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Social Media Marketing Assignment

Company Bio

Brief History

The Hyatt Regency Toronto opened its doors in 1990 as a holiday Inn named the Holiday In on King. It was renovated in 2009, and its name was changed to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, operating under the brand Hyatt. The Hyatt was founded in 1957 by Jay Pritzker with the first motel in Los Angeles. In 2011, it launched the global corporate responsibility platform. In 2016, it introduced the ‘Unbounded Collection,’ where guests were introduced to a wide range of new experiences. In 2017, it launched the World of Hyatt loyalty program and developed a mobile app in 2019 (Hyatt Regency, n.d).

Company Information

The Hyatt Regency Toronto is a five-star hotel located in the heart of the city. It offers travelers luxurious accommodations with stunning views of Lake Ontario and downtown Toronto. The hotel features 394 guestrooms and suites and 90,000 square feet of meeting spaces for business events or special occasions. They also offer a variety of amenities, such as an indoor infinity pool, spa services, and fine dining restaurants. It is part of the global Hyatt brand, which includes over 500 hotels worldwide. This allows them to give guests access to exclusive deals and discounts on their stay at any other Hyatt property they visit. The staff members are trained to provide friendly customer service while ensuring a comfortable experience for their guests. It is accessible to various attractions like the Art Gallery of Ontario, Roy Thomson Hall, CN Tower, and Old Town Toronto shopping center, among others. It is a perfect location for events like weddings and meetings (35,000 square feet for indoor event space) (Hyatt Regency, n.d).

Full location and Contact Information

Location: 370 King Street West, Toronto

Contact: +14163431234



All the social Platforms on the Internet

  1. Instagram:

Instagram Page

  1. Facebook:

Facebook Page

  1. Twitter:

Twitter Page

  1. One Social Platform to focus on: Instagram

Post 1:

Instagram Post

What makes it effective? This post is of two women who seem like friends or sisters, seated on a bed, dressed in pajamas, and enjoying a meal. It is effective because it communicates a sense of comfort, relaxation, and luxury. The two women pictured are enjoying delicious food, suggesting that Hyatt Regency Toronto Hotel provides superior services that go beyond just providing guests with accommodation. This visual representation encourages people to view the hotel as a place for rest and relaxation as well as culinary indulgence. Furthermore, the inviting smiles of the two women suggest that staying at this hotel will be an overall pleasant and enjoyable experience. The post also radiates warmth and happiness due to its bright colors and vibrancy, which make it eye-catching enough to draw viewers into wanting to learn more about this particular establishment.

Marketing concept: The marketing concept used is appealing to people’s emotions. As discussed, it emphasizes the comfort and relaxation associated with the hotels. It portrays an atmosphere of contentment, suggesting that spending time at this particular hotel will provide guests with an unforgettable experience. This idea of luxury is further reinforced by the presence of delicious food served on fine plates and attractive plating. By emphasizing these features, the post successfully conveys to viewers that staying at this hotel can be an indulgent treat.

Target Audience: The target audience is likely to be those who travel a lot and appreciate the convenience of hotels. Demographically, this post could be targeting young adults between 18 and 34 years of age as they are more likely to have access to social media and are more receptive to this kind of marketing message. Geographically, it may be targeting those living in urban cities or suburban areas near the hotel as they would find this content relevant as well as enticing enough to book a stay at the hotel. Psychographically, it may be targeting individuals who value luxury and relaxation when traveling due to their busy lives or lifestyles.

Targeted customer needs: The post sells relaxation and comfort. Guests may visit Hyatt Regency Hotel to make their stay more enjoyable. Additionally, seeing these two women looking happy and content creates an emotional connection with potential guests. They want to be able to experience that same level of bliss during their own vacation or business trip. The image also shows how food is an important part of the hotel experience.

Post 2:

Instagram Post

What makes the post effective? This post shows a woman dressed officially, working on a laptop in a hotel room. It is effective because it conveys the message that a hotel can be comfortable and conducive to work. The depiction of a woman dressed formally suggests that she is getting work done, likely away from her home office. This presents an opportunity for people seeking to stay in a hotel while they travel but still need access to a place where they can concentrate on their tasks without worrying about being too far away from their workspace or feeling uncomfortable. The image also provides viewers with something aesthetically pleasing, which may capture the attention of potential customers scrolling through Instagram posts. The use of cool colors, such as grey, against the neutral color palette of the room, gives off an energizing feel, making viewers more likely to stop and look at what is happening in this space.

Marketing concept: It is to provide guests with the best experience possible. Through this post, customers get to understand that Hyatt Regency Hotel offers comfortable and luxurious amenities and a comfortable and quiet hotel atmosphere. This also suggests that there is free Wi-Fi access for those who want to work.

Target audience: It is targeting individuals who prioritize their work-life balance and enjoy the luxuries of traveling. Demographically, it is likely that this advert is marketing towards the professional class between the ages of 25-45, those who may have achieved a certain level of success in their career or are striving for it. Geographically, this could attract people from all over who are looking to travel but need access to high-speed internet connections for work purposes. Regarding psychographics, it may appeal to individuals with an active lifestyle that values productivity even when away from home.

Targeted customer needs: When choosing accommodation for business trips, customers often look for features like complimentary Wi-Fi access, comfortable beds, and desks or tables ideal for working from, along with access to essential amenities such as laundry facilities and fitness centers. Having these features available can help make long business trips much easier to manage. Additionally, having inviting decor with modern comforts can help create an atmosphere that is both functional and restful.

Reflective Question

Sushi Masaki Saito Restaurant is located in Toronto, Canada, and is one of the top sushi restaurants in the city. It was founded by Masaki Saito, who has an incredible background as a sushi chef. He trained at some of Tokyo’s premier sushi restaurants and even went to work for Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto for a number of years. His restaurant has achieved quite a following among locals and tourists alike due to his amazing skills as a sushi chef and his commitment to using only fresh, high-quality ingredients. Masaki Saito’s restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist based on what he learned from his training in Japan. He provides omakase courses where customers can experience different types of nigiri or sashimi, as well as à la carte options for those who know exactly what they want (Sushi Masaki Saito, n.d).

For the marketing campaign, I would choose Instagram because of its growing popularity. First, it has a visually-appealing interface that is perfect for promoting food-focused businesses, which will be perfect for Sushi Masaki Saito. Secondly, I will leverage Instagram stories and other features, such as hashtag challenges, to engage with customers and keep them interested in our content. Many people are already familiar with the Platform, so creating content will not be too difficult. Thirdly, Instagram is an incredibly popular platform with over 1 billion users worldwide. It allows businesses to post engaging photos and videos of their products and services, as well as stories about the brand and its values. Therefore, I will use this to our advantage, where we will create meaningful content that will these consumers. Finally, it has powerful analytics tools which will allow us to track the performance of our campaigns in real time. We can identify which posts will have been more successful, what type of content resonates better with our target audience, and even measure the ROI from our campaigns. With this data, we will tailor our future campaigns to maximize engagement with our followers and attract new followers (Haenlein et al., 2020). Overall, from my experience, it is a powerful marketing tool because it allows for more creativity.


Haenlein, M., Anadol, E., Farnsworth, T., Hugo, H., Hunichen, J., & Welte, D. (2020). Navigating the New Era of Influencer Marketing: How to be Successful on Instagram, TikTok, & Co. California management review, 63(1), 5-25.

Hyatt Regency. (n.d). Hyatt Regency Toronto.

Sushi Masaki Saito. (n.d). Masaki Saito, Owner Chef.


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