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Leadership and Organisational Change

PART-A Issue/ Problem related to Leadership and change


In the context of change management in a firm or corporation working in multiple nations, there can be a variety of issues and problems related to leadership and change. In this report paper, the discussion will be held on one of the major issues found in the majority of the corporations working in multiple nations related to the work and challenges in leadership and change management. The leader may face significantly distinct obstacles than the rest of the group during the transformation process. Understanding what obstacles may lie ahead will help the leadership or the leader to prepare for problems as the change must happen in every organization and this term change or modification is inevitable for any nature of operation and business. Leaders deal with the majority of the challenges coming towards the company and leaders solve the problems to make the organization move smoothly in the global market so that the importance of leadership in change management is undeniably primary. In this paper, the assessment of literature and other leadership problems is done on the basis of Intel Corporation and the present situation of the firm operating in good leadership in the market.

Issues and problems in leadership

According to Wooll (2022), In view of modern changes in the market and the firms operating in the global market, there are some common issues and challenges in all firms related to the change in leadership and change in management. The below-discussed problems and issues are found in many multinational firms operating today like Intel and Malakoff Corporation, these two businesses have different domains of services and products but the leadership of both multinational firms faces the same challenges in day-to-day changes in the organization. These are a few of the problems and issues found in the majority of the organizations in the modern market:


According to Jacobsen and Salomonsen (2020), Extra emphasis should be paid to interaction because it is a region where a lot of organizations fail. Many organizations effectively convey value to their clients, but internal communication with staff is often a challenge. To participate in a positive discussion among workers and administration, each change management strategy should enable clear, effective information across all platforms. Important facts should also be included in the communication. Inform folks about upcoming activities and what to anticipate. The knowledge that effectively communicates the proper information.

Employee resentment

Change resistance might begin at all in an organization. Executives may refuse to spend money. Divisions may not be aware of greater organizational requirements as long as particular system functions. As a result, It is possible that key stakeholders and decision-makers won’t recognize how the changes will help the firm as a whole right away. A modification in the habit might add to the opposition. Employees may be concerned about the future of their respective positions and employment. Employees may continue to oppose after the transition if employees believe the new processes make their jobs more difficult (Wooll, 2022).

New technology introduction

According to Landry (2022), Implementing technology is one of the few things that cause as many difficulties for personnel at all stages of a business. The way people work is changing as a result of new machinery, techniques, and procedures. Without an ingenious plan, the disturbance might actually reduce efficiency rather than increase it, resulting in dissatisfaction. Even if technological innovation optimizes systems and procedures, requiring fewer processes and simplifying the burden. Circumstances like these arise frequently as a result of a requirement or want to get emerging innovations up and operating quickly in order to reduce education and changeover period.

Managing diversity

The leadership team can benefit from a variety of unique viewpoints and expertise brought by diversification. This new perspective may help businesses succeed by increasing creativity and profitability, recruiting and keeping talent, and appealing to customers who value diversity. Leadership diversity may have a significant impact. It also needs dedication, preparation, and ongoing education. But sometimes this diversity in the management creates chaos for the leader to handle and manage in an effective manner. The management of diversity in the business and the organization has become the sole responsibility of a good leader and this can be challenging as well as time-consuming for the organization and leadership to resolve (Thompson, 2022).

Although all of these discussed challenges in the leadership are equally important to address, this paper is focused on one problem in the leadership related to the change management in the organization, the further discussion is held on the problem of communication and how an effective leader of an organization must handle the situation of communication problem in the organization.

Literature review

Intel Corporation and the present situation

Communication can be the major problem in the leadership of any organization, not only in big corporate giants but also the small and medium firms. For example, the technology giant Intel Corporation is facing some serious trouble nowadays due to the lack of leadership and change management protocols of the corporation. The new CEO of the Intel Corporation is creating some sort of unavoidable changes in the firm thus causing losses and other harms in the organizational structure of the corporation. On the other hand, the changes in the Intel corporation are must needed to deal with the global competition with other technology giants dealing in chip manufacturing and innovation, but the organizational structure and other important accepts of the organization is facing problems in adapting the situation and changes in regularity of the business (Jacobsen and Salomonsen, 2020).

As we know, the major investing hypothesis variables are leadership and management in the field of technology. Former CEO Brian Krzanich was responsible for Intel’s troubles, and the interim CEO is unqualified for the position. The new CEO who was previously CFO of Intel Corporation, though, is still in charge more than two and a half years after. Or, to put it another way, the vessel is being sunk. Intel has no plans for new management, and it’s possible that it won’t be able to find someone ready to take a chance on this job. Certainly, the Intel Corporation is failing in effective Communication among the leadership and the organization members (Al-Malki and Juan, 2018).


According to Turaga (2019), Communication in an Organization is described as the routes and types of communication that organizations such as businesses, non-profits, and government agencies use, encompassing both internal and external interactions among an organization and its stakeholders. Organizational communication is complicated since there are numerous moving parts inside a company, practically all of which need effective communication in order for the company to function well. Furthermore, corporate communication encompasses a wide range of transfer of information and connection mediator techniques, including personal, group, and cross-cultural communications, as well as public media, electronic, and social networking sites.

Effective communication and leadership

According to Thompson (2022), Demotivation, failed performance objectives, and even lost revenue can all result from inadequate communications. Efficient communication, on the other hand, has an impact on more than just the bottom line. It is what allows leaders to organize the group around a common goal, inspire people, develop trust, and manage organizational change effectively. Leadership motivates others to strive toward common goals, resulting in good, gradual change. Information is a leader’s greatest potent instrument for it. To acquire trust, synchronize activities in the attainment of achieving, and motivate good change, efficient communication is critical. Critical stuff might be misconstrued when communications are inadequate, leading connections to deteriorate and, eventually, erecting hurdles to advancement (Turaga, 2019).


To deal with the present situation of Intel Corporation, the leadership practices must be established in terms of communication advancement between every sector of the firm and the organization on a multinational level as the firm is a global market competitor. Being in the technology sector the firm needs continuous changes in order to maintain dominance in the market and the leaders of the organization also wants the same, the problem in the change management arises here is the communication barriers and challenges between the executive or leadership level and the middle and low-level management of the organization.

According to Thompson (2022),. It is also critical to recognise one’s leadership style so you can understand better how employees engage with and are regarded by people within the company. Effective leaders are aware of when to speak and, equally crucially, when to observe. Inquire about your workers’ thoughts, suggestions, and comments to show that management understands. When individuals do share, make an effort to participate in the dialogue by asking questions, inviting people to expand, and collecting data. These leadership adjustments can reduce the challenges in the way of communication among the leaders and the stakeholders about the changes in the organization (Landry, 2022).


After the discussion on leadership and change management, it can be concluded that the communication channels and flow of information between leadership and the other managerial level is needed to perform on a regular basis and in a simplified order, to make it more understandable. In this way a big corporation can reduce the issue and problem in communication and also insure changes in the organization. The disturbance of the changes can be minimized by effective communication and thus it is the most crucial issue to resolve.


Al-Malki, M. and Juan, W., 2018. Leadership Styles and Job Performance: a Literature Review. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RESEARCH AND MARKETING, 3(3), pp.40-49.

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PART-B Research journal article review

First Article- Change and leadership mobilization for distributing the leadership in business change

The change of organization is one of the relevant and key challenges for managing the investigation and management work. Similarly, business environment and changes of business investigation are insights through better understanding of the change management process with adding the organizational leadership, change leadership, and change management in business (Canterino et al., 2020). Furthermore, the business typologies and development efforts help to empirically identify this article.

On the contrary, the recent literature of study focused on business concepts with managing the business success and evaluating the mobilization for adding human resources development in business through effective leadership and change management. It is reviewed that mobilization in this study is defined as leaders activities and performances for activating the organizational members and engaging the high activities of mobilization (Canterino et al., 2020). However, leadership helps or evaluates towards change and mobilizing that help to tending the monitoring, implementing, and developing the business responsibility for transforming the change and transformation strategies for designing the activities.

Reviewing the hypothesis and theory development

Discussion related to organizational changes and enactment through the key driver

The literature related to organizational changes, models, and dominants theories helps to add two effective business approaches such as emergent and planned. Similarly, the planned business approaches help to manage the organizational changes with open and activating the threats of context-related and external events of an organization that help to follow the different intervention phases (Canterino et al., 2020).

On the one hand, emergent business changes help to add unpredictable and rapid business through managing top to down business evaluation with adding change leadership. On the other hand, different activators help to add the activities of business management and mobilizing for changing the business implementation with managing the routines and expecting a behavior that includes redesigning of organization. It is suggesting that Malaysian businesses need to focus more on organizational change management for achieving the target in a competitive market.

Analyzing the change mobilization and individual leadership for change business

The leadership helps to consider the followers and leaders for interacting with business changes. Similarly, leaders of organizations help to provide the effective process of business structures through culture, values, process, and routine changes by using transactional and transformational leadership (Canterino et al., 2020). Furthermore, this study also focuses on social and balancing tasks of business performances with managing the business conflicts and task-centered work in business. It is also suggested in this study that leadership of task-centered type helps to manage the organizational architects by re-designing the business carefully and managing the empirical business work.

Individual leadership programs are generally developed by the Malaysian government for managing the market and consumer demand in business. The effective comparison related to previous business findings helps to manage the business leadership distribution with organizational changes and it helps to increase the professional work with dealing with the vision and common purpose of organizations by leadership management changes (Canterino et al., 2020). The procedure and sample method of this study help to research the different consulting companies that describe the demand of changes in human resources through managing the database of international level of business. However, it is also connected that the mediational model is playing the portion of the challenge for this study that directly connects distributed leadership with task-based centered orientation and person-based in current business.

Reference of the first Article – Canterino, F., Cirella, S., Piccoli, B., & Shani, A. B. R. (2020). Leadership and change mobilization: The mediating role of distributed leadership. Journal of Business Research, 108, 42-51.

Second Article- Leadership styles of transformational type and its different relationships based on change and business management

The current time business priorities are one top position that successfully manages and changes the organizational aims and business activities through high turnovers and accelerating the business development. Similarly, the complex and increasing leadership changes help to develop the effective strategies of leadership that manage the modern organization demand while avoiding the big challenges in business (Alqatawenh, 2018). From this article, it is analyzed that dealing with ability helps to coincide business changes with leadership behaviors and it is evaluated by one of the demanding leaders such as transformational leadership.

The problem statement for this selected article includes the insurance services of the organization that includes continuous change, rapid business development, and experiencing the traditional leadership for analyzing business situations (Alqatawenh, 2018). The main question related to this study is to evaluate the relationship between changes and transformational leadership management for organizational changes. Furthermore, the important study includes the management and transformational leadership for drawing the business demand in dimensions of adopting the idealization influences in business.

Evaluation of theoretical framework and definitions of this article

The transformational leadership style helps to inspire the workers to follow their ways to work or self-interest before managing the desirable business effectively and change management. Similarly, influence idealized helps to improve the availability of leaders through adorning the business followers and leaders with inspirational motivation and increasing the followers of attention (Alqatawenh, 2018). Furthermore, business empowerment is to help employees delegation for managing the business problems and customers’ requests effectively. Change management is another way selected by leaders through analyzing the effects of business achievements and responding to the intended business changes (Alqatawenh, 2018). The business and organizational framework help to change the business sustainability and survival through leadership methods and managing the business challenges by adding transformational leadership.

Study methodologies of article

The descriptive-analytical business approaches selected by researchers for this study help to add the data collection in different ways such as primary sources and secondary resources effectively. The questionnaire and relevant research paper help both techniques for collecting recent and reliable data through the entire business population (Alqatawenh, 2018). The questionnaire helps to disturb the different elements for change management that include inspirational motivation, idealized influences, change management, empowerment, and intellectual business stimulation. It is recommended that Malaysian companies need to categorize the business techniques for managing the transformational demand of services.

Therefore, it has been concluded that change management has been affecting the leadership and human resources work through analyzing the environment and better business situation (Alqatawenh, 2018). The arithmetic business avengers help to manage inspirational motivation through moderating the availability of business and solving the difficult situation effectively. It has been analyzing business sustainability and encouraging the employees to help manage the business support and accomplish the maximum business outcome effectively (Alqatawenh, 2018). Change management-related suggestions has included individual differences based on their work, previous finding to solve the business issues and weakness, and strengthening the business delegation process for managing the administrative services of the organization. Furthermore, studies include the managerial styles based on different forms of transformational leadership for business changes.

Reference for the second article – Alqatawenh, A. S. (2018). Transformational leadership style and its relationship with change management. Verslas: teorija ir praktika19(1), 17-24.

Third Article – Implicit change management, change leadership, and changes related to effective commitment for comparing business enterprises and institution comparison

The main purpose of this article is to measure and examine the changes in leadership schema differences and their relationship with change management for managing business enterprise and academic institutions (Hechanova et al., 2018). The quantitative business approaches help to manage the relations of employees through regressive wats with managing the business commitment and analyzing the social competencies related to business products and valuable services.

This article helps to contribute to the changes in literature organization by adding strong evidence related to business enterprise and academic changes (Hechanova et al., 2018). Furthermore, the responsive business structures and business models help to arrange the work location and experience the great business competition or work through academic excellence with improving the self-regulation effectively.

Commitment to change

Organizations are also adding the commitment like human system work for successful institutional reform and supporting the different changes in the current situation (Hechanova et al., 2018). Furthermore, leaders of organizations are generally facing challenges related to managing and changing the resultant and resistances business complexity. Employees’ commitments for Malaysian companies are changing the three dimensions of work of the business that includes recognition, commitment, and contribution in business. The dimension validity helps to predict the business support through adding different factors such as ICL schemas and CM schemas for changing business expectations (Hechanova et al., 2018). These schemes are helping Malaysian employees to manage the leadership demand and achieve daily basis commitment at the workplace.

Change leadership and change management

According to this article review and evaluation, it is added that organizational changes help to achieve by adding different stages such as refreezing, moving, and unfreezing the suggestion for minimizing the business resistances (Hechanova et al., 2018). Organizational changes are also helped by different stages such as transition and confusion for managing the extra support and adding the communicates, vision right, and analyzing the short term changes.

Contextual differences

The business enterprises and contextual differences help to manage the comparative business studies through maximizing the shareholders through analyzing the business competencies with analyzing the effective leadership roles (Hechanova et al., 2018). It is based on academic credibility that includes management duties alongside the skills work such as team building, delegation, and communication for managing the influences for Malaysian business.

Reference for the third article – Hechanova, M. R. M., Caringal-Go, J. F., & Magsaysay, J. F. (2018). Implicit change leadership, change management, and affective commitment to change: Comparing academic institutions vs business enterprises. Leadership & organization development journal.

PART-C Individual Assessment (Case study approach)

Issues and problems of the organization

The leadership and change leadership framework are playing a major role for organizations that help to follow the organization plan through change business plan and insights the new generating value for changing the natural environment of business (Ngeow, 2021). Similarly, for evaluating the business issues, Sime Darby Berhad is one of the companies based in Malaysia selected for evaluating the business issues and challenges related to change management and leadership programs in the current time (Sime darby Bhd, 2022). Similarly, this company is working on logistics player services and global business trading for delivering high-quality services and products to promote brands worldwide (IFAC, 2022). Furthermore, the workers of this company are generally engaging with managing the logistics, health care, and trading work activities through adding different business segments. This company is basically a diversified multinational Malaysia-based company that adds growth in different sectors such as utilities and energies, property, motors, industrial equipment, and other business plantations.

Evaluation of current issues of Sime Darby Berhad

After analyzing the overview of the company, it is added that insights and issues of business directly affect the market demand in different ways and these business issues include global economy and its contribution, international standards of business support, ethics and building trust, and issues related to professions of accountancy development that affect overall business growth (AB, 2019). Furthermore, employees are sometimes facing challenges when they are identifying the material issues with adding undertaking services and engaging in business exercises (IFAC, 2022). The other business risks of this organization include the appetite statement and its establishment that creates issues for sustainability business pillars and business framework requirements.

Conceptual framework

Leadership and leaders’ conceptual framework help to include different elements of C that include competencies, characters, communication, and context for managing the organizational psychosocial business interaction based on team, interpersonal, and personal services changes (Ngeow, 2021). Similarly, changes in management and leadership framework help to manage the company structures through changing the organization’s plans by working on conceptual framework models for improving the relationship of different business variables (IFAC, 2022). Sime Darby Berhad is working with leadership programs to continuously add incremental business improvement by adding integrated business thinking and focusing on sustainability business pillars through analyzing the analysis of management and its discussion.

Conceptual framework based on leadership trust

Figure 1 – Conceptual framework based on leadership trust

(Source- IFAC, 2022)

This business framework helps to investigate the trust management and organizational changes in the business of Sime Darby Berhad which needs critical changes management programs for solving the trust and leadership-related issues of the organization (IFAC, 2022). The following elements such as benevolence, business fairness, ability or competence, identification of program, and openness help employees of this company to develop trust relationships with other workers and promote teamwork for understanding difficult situations of the company for achieving demand for a successful business. On the one hand, delivering sustainable business features is another best conceptual framework for this company that helps to address the issues of material with supporting the different factors through sustainable business development.

Critical evaluation of valuable business creation and sustainable strategies business framework of the organization

Currently, this company is adding functions with different organizations to ensure effective information and connectivity for business growth (Liang et al., 2021). The sustainability business pillars of sustainable strategies and business framework of this company are linked with different elements that include governance, economic, environmental sustainability, community and people, and safety at the workplace (IFAC, 2022). The safety of this organization can maintain by following the rules and strategies related to occupational safety and health for working employees and team members of Sime Darby Berhad. However, the customer’s satisfaction and quality are other elements that handle the economic sustainable changes in business by adding different elements such as developing innovative technologies, business performance, and growth in the competitive situation of the Malaysian business. The role of environmental sustainability is changing the management and waste through water management and facilitating carbon management in business. On the contrary, Sime Darby Berhad needs to focus on development and training programs for improving the employee’s skills through adding business practices and fairness.

Secondary data analysis

Data analysis is defined as a business process that helps to transform, clean, and inspect the modeling of different data that connects with supporting business decision-making changes and adding useful business information for business discoveries. This case study approaches secondary data analysis and its resources used for managing the quality information and changes effectively (IFAC, 2022). The case study and sorting journey of Sime Darby Berhad were used in this data analysis process for collecting the different information.

The business demand integrated report related to resilience through diversity helps to provide the shared insights of the company by adding the best thinking and integrated journey of the company ( Rahman et al., 2019). The operation of this company is high volumes because of different organizational operations that include logistics, healthcare, motors, and industrial services (IFAC, 2022). Furthermore, the business trends of this company include the expansion of business opportunity, commodity price cycle through growing the healthcare and motors affluence services for adding the premium services and programs.

The IR framework and international business integrated report of this company help to surround the company return and value creation through sharing the different plans and five-year business development strategies based on the business outlook of Sime Darby Berhad. Furthermore, the management and group committees of this company need to include a new committee for audit sections for improving the business communication with consumers and stakeholders (Ahmad,2020).

Interpretation of data

The key statistics of this company are evaluated by data interpretation and current data information of the company based on different ranges such as selling activities and weak strategies of Sime Darby Berhad.

Selling activities with Markit short – low range
Annual div 0.12 MYR
Next ex-date of div April 2022
Yield Annual div 5.31%
Div pay date September 2021
Div ex-date September 2021
Div next pay date May 2022

 Table 1- Selling activities of Sime Darby Berhad

(Source- Sime darby Bhd, 2022 )

52 Week Range
Free float 2.68 billion
The average volume of this company 6.75m
Market cap 15.39 billion
Eps 0.1605 MYR

 Table 2- 52 Week range of Sime Darby Berhad

(Source- Sime darby Bhd, 2022 )

Proposed solutions and recommendations

The issues related to corporate business governance and business management are the major challenges when talking about the business of Sime Darby Berhad. Similarly, corporate governance helps organizations to manage, control, and direct the responsibility through adding the governance policies and reforms for directing the company demand and services ( Md et al., 2019). However, it is recommended that Sime Darby Berhad needs to give more priority to developing disclosures of corporate governance by managing the law, listing business requirements, law through adding non-compliances and identifying the areas of business through evaluating the business reviews.

On the one hand, it is evaluating that this company manages leadership management and programs for changes management through adding the enterprise development system of different versions that help to manage the inventory management and materials management related business issues early faced by this company (IFAC, 2022). The competitors of Sime Darby Berhad include Vikor group, FHT holdings, Hamid group, and STA in the Malaysian business. On the other hand, it is also suggesting that this company needs to promote the upstream sector to manage the production of the company by defining the intermediated services and products effectively (Budy, 2020). The CSR strategies can be used by this company for focusing on sustainable business development and changing the decision-making business process through evaluating the impacts of business on different elements of the environment (Wahab, 2019). Furthermore, carbon emission is another big issue that is faced by the current top organization in the world. However, it is recommended that this company can work on developing the new groups related to carbon emission controls and its contribution to managing the highest business emission in the current time.

The CSR procedures can be utilized by this organization for zeroing in on feasible business improvement and changing the dynamic business process through assessing the effects of business on various components of the climate (Wahab, 2019). Besides, fossil fuel byproduct is one more huge issue that is looked by the current top association on the planet. In any case, it is suggested that this organization can deal with fostering the new gatherings connected with fossil fuel byproduct controls and its commitment to dealing with the most noteworthy business discharge in the current time.


Therefore, from the above section, the information related to Malaysian business has been effectively discussed in this section. Similarly, the brief information of Sime Darby Berhad has been evaluated in this study by adding the services and products offered by this business in Malaysia. Furthermore, the current business issues and change management-related business challenges have been added in this study linking with the business of Sime Darby Berhad that is changing the requirements of work and product demand in business. The conceptual business strategies and framework for this business have been elaborated for analyzing the best business strategies for leadership programs, corporate business governance, and change management for achieving a successful business. The recommendation and business data analysis for this company has been described in this section for improving the quality of the services even in this covid situation without disturbing the economy and revenues of Malaysian business.


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Wahab, A. A. (2019). Human rights anchored in business: Practice and challenges in the palm oil sector in Malaysia. Asian International Studies Review20(1), 1-20.


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