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Police Brutality Essays

Defunding the Police

Police are constituted bodies of individuals empowered by the government tasked to enforce law and order, ensure citizens’ safety, possessions, and health, and prevent civil disorder and crimes that may put the lives of citizens in danger. Their constitutional powers include the use of force legitimized by the government via monopoly on violence and arresting ... Read More
Pages: 8       Words: 1975

Racial Controversy-Deadly Police Incident

Ideally, racism elicits hatred and distrust and precludes any try to apprehend its sufferers. The term refers to political, financial, or prison facilities and structures that practice or perpetuate racism, or wealth and interests, education, fitness, civil rights, and other areas (Amis, Mair, and Munir2020). Racial discrimination can be understood as a belief that one ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1472
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Use of Force

Police misdemeanors and the amount of force they use while arresting a subject have increased public attention and scrutiny. For many years, law enforcement’s use of force has been controlled by the common law in the state. The United States Supreme Court destroyed a Tennessee statute that permitted the police officers to use all essential ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1511

Changes in Modern Policing

Citizens rely on the government, law enforcers, and legislation to protect them against anti-human rights activities. However, on multiple occasions, the people have felt unprotected or on the perceived wrong side of those individuals for matters they do not understand (Prendergast, 2021). Several cases have been reported on police brutality, incarceration, and killings that raise ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1353

Essay on Police Brutality

Police brutality is the use of disproportionate and unjustified force by law enforcement. It constitutes a violation of a person’s civil liberties and is a kind of police misconduct. The term can also describe a circumstance in which police officers use excessive force against someone. There are many forms of police abuse, including but not ... Read More
Pages: 4       Words: 1012

“The Hate U Give” Novel by Angie Thomas

What insights does the novel generate concerning the national conversation and ongoing debate over police brutality, racial profiling and social justice? What perspectives does the novel present? How does the novel use these issues to enhance the story? When it comes to policing, the term “bad apples” is frequently used. Bad apples, after all, fall ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1150

Factors That Contribute to Police Misconducts

Introduction Police misconduct is increasingly becoming a common concern worldwide. Actions by the police officers in Hong Kong against the public cause mixed reactions nationwide and in the international community. In September 2019, the renowned Citizen’s Press Conference declared that public satisfaction with Hong Kong police was as low as 0.02 per cent on a ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1332

Excessive Police Force and Misconduct and How To Reduce It

Abstract The Congress passed the law misconduct statute in the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1994 as a response to countrywide debate concerning violation of use of police force after the brutal killing of Rodney King in 1991. The statute authorized the Justice Department to investigate and press charges against specific police ... Read More
Pages: 29       Words: 7952
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Essays About Police Brutality

The news cycle is just what it sounds like – a system that is constantly rotating significant events, people, and ideas on our televisions, phones, computers, and other smart devices based on what is happening at that current moment. Some current events enter the cycle for a brief moment, are solved, and quickly forgotten afterwards. And then there are some societal landmarks that entered the rotation many years ago and show no signs of exiting the circle any time soon.

Police brutality is no stranger to the news cycle. Throughout the history of our world, at least what we know of it, those in positions of power have not always been held to the standard that they are intended to. Checks and balances are an important part of human life, but those in charge of those checks and balances need accountability as well. 

Topics such as police brutality are so important to explore, read, and write about because the change or stagnancy that follows that exploration shapes the world that we live in and the world that those who follow us will be a part of. Writing is a great way to help formulate our thoughts and opinions on these world-altering discussions. Good writing demands research and thoughtfulness and incidences of police brutality deserve every second of fact-finding and attention that writers can offer.

For essays on crucial topics such as this, it is important to be aware of how exactly to convey what you know, feel, and want others to know about the topic. The purpose of your essay helps guide you through how to formulate your writing. Is your essay intended to inform the reader about the history of police brutality or convince them that your opinion on the topic is the most sound? For the former, facts should rule your research and for the latter, interviews can be extremely helpful. When writing about police brutality keep these points at the forefront of your writing plans:

Form a strong thesis and stick with it.

Perform thoughtful research and include opposing viewpoints as a necessary part of your time researching the topic. 

Be mindful of your emotions. Contrary to popular belief, emotions do not always interfere with the soundness of your argument or opinion. Emotions can help us find the resources we need to drive our point home. Use your emotions to find the clarity and information you need to write the best essay possible on this paramount human rights topic.

If you are working on an outline for an argumentative essay or persuasive essay, or need ideas for an essay on police brutality, thesis, or research paper on police brutality, you can use examples from this page to help you complete your piece like a pro!

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