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Advertising, Media and Branding

Crowdsourcing of  YouTube with advantages and disadvantages

YouTube is the most widely used video-sharing website on the planet. It has evolved into an essential tool in the development of brand communication and advertising strategies. This is because they are able to produce audiovisual content that is highly relevant. The content can be shared, commented on, and acted upon on YouTube (Jussila et al., 2013). Advertising has always relied on the most important source of inspiration, which is the human imagination. Advertising is one of the many different activities that make up the so-called creative industries, encompassing many industries. Advertisements placed in mass media, such as television, radio, billboards, magazines, and newspapers, are considered traditional forms of marketing communication. Internet access and mobile phones have enabled the emergence of new advertising mediums such as YouTube and other video-sharing sites like Facebook. These new advertising channels are much more personalized and demand that you pay attention to them. It also allows for participation and relevance. In the case of Danone Actimel, video advertising is considered to be a particularly effective method of promoting its brands and products.

Actimel, a drinkable yoghurt product from Danone, has traditionally promoted immune system health. As a result, the company sought to rebrand itself with a new emphasis on strength and resilience. Actimel’s “Stay Strong” campaign aims to spread the word that it can give people a boost when they’re going through a tough time. The shift from purely functional brand perception to an emotional one represented a two-fold challenge. This is the process of connecting with existing customers around a central message. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to raise awareness about the new positioning among users who are younger than the typical Actimel customer.

For these reasons, Actimel devised a two-part strategy to address the issues. In order to raise awareness of the brand, the company launched a large traditional campaign that included two television advertisements. Additionally, Actimel founded the Stay Strong Brothers band, which features music videos hosted on YouTube as the band’s central content. Actimel adapted its television advertising for YouTube TrueView in collaboration with Young & Rubicam and Google. This advertisement format allows people to choose whether or not they want to watch or skip a particular commercial. The team used Google’s Unskippable Lab to experiment with different ways to edit the two television commercials so that users were more likely to watch and not skip the videos. The team experimented with various types of content on YouTube in Panama, including original television commercials. Several edits have been adapted for YouTube, and some original videos have been created specifically for the platform (Perren et al., 2017, p. 95).

The most significant drawback of YouTube advertisements is a lack of clarity and visibility regarding applying the regulation on health and nutrition claims, particularly problematic. As a result of abandoning an attempt to have the Activia and Actimel yogurt brands recognized as having health benefits, Danone was forced to change its advertising for the brands. Danone Actimel is being used in a context with uncertain or limited options. If the company’s primary goal is for prospects to see how many people have viewed a video using YouTube’s well-known YouTube Counter, then YouTube may be the right choice for the company. There is a negative aspect for advertisers. However, there is no way to predict whether or not the advertisement will appear close to something transcendent and inspirational.

Paid, Owned, and Earned media

Paid media, earned media, and owned media are the three most important marketing processes for a marketer to understand. Each of them has an important role to play. They do, however, come together at the end of the process to complete content marketing. Any business’s strategy should be based on achieving a healthy balance between these three media (Burcher, 2013, p.194). This is done in order to increase the organization’s online exposure and authority. An intelligent mix of three platforms, each centered on a different touchpoint in the customer journey, will be implemented by Danone.

A sales funnel comprises several elements, each supported by different media types. A blip in one area can jeopardize the integrity of Danone’s entire content marketing campaign and vice versa. Marketers are typically focused on developing high-quality content, but they overlook the importance of promoting it. As a content marketer, you must put forth significant effort to ensure that one piece of excellent content receives sufficient attention. Ensure that the company develops a consistent storyline across all these channels throughout the country.

Earned social shares will assist me in refining my content marketing strategy. Discovering the most popular content allows me to understand better my audience and what they are interested in reading. It is essential to comprehend the headlines and tweets that have drawn attention to the advertisement (Belden, 2013, p.247). The trifecta marketing strategy can be implemented quickly as a result of this. By monitoring these metrics, the company can also identify the most influential individuals sharing the content, and it can reach out to these influencers to strengthen the relationship.

It’s also worth looking at the most popular Stories and the most popular hashtags. By contrasting the hashtags owned by companies with those earned by users, I can quickly determine how well the official hashtags are being used. I will be able to tell which other hashtags are being used in conjunction with them and which phrases the audience is most likely to tweet with this information. The mode of advertising in Panama and the Caribbean is distinct, and understanding this distinction is critical in applying the trifecta marketing strategy.

Different events

‘One Planet. One Health’ is a commitment made by Danone as a company and its brands to support people’s right to food sovereignty and protect the environment. In addition to promoting healthier drinking habits and more sustainable ways, Danone’s goal is to impact the environment positively. Consumers are increasingly turning their attention away from less healthy products and brands in today’s world. In turn, this will have a beneficial effect on the environment. When it comes to meeting consumers’ ever-changing needs, Danone believes that food companies have a critical role.

“One Planet” expresses the idea of sustainability at its core in this framework of action. With the help of local communities in Panama, Danone aspires to address environmental issues critical to the planet’s well-being. Over the years, it will become increasingly involved in water stewardship. According to the company, water consumption at the company’s facilities is being reduced by 50%. Danone has been working for several years to preserve and restore agricultural and watershed water resources and ensure that no drop is wasted during operations.

The corporation has developed Clean-up initiatives in the river. They have conducted education campaigns with local schools and public awareness campaigns to raise awareness of environmentally friendly alternatives to solid waste management. It will also contribute to the cleanup and restoration of the mangrove area to a limited extent. It is anticipated that the production costs for those events will be well within budget. As with any company that does business in the Caribbean, production should be a top priority for them.

Moreover, the company reaffirmed the importance of Danone’s commitment to performance and social and environmental responsibility, as well as the company’s pioneering roots in enabling people to gain access to health through food. This will result in an increased investment plan of approximately €2 billion cumulatively over the period 2020-2022 on the part of the government (Danone, 2019). Brands, climate and agriculture, packaging, and digitalization are some of the topics covered. According to Danone’s transformation acceleration plan, the company will invest €200 million in its investment and incubation fund by 2025. Danone will also be able to support innovative companies in the food and beverage industry. Panama has a thriving food industry.


In conclusion, Actimel has performed admirably in the other market so far, and they have the potential to perform even better in the future. This will be replicated in other markets, such as Panama and the rest of the Caribbean region. Improvements should be made to the current marketing strategies for these companies. The segmentation of the target population for Actimel will provide a more clear picture of the advertising strategy for the company. Loyalty programs will be implemented in the future to ensure that Actimel’s customer base in Panama remains loyal. This will enable them to remain loyal to the brand as long as they have the option of indulgence and healthy living at a reasonable price. They will be able to improve their situation if they use the proper marketing strategy. The combination of paid, owned, and earned media will allow for developing the most effective marketing strategy possible. Danone is making sure that it is able to engage itself in corporate social responsibility by ensuring that the people of Panama are able to have clean water. They pride themselves in also allowing the usage of new technology in the advertisement and marketing of their products.


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