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Case Study Assignment – Website: eBay

The eBay website is managed by eBay Inc., a continental e-commerce corporation that aids business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sales through its site. It is an American corporation that was formed in 1995 under Pierre Omidyar. It is located in San Jose, California, which is its headquarters. The company has attained tremendous success since its inception and has managed to enter over 32 countries globally. The website serves as a web base shopping and bidding place where businesses and buyers buy and sell a wide variety of commodities and services. Customers make use of the website free of charge, but business people pay some charges when listing products for sale (Al Balushi, 2015). eBay performs exceptionally on all aspects of an effective e-commerce website for several reasons.


eBay is an e-commerce website that continues to attract more customers due to its high level of functionality. Typically, the website loads father when accessed, which implies that consumers often navigate the platform with ease. The website is often ranked among the top e-commerce sites in search engines because it serves many customers. The high traffic experienced by the website explains why it is fast. Also, the site’s speed is fast because its pages are highly efficient when accessed and offer a better and unique on-page user experience. The site often takes less than three seconds to load when accessed, demonstrating that it is much faster. Consumers often access product listings easily and quickly when accessing the website because it points or directs them to product listings.


eBay contains various links on its website meant to help consumers access plenty of information to provide answers to their questions. Upon accessing the website, all headlines contain links that lead the consumer to an avenue where they can access further information on products and services. Typically, when a consumer clicks on a heading or headline on a specific subject, they are redirected automatically to the main page to access full news on the given subject. All multiple pages contain automatic links to enable buyers to access helpful information concerning the company’s products, services, and other relevant information.

Ease of use

The website is highly functional and elegant since it is where consumers or buyers learn about a company’s brand. It also includes a place where consumers transact with the company. As such, eBay has invested in ensuring its website becomes simple and easy to use by consumers. Typically, consumers can undertake transactions on the website using any device, anywhere, and at any time. The simplicity of the website allows users to access the website using mobile phones and laptops. As such, it managed to provide an easy and streamlined digital experience. It has good navigation because it is more intuitive. Important buttons have been highlighted, and the sidebars have been uncluttered. The text on the website is easier to skim, and its multiple pages are grouped to allow users to access whatever they are looking for easily.

Redundant navigation

eBay also possesses redundant navigation, a property that enables consumers to track where the company’s products are available on the website and navigate back to previous or already visited sections easily. Images on the site have links, and different forms have labels. All these features are contained on the site to help reduce the number of clicks consumers make to access more information easily.

Ease of purchase

The website has a simplified purchase process that makes the user experience better. Typically, consumers only make a few clicks to make purchases. Consumers only choose the product and click the purchase and confirm buttons to complete their transactions (Sumner, 2015). Its add-to-cut is highly convenient, allowing buyers to put many items on the bucket and complete their transactions with one click. Also, the company has minimized all destructions, such as blocking ads on the add-to-cart section to facilitate quick purchases.

Multi-browser functionality

eBay’s e-commerce website possesses cross-browser compatibility, which allows it to support different web browsers. Typically, the site performs exceptionally well under a wide range of web environments using different tools. Users can easily access the website using mobile and portable devices such as mobile phones using their devices’ browsers. It is a highly responsive e-commerce site that allows every device’s content to be intuitively accessed.

Simple graphics

eBay is a subtly persuasive site that is not irritating or overbearing because of the graphic design. There is enough white space between images, making them highly visible and appealing to the eyes. Photos of the products dominate a significant portion of the products pages, thus making it most compelling. Appealing colors have been utilized as one of the most outstanding visual elements. There is consistent imagery and color (Liu & Tang, 2018).

Legible text

The website’s content and text are written using legible text having better fonts. Decorative fonts are also used on the headlines on the website; white papers and paragraphs and headers break texts. It is clear to read and follow the content on the page because it is highly visible. Headings are well highlighted using blue colors, with the main content written in black color. Texts are written in Calibri, a simple and legible font.


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