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What Makes You Unique Essays

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Essays on the Topic of What Makes You Unique

One of the most wonderful things about being human is that we are all different. Writing an essay about what makes you unique is a great way to explore yourself and explain what makes you an individual. Additionally, it’s a great way to examine human traits, qualities, and characteristics.

Now, when you’re writing an essay about what makes you unique, you need to choose what your focus will be. For example, you can focus on your personality traits, abilities, opinions, habits, etc. You can also focus on the experiences that have made you different throughout life.

We are all impacted by our experiences and many of them mark a “before” and “after” in our lives. Given that we don’t all have the same exact experiences or the same exact response to those experiences, they make us unique and they help build a distinctive character in one way or another.

Once you know what you want to focus on for your essay on what makes you unique, you must conceptualize and outline your essay. This will help you keep a structure and explore the topic in a way that’s understandable and easy to follow for the reader.

Most importantly, you need to be vulnerable in your essay. Write in the first person and don’t be afraid to use personal examples. Show your personality through your writing to make the essay about what makes you unique a lot more compelling.

The more vivid your examples, the better. They will paint a picture for the reader and make your essay a lot more powerful. Also, keep in mind who your audience is to guide your writing a bit better and make a lasting impression on your readers.

Lastly, don’t forget to edit your essay. When you’re writing about yourself, it’s not difficult to overdo it or hold back to the point when your essay is no longer valuable. Make sure that what you’re writing is relevant and actually serves to explain what makes you unique. Otherwise, it will compromise the quality of your essay.

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