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Israel and Palestine Conflict Essays

Example of Political Violence: Israel and Palestine

Political violence refers to violence caused by political reasons, that typically occurs outside of the state’s jurisdiction. This essay will discuss the recent example of political violence in the form of a rocket attack launched by Gaza Strip militants toward southern Israel on 6 February 2019, which were accompanied by Gaza rioters that were throwing ... Read More
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Essays About Israel and Palestine Conflict

The Israel and Palestine conflict is quite complex and generates intense feelings among many people, which is why it’s so relevant and worthy of exploration in an essay. The Israel and Palestine conflict is a political issue that spreads widely. So much so that even people with no personal stake in it still have genuine feelings of anger and grief, and have become engaged in the discourse.

To understand the Israel and Palestine conflict, we have to briefly look into some history. The land that was claimed by Jews and Palestinians used to be ruled by the Ottoman Empire before the British Empire took over in the 20th century.

Palestinian people, which are the Arabs from that area, want to have a state called Palestine. On the other hand, Jews fleeing from Europe also wanted to have a Jewish state on the land they believe is their ancient homeland. The Arabs resisted, claiming the land as theirs, and that’s where the conflict arises. Israelis and Palestinians are essentially fighting over who gets what land and who controls what.

Now, there are many ways to explore the topic of the Israel and Palestine conflict. For one, you could discuss the two-state solution, which means Israelis and Palestinians would get two separate states. However, this solution, which was presented by the UN in 1947, hasn’t materialized yet.

You could also discuss the reasons why the two-state solution hasn’t been embraced, which are several. For example, there is no consensus as to how borders would be drawn to divide the two proposed states. While many think that the borders should include pre-1967 lines, which include the territory Israel captured during the 1967 Israeli-Arab war, Israelis are not willing to concede that territory.

This is only one of the reasons the two-state solution hasn’t been accepted and they’re all worth discussing. Whatever you decide to focus on for your essay on the Israel and Palestine conflict, make sure your arguments are engaging and backed by research. Focus on adding something of value to the understanding of the conflict.

And if you still don’t know how to start, essay examples on this page may help you set your thoughts and start writing.

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