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Marketing in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the most competitive businesses that require effective competitive strategy and follow-ups into the latest trends to ensure that the business is not left out. A hospitality business focuses on providing food, beverages, hotel services like rooms for rent, and tourism (Peterdy, 2022). The business can focus on providing new products, such as healthy and organic foods and beverages, as most people are becoming aware of the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyles, which they try to emulate. Moreover, most hospitality companies faced a huge challenge globally with the rise of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus they learned to develop the use of technology in the provision of services such as the use of robots and online booking of hotels, home deliveries, and the use of technology for communication and conducting reality tours. The hospitality industry has also developed new services like green hotel practices that ensure they manage their waste disposal for a clean and better environment (Novak, 2017).

The company can offer these products and services and participate in a healthy and competitive market as they will have the advantage of providing services faster and easier, especially with the use of technology. Moreover, most hospitality companies focus on providing fast foods which are not healthy; thus, the provision of products that are organic and healthy will encourage more customers who think about their health. The risk of using robots in a competitive global market in the hospitality industry is that it causes most people to lose their jobs and lowers employment opportunities. Although robots work faster, they may also be prone to errors (Saul, 2022). Moreover, most customers who look for services in the hospitality industry prefer to be served by people. Unlike robots, customers in the hospitality industry prefer being served by humans due to their ability to respond to emotions. There may be risks such as errors with the use of technology such as the robots in the hospitality industry, as the robots may take wrong interpretations of what the customers want or provide wrong information from its systems, or even fail to offer services that are not encrypted to their systems (Saul, 2022). Moreover, providing fresh and organic foods may be risky since it requires a lot of hygiene and proper storage, unlike fast foods.

Customer relationship management software can be used in hotels and restaurants in the hospitality industry to operate their businesses. The software can be used in hotels and restaurants to obtain online customer reviews and surveys and deploy automated marketing campaigns. The best hotel and hospitality customer relationship management software is revinate (Pingrey, 2021). The software offers omnichannel communication and engagements through messaging and sending emails, thus keeping track of bookings made online or allowing people to make bookings even when the hotel’s capacity is full. The software allows people from all over the world to make their bookings, still give their reviews online, and get feedback on how the services should or were conducted. Thus a company using this software can monitor their progress and make changes where necessary or obtain more customers in a competing market through the feedback and reviews provided online. The information obtained or provided in the customer relationship management software enables a hospitality company to monitor global market trends and changes in the hospitality industry. It enables the company to introduce or improve its operations. Thus the software enables the company to grow and improve globally and competes in the global market (Pingrey, 2021).

The consideration for introducing healthy organic food within the hospitality industry is due to the rate at which most people are getting affected by fast foods, which have high cholesterol rates resulting in obesity and heart diseases. Moreover, the use of inorganic substances was considered unfriendly to the environment, thus facilitating the need for restaurants to introduce healthy organic foods. Organic products can be obtained from the increased agricultural production channels across the world. Agricultural products can be processed in other industries and distributed worldwide (Hermann, 2015). The key consideration for organic foods to enter the global markets is the need for healthy living within the societies, as well as environmental forces in which people want to protect the communities they live in. the global supply chain will affect the manufacturing and distribution of the products since organic foods are easily perishable. Therefore the manufacturing of these products will require to be made quicker and distribution faster to reach the target markets. Moreover, since most nations are trying to implement healthy dieting, global markets will need to increase the prices of these products and establish reliable markets. Technology use will also be necessitated for effective communication within different manufacturing and distribution agencies of the products (Editors, 2022). The global supply chain will thus affect the products such that there will be a need for a steady flow within nations, a need for improvement in technology in manufacturing, and steady distribution channels across the globe.

Since the use of technology in different fields is being encouraged worldwide, the pricing strategy that the company should use is competition-based pricing. The company analyzes other hotels in different parts of the world using the technology or implementing the rise of healthy organic fast foods before determining their own pricing for the same products and services (Hermann, 2015). The pricing strategy will ensure that the company does not overprice its products and services. The cost of introducing healthy and organic fast foods may be higher for the company because people are used to fast foods that they can eat while going on with other activities. Moreover, buying fresh ingredients and maintaining them is expensive, thus making the cost of the new product development and launch high.

Additionally, the use of technology in the hospitality industry, especially robots, to offer services is expensive. The robots are imperfect in some ways, and thus they may fail or require human assistance, which will cause the double cost of labor and maintenance of the robots. Most consumers may also dislike being served by robots and not humans or may disapprove of the prices of organic foods in restaurants. Thus there is a need to evaluate the company’s strategies (Saul, 2022). Consumers may want the price for organic fast foods to be similar to that of the fast foods they are used to which will interfere with the costs and budget made by the restaurant. Moreover, there may be competition in the price of similar products and services from other restaurants that the customers may be comparing. The company needs to look through its pricing strategy to avoid competition and high costs of products (Editors, 2022).

The new products and services can be promoted globally through mass broadcasting and communication. Hospitality is important to the economy and is acknowledged by many people; promoting new products and services is necessary. Therefore there will be a need to use mass media channels such as television and radio as well as magazines to promote the products and services. The public uses televisions and radios to communicate and learn what is going on in their environment and across the world. Thus this can be the best mass media platform for promoting the services. Besides mass media, social media platforms have become common and mostly used by the current generation. The social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be used to promote the new services and products of the hospitality company. People can get like, comment, and recommend or even give feedback on how they feel about the new products and services and learn how they can access or get the service from the company.

The importance of using social and mass media channels for promotion is that they are being used internationally, and most people have access to the internet and technology. Thus the information can reach different parts of the world, and people can learn about the services offered in the restaurants from wherever they are. Moreover, most people are aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and get to share their opinion through mass and social media. Therefore they can use the services and products offered in the restaurants to demonstrate this healthy lifestyle and thus promote the services. The company can also use different activities to promote the restaurant’s products and services. Activities such as games competitions can be used in association with healthy living and lifestyle to promote the healthy organic foods the company sells. Moreover, there can be contests such as competing with robots to offer services so that people can understand the importance of using the robots and help promote the services offered by the company.


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