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To Kill a Mockingbird Essays

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

Killing a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee in 1960. Producer Aaron Sorkin’s dramatization of Harper Lees’s To Kill a Mockingbird in a theatre addresses the issues of prejudice, family, and courage (MA Doherty, 2019). The directors are trying to tackle these issues through dramatization in court where an African American, Tom Robinson, defended ... Read More
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To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper was the youngest in a family of four and was born in April 1926. She was one of the famous novelists in America, well known for her 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird novel. Harper’s book won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize and became a modern American literature classic (Fine, 2019). The characters of her novel ... Read More
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Essays About To Kill a Mockingbird

This book has such depth to it and is a must for anyone to read. The story may seem quite basic at first but the real reward is when you start to read between the lines. The title itself has a specific meaning which is the death of innocence and this can be reflected in the main characters as they journey through the story and witness the harshness of the real world.

On top of that, the main theme of racism and prejudice gives us a look at how it affects the town’s citizens and the region. In addition, there are also topics of injustice and inequality in the system itself that you could refer to in modern times as well.

It’s key to note that the story doesn’t just revolve around a negative theme. There are also vital positive moments and themes, especially concerning morality and courage. It also gets us thinking about being more compassionate to the characters that need it in the novel and our daily lives.

How to write an essay on To Kill a Mockingbird

This is another popular topic that has been written about a lot so make sure to pick a theme you want to reference and add a new twist to it. Then, bring the modern world into it and showcase how powerful and meaningful the book is and how there is still progress we can make as a society. With so many topics and essays written about, this method can help give you the ideas you are looking for. Finally, make sure to not just write about it but also to take the time to read the book so that you can better understand the themes themselves and get a real grasp of them.

Essay topics you can cover on this novel

These will typically center around the themes mentioned above or in particular about one of the major characters in the novel, such as:

• The Growth and Change of Scout Finch
• The Mystery Behind Boo Bradley
• How Powerful Empathy is
• Why To Kill a Mockingbird is relevant more now than ever

If you need help in creating an outline for your paper, use essay examples on this page that may push you in the right direction and help you complete your assignment with excellence.

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