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Same Sex Marriages Essays

Homosexuality and Marriage

Introduction In the United States, between 200,000 and 3.7 million children under the age of 18 may have a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender parent, and around 200,000 are raised by same-sex couples. The bulk of legal and political discussions over the past decade over recognizing same-sex marriage have centered on these couples’ parental competence, ... Read More
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Essays About Same-Sex Marriages

A polarizing topic is always excellent for any type of essay writing. It allows you to take either a position on your opinions, do an unbiased overview of the topic in general, or simply build out a pros and cons list type essay that properly examines both sides.

Of course, one of these hot topics is same-sex marriages. This is where people of the same gender choose to get legally married and share all the legal and financial benefits of marriage. The core issue with this in the United States is that marriage is handled on a State level. This means it’s been a big journey for complete legalization, as each state needs to discuss it, propose it, and put it to a vote.

How to write essays on same-sex marriages

Despite there being a long struggle for this reality, same-sex marriages today have become quite commonplace. Many places throughout the globe have legally accepted the premise, and it’s an excellent topic to discuss because it is no longer a ‘what if’ scenario. Instead, it comes with plenty of opinions, comments, and data to use in a well-researched essay on the topic itself.

You can do an overview and timeline of same-sex marriage legalization and what the future holds. It’s also possible to discuss the social and economic impact that same-sex marriage brings, if any. It is a well-discussed topic, and there shouldn’t be any difficulty finding a topic to write about.

What may be difficult is finding the right topic to discuss without it being a generic offering where you skim the surface of areas. You want to stick with facts and issues that are focused on key areas.

Essay topics to consider about same-sex marriages:

• What is the history of same-sex marriages throughout the world?
• A look at landmark cases related to same-sex marriage legalization
• Legal arguments (for and against) same-sex marriages
• Opportunities that come from same-sex marriages
• What is the overall impact on marriage in general with same-sex marriages?
• Do religious institutions play a role in same-sex marriages?

If you are working on your essay outline or searching for ideas to discuss, the samples on this page may help you with it.

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