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Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

Killing a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee in 1960. Producer Aaron Sorkin’s dramatization of Harper Lees’s To Kill a Mockingbird in a theatre addresses the issues of prejudice, family, and courage (MA Doherty, 2019). The directors are trying to tackle these issues through dramatization in court where an African American, Tom Robinson, defended by Atticus Finch, is being charged with a rape he committed in the state of Alabama in 1930, for which he pleaded not guilty. The play is trying to make understand how those times how racism was used to make other people suffer. Mr. Tom Robinson is being charged with a crime he didn’t commit because he was African American. The lawyer, Mr. Atticus Finch, is trying to defend Mr. Tom Robinson because he discovered the wrongs the community is doing by discriminating against others because of their skin color. He is trying to make people understand that they are equal and everyone is to be treated with the respect they deserve and justice to all (C Baxter, 2022). The director of the drama To Kill a Mockingbird tries to address the issue of racism and injustices witnessed in society, and he is trying to bring it out to the audience through acting. The playwright and framework try to encourage the audience to campaign against racism, and it’s wrong to accuse others falsely because you don’t like them due to physical appearance, race, religion, and other factors. Bob Ewell tries to accuse Tom Robinson falsely of raping her daughter Mayella because he doesn’t like his skin color. The play seems to favor and defend the people of color and those of low class.

The actors were at their best and played their roles perfectly, and they didn’t disappoint. It was amazing to watch incredible actors taking center stage and passing the message as was intended. The actors were to entertain the audience, and the language used was understandable to all. Gestures and other expressions were used appropriately, and everyone enjoyed the show. The virtuals like anger, disappointment, and happiness were brought out, like when Bob Ewell goes to Finch’s house with two ropes threatening Atticus, his sons Jen is angered by the act. Still, his father comes to him saying it is good for everyone, which shows everyone can change (MD Roover, 2019). Atticus can calm down his son, who is the family, and reminds him that respect is more precious and that the young should respect the older people. The actors were dressed with attires resembling the court, and everything was perfectly placed.

The play’s main intention is to encourage people to stand firm, and they should be intimidated because there is a law to protect everyone. Tom Robinson is a victim, but Atticus defend him to prove justice is for everyone. The play was trying to let the audience understand the social injustices that occur in society, and they should not just watch them happen but speak up and defend their dignity. The lawyer, Mr. Atticus, sees it’s wrong for Tom Robinson to be convicted for crimes he didn’t commit, and he offers him his help and expertise to ensure justice prevails.

The play achieved its primary goal to condemn acts of racism and other social injustices in society as, in the end, Robison can find justice and is proven not guilty. The play also encouraged the audience that everyone can change only if the community stands up, helps those in need, and fights for their rights.


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