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Cyber Bullying Essays

Smartphones Among Young Spanish Teenagers

1. Introduction A smartphone is a mobile device that can be used as a computer as they work efficiently and are small enough to fit in the hand of the user. Smartphones are used to receive and send emails, send multimedia messages, take photographs, and text individuals. Most individuals, especially teenagers, use smartphones mainly to ... Read More
Pages: 17       Words: 4447

Effects of Social Networking on Mental Health

Abstract In the past decade, society has witnessed a dramatic upsurge in the use and application of social networking. Similarly, there has been an evident increase in mental health issues across the globe. This particular paper explores the relationship between social networking and mental health. Applying Repko and Szostak’s interdisciplinary research process and theory, the ... Read More
Pages: 25       Words: 6672
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Impact of Cancel Culture on American Society

Introduction When Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the prolific feminist writer often referred to as the “Unruly literarily daughter of Achebe,” wrote her three-part essay “It’s Obscene,” it was evident that the cancel culture had gotten out of hand. The Nigerian author outlined how the new generation of individuals have weaponized social media and other digital communication ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1579
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Essays About Cyber Bullying

If you spend enough time online, you will encounter a cyberbully no matter what age you are. However, cyberbullying goes beyond a person leaving a nasty reply or hurling insults at you through the screen. Cyberbullying is a lot more dangerous than that and it causes devastating effects on victims.

That’s why it can be such an interesting topic to explore in an essay. The fact that this type of bullying occurs through technology is enough to talk about how important it is to understand it and fight it.

Many people are victims of cyberbullying, but it affects young people the most. About 37% of people aged between 12 and 17 have experienced cyberbullying. That’s because 95% of teenagers in the United States are online most of the time through their mobile devices.

There are many factors that make cyberbullying as dangerous and deadly as it is. For one, it is relentless and omnipresent. You access the internet from anywhere, including your home, so cyberbullying can follow you wherever you go.

Additionally, cyberbullies are anonymous and it’s very difficult to tell who is behind the screen. That anonymity can make cyberbullies feel more empowered than they would in person, which explains why cyberbullying is so relentless and constant, to the extent it has driven people to suicide.

Perhaps one of the worst things about cyberbullying is that everything is permanent. Things are not easily deleted from the internet. Not to mention, all the harassment and humiliation are public. Everyone can see what the cyberbully is posting, so it adds to the sense of shame.

These are all interesting points that you can explore in an essay. Moreover, you can bring your own experience into it and your opinion to make the essay more compelling and bring something new to the conversation.

Cyberbullying is a major social problem and it should be discussed, especially if you’ve been affected by it or know someone who has been. Ideas matter and they make a difference, so you can add to that with a thoughtful and insightful essay about cyberbullying.

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