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3HK’s Commercial Advertising Campaigns

Over the years, content created for various mass communication channels has considerably impacted public awareness. This paper explains that to launch a new 5G plan, 3HK decided to plan an advertising song that will affect Hong Kong during the epidemic. “Meet Or Not To Meet” is a commercial song created by Hins Cheung and Ng Cheuk Yin to promote services at 3HK. In addition to direct publicity through songs, seeing or not seeing is also broadcast on the network platform in the form of MVs, propagating 3HK’s 5G plan to the public through metaphors or hints. Demonstrate communication skills that resonate with the public.In terms of content, 3HK did not focus on increasing the attention of the 5G plan at the commercial level but used advertising songs to increase its popularity. “See or Not” is an advertising song launched during the epidemic. The content of the song expresses people’s presence in the epidemic. The thoughts of relatives and friends who are challenging to meet and the transfer of thoughts between people are linked to 5G services. The songs will be broadcast on the Internet and TV in MV or in conjunction with 3HK’s 5G plan (Yuen, 2020). Since the advertisement expresses commercial promotion in a symbolic way, it does not have too many commercial elements and can resonate with the public. However, because the advertisement content is too small, the commercial publicity content may make the public not understand the brand’s public purpose. Still, the advertising will increase the brand’s popularity to resonate with the public, thereby improving the effect of commercial publicity.

In terms of channels, 3HK can use TV broadcasts or online platforms to promote its services. Television is a prevalent means of communication in traditional mass media. When ordinary people turn on the TV, it is easy to access advertising content in various fields, and the advertisements are repeatedly played at regular intervals. Hence, people are easy to have an impression of the advertising content. According to the hypodermic injection theory, the media content is equivalent to a syringe, directly affecting the public. This commercial advertising campaign enables the public to conform to the singers’ opinions on the song, thus affecting their ideology (Yuen, 2020). However, because most repetitive advertisements are full of commercial propaganda, it is easy for the public to feel that the information is too monotonous and disgust the brand’s marketing strategy. However, 3HK’s advertising strategy is different from other brands in that 3HK uses music to influence the public so that it can influence the public through the mass media without making the publicity itself too monotonous. This reduces the repetition of 3HK’s advertising strategy on various mass media platforms, making the public feel disgusted with it (Yuen, 2020). Undeniably, 3HK can use mass media to make its advertising campaigns more efficient.

In terms of reception, 3HK can use the mass media and cooperate with the public’s favorite behavior of listening to music to disseminate advertisements in the form of music. At the same time, use parasocial interaction to convince the public. However, the essential role of the media is to act as a communication medium. Whether the public can effectively accept the advertising information brought by the brand also depends on the quality of the advertising strategy itself (Yuen, 2020). Because the public can use the mass media to have a sense of communication with celebrities under quasi-social interaction, 3HK used not only to meet the inner needs of the public to plan this commercial advertising strategy in the form of songs but also to use celebrity popularity to influence the public’s ideology. In particular, this advertising strategy is about 3HK using mass media as a communication medium to allow the public to receive relevant information. It can follow the behavior and psychology of the public to guide them to participate in the reception of information actively, just like the public will take the initiative to listen to social media.

About the commercial song, its apparent that in this commercial advertising campaign, the relationship between 3HK, the mass media, and the public is not just a unilateral communication. Volkswagen can play an active role in this commercial advertising campaign, and they will take the initiative to absorb relevant brand marketing strategies through the mass media. For me, the commercial advertising campaign initiated by 3HK is relatively effective because it uses unique promotional content to reduce the fatigue effect caused by repetitive broadcasting (Yuen, 2020). As it brings a brand-new direction to brand promotion, it will be possible to change the direction of advertising strategy in the future. In addition, 3HK uses mass media to allow the public to continuously receive advertising content to receive relevant advertising content on all platforms. It will be possible to have a lasting impact on the public’s psychology.

Conclusively, 3HK’s 5G strategy has produced substantial changes to the public under the influence of the mass media. In addition, due to the emergence of new media, the brand’s advertising strategy is more straightforward. People are easily exposed to the advertising content from the brand no matter in search engines or social media (Chan, 2006). Moreover, new media helps establish the interaction between the public and the brand, making the brand more conform to the public’s psychology to make better advertising strategies. The emergence of new media has narrowed the communication between the public and brands, thereby widening the scope of commercial advertising activities.


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