

Abstract This study aims to uncover the impact that stress, resilience and intersectionality have on LGBTQIA+ college students’ mental health. The research question focuses on these factors’ influence on mental well-being in this population, individually and collectively. The study suggests a hypothetical mixed-methods survey, which will measure quantitative data through stress resilience and mental health ... Read More
Pages: 8       Words: 2030

Big Five Theory

Introduction Among the key pillars of personality traits is The Big Five Theory, which enables the description of human personality based on five key aspects. Such dimensions are, in most cases, referred to as the big five of important parts utilized by psychologists in their quest to define as well as properly highlight individual differences. ... Read More
Pages: 7       Words: 1716

Interpersonal Functioning and Social Media in BPD

The article “Interpersonal Functioning in Borderline Personality Disorder Traits: A Social Media Perspective” is an interesting one as it provides a distinctive perspective on the relationship between BPD features and social media usage. This study is important in that it was the first to investigate interpersonal dilemmas connected with BPD social media for modern life. ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1393

Access to Mental Healthcare

Mental health refers to an individual’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mentally ill people have difficulties in making decisions and handling stress. Therefore, it is important to have adequate and functional healthcare facilities. Post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) has become a notable problem among military veterans (National Center for PTSD, 2023). Military veterans refer to people who ... Read More
Pages: 3       Words: 811

The Commonalities and Contributions of Wundt, Ebbinghaus, Brentano, and Stumpf in Early Psychology

Introduction The rise of psychology as a distinct scientific field in the late 19th century included those individuals who contributed to this development: Wilhelm Wundt, Hermann Ebbinghaus, Franz Brentano, and Carl Stumpf. Although these pioneers varied in their methods and theoretical orientations, they had a common interest in comprehending the human mind generally and behaviour ... Read More
Pages: 4       Words: 947

Rhetorical Analysis of “7 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is One of the Fastest-Growing Job Skills” by Harvey Deutschendorf

Introduction In the article titled “7 Reasons Why Having Emotional Intelligence Is One Of The Most Rapidly Expanding Job Skills,” by Harvey Deutschendorf, the author uses several rhetorical approaches to convince the audience of the relevance of emotional intelligence in the contemporary labor market of today. A significant number of individuals read the article. To ... Read More
Pages: 3       Words: 740
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Essays On Psychology

We all have thoughts and behaviors, and psychology studies our minds and how we behave, which makes it a highly relevant topic. Psychology has long been used to explain people’s actions through explaining and understanding the thoughts that lead us there. We see it daily in studies on criminals or history, actions taken by companies specifically designed to leverage psychological facts, and conversations wherein we leverage psychology to get ahead.

For instance, psychology details how something being rare scares us and makes us feel like we must get it before it’s gone. Companies use that by saying, “Buy it now, before someone else does!” or, “It’ll only be on sale for a short time; buy it while you can!” This tactic, scarcity urgency, is only one example of how we see psychology in use daily. This is a manipulation tactic capitalized on by companies throughout the world to alarm the consumer and give them the incentive to make a purchase.

How to write an essay on psychology

Writing a psychology essay gives you some flexibility in your choice of topic and structure. While most psychology essays can fall under the basic essay structure of one introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph, you have other options you can leverage as well.

One of these is the theme structure. You can structure your essay around themes by making each body paragraph about a different interconnected theme.

What can you talk about in an essay on psychology

We all have psychology happening in and around us all the time, which makes for a huge topic pool for an essay on psychology.

Topics you can choose for a psychology essay include:

• Deviant behavior and control
• Humor theory concept
• Creativity: The flow and psychology of invention and discovery
• Historical perspectives in psychology
• Mother’s learning and its impact on children
• The science of how the mind impacts behavior
• Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
• Managing panic attacks
• Loneliness causes, as defined by psychology

If you need help completing your essay or have lost inspiration, you can always rely on these examples. They are here to push you in the direction of the most incredible essay you have ever written!

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