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Feminism and Racism


Feminism lite as a social aspect has been mainly ingrained in the different groups from different races across the globe. Feminism is conditional on female equality. Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie expresses his strong feelings against feminism in his article. Likewise, racism is a vice whose impacts are well-known by everyone in America. Racism has been primarily associated with numerous killings, particularly by the police department occurring in the US. This essay compares two articles with cases of feminism and racism presented by different authors. These two articles describe various issues, racism and feminism, but they exhibit some core similarities in their content.

1st Article

In the first article, writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie expresses his strong opposition feelings against the feminist issue. The writer replies to his longtime friend, who seems passionate about feminism. However, to writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, feminism is a vice that he strongly opposes. He describes it as a hollow and bankrupt idea. It is either a person to believe in the full equality of both men and women. Statements such as ‘He is the head” have been largely opposed by the writer. The idea that men are generally superior to women is rogue. Again, there should be no language such as ‘allowing”. Instead of society believing that men should grant every permission, women should learn to assume roles and operate as equals to their men. “Allowing” should not mean that men do not permit specific issues to women (Adichie, n.p). This notion of basing power on man is not acceptable. Women should be left alone and do what they want without considering whether their men allow it. The writer compares cases where women believe in feminism to a headteacher and a schoolgirl. If a woman can only execute duties under the condition that the man allows, it is similar to having his husband as the head teacher and her as the schoolgirl. Ideally, we have numerous individuals who passionately oppose strong women. Hence, the world believes that power only lies in men’s hands. Feminism lite, therefore, is a concept that needs to be reframed and let people understand that women are equal to men.

2nd Article

The second article describes a case where a young boy Nicholus, aged 29 years, was brutally killed by police. Following this case, president Joe Bidden and capitalism charged the police with a second-degree murder case. The case has been regarded as systematic racism. However, to establish the case as systematic racism, some defendants claim that the police involved in the killing were from the ‘Scorpion” group, primarily comprised of the black. Consequently, some believe this case is not based on racism. Nevertheless, the representatives of the killing have an advanced idea that despite the police group involved, the American population is based on systematic racism (Jacob & Kishore, n.p). Consequently, advocates have continued to blame the government for its delays in fulfilling the promises of bringing to end racism. This case has evolved different memories of police killings, such as George Floyd in Minnesota. Hence, advocates of these particular killings assert that the case is once again a failure by the government to protect the black. Indeed, the Nicholas killing is disgusting, slander, and a major political cover-up. It is a slander directed at millions of anti-racism and antiterrorists who aggressively condemn police violence. The case is further a cover-up of the responsibilities of the democratic representatives who are mandated to oppose racial identity and bankrupt politics. Racism is an issue that has brought numerous controversies to the American population, politically, socially, and economically. Despite vast campaigns against this vice, cases of police killing the public on racial grounds still emerge. It is now time for the government to stop promising the people to end racism and make America a racism-free state.


The two articles show that the authors have one approach to articulating their minds to the reader. The two articles seem to express common vices in majority societies in various regions. Feminism, as perceived by the majority, is acceptable. However, considering the writer’s facts, it is a vice (Adichie n.p). Again, killings of citizens by police based on racism are another vice. Honestly, the two authors do not show any opinion that may sound to contradict their stand. Ideally, both authors oppose the issues they describe and have no counterarguments. What they believe is what they have analyzed in the whole article. In both pieces, a factor that facilitates the issue discussed is provided. For instance, the author of the killings cites the rogue polices departments and irresponsible democratic representatives as the core causes of the killings (Jacob & Kishore, n.p). On the other hand, the author about feminism sites those who believe that women should not be vital to be the core cause of feminism lite.


As described by Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,Feminism lite as a social aspect has been mainly ingrained in the different groups from different races across the globe. It is the sceptical belief that men have all the authority over women. On the other hand, the article by Jacob & Kishore (2023) regarding the killing of citizens by police on a racist basis is a core issue affecting Americans. Ideally, the two articles describe crucial topics that every society should consider analyzing.

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