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Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essays

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Essays About Why I want to be a nurse

Nursing is a popular essay topic for many students, especially those that may choose it as a career. It is also a great way to demonstrate your commitment, passion and dedication to your chosen area of study. As nurses are in high demand within the United States and across the world, this is a relevant essay topic. If you have an interest in this field of work, writing an essay on nursing may help solidify your own thoughts and feelings on why you want to be a nurse.

Key reasons why this is a popular essay topic

The role of nurses has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Nurses work across all healthcare sectors, including hospitals, community services and private clinics. They offer support at home which improves the quality of life for many people who cannot live independently due to their condition or age. It is because of the nature of nursing that there are many aspects that you could focus on as you write your essay. For example, if you wish to work specifically as an aged care nurse you may want to focus your essay in this area.

In addition to this, nursing remains to be a recession-proof job. Nurses will always be needed and therefore this topic is always current.

Method for writing your essay

When writing your essay about why you want to pursue nursing, consider writing in future tense. Use phases like “As a nurse I will” or “I plan to work in a hospital setting.” Write specific to your own circumstance and what you hope to achieve as a nurse. Depending on the purpose of your essay, if it is to persuade the reader of your interest in nursing, be sure to use words that emphasize this. Make your statements strong and convincing.

Nursing continues to be an essential profession. Writing an essay around the topic “Why I want to be a nurse” allows for much discussion about how you could contribute to the health care of your future patients.

If you are working on your essay outline or searching for ideas to discuss, the samples on this page may help you with it.

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