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Innovation Fuel Podcast Assignment


The moment which Kimberly Kaplan expected to rouse her to make a video-first dating application was the TikTok video. The name of her undertaking is Snack. Snack acquired notoriety given its configuration. Kaplan was effective as far as her experience is concerned and which was the explanation Kaplan had the option to fabricate a dating application with new elements. Once more with the launch of Snack, she was expecting to change the business. An image prompted this dating application. The pattern in which the new age needed to interface and date was recognized by Kaplan. She understood that her style of video instrument was incredible to assess whether or not to date. The other dating applications were aimed at the post-match encounters and Snack was aiming at the client. The attention on in-feed experience caused them to feel more relaxed. A simple approach to having a great time and dating was made by Kaplan. The purpose of this assessment is to critique the audio interview or podcast of Kim Kaplan. The discussion will critique the podcast in terms of technique that has been adopted by her to make the innovation successful.

Customer Relationship Management strategy adopted by Kim Kaplan:

While watching the podcast episode at the Innovation Fuel and finding out with regards to the dating application Snack which is drawing in another age at the hour of the pandemic. The principal technique followed by the organization is building Customer Relationships through board programming. Building this product for the dating application Kaplan has additionally gotten innovative headway in the business and advanced world. Every business organization has to build a realtor with its customer to grow in the market. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programming holds a brilliant potential for a wide range of businesses. In the advanced world, innovation is and will be a piece of each individual’s life. As the innovation is additionally advancing, the CRM is likewise developing to suit a wide range of businesses (Tien, 2021). The primary point is to further develop client commitment. CRM is a business technique and it is the development of the business while taking special care of the development of sound connections. The two fundamental explanations behind which CRM is required are: straightforward information dealing with that successfully expands incomes of an organization and to help advances to proactively react to more engaged clients by setting up new techniques. Kaplan utilized Customer Relationship Management in light of its advantages. A few advantages are:

  • Effortlessness– when CRM was utilized in the dating application Snack, it made it simpler for versatile clients to get to the data and examine the human information. The chance for matching to someone else increments when the insights regarding them are expressed. With the assistance of video, individuals gave essential insights regarding them and CRM programming helped in making the trade of subtleties simple. It made the group commitment more valuable for this reason.
  • Trust– every single area of business relies upon the genuine information base given to them. The income of a business firm will increment with the assistance of CRM. CRM helps in building and keeping a decent data set. For the Snack application, the need to track its clients was vital. The information base of the multitude of clients signing in the application was needed to comprehend the sort of target market.
  • Client commitment– In the cutting-edge age, dating has turned into a difficult situation. Applications like tinder and bumble give a space where individuals can meet and have some good times. Whenever the possibility of a Video Dating App, Snack, came into the market it pulled in numerous clients. The application was straightforward and useful (Zhang, Watson, & Palmatier, 2018). There was no compelling reason to swipe left or right, just a heart button was squeezed to comprehend whether or not the other individual loved the other individual. Through the video transferred essential subtleties were given and any recordings can be transferred to comprehend the individual’s reasoning and nature.
  • Client Experience– the improvement in client experience should be possible in a firm with the assistance of CRM. Client lifetime esteem, devotion, client maintenance are a portion of the essential targets that are worked on with the assistance of CRM. A business will arrive at higher indents on an absolute necessity at a quicker pace with the assistance of a superior client experience methodology. To further develop the client exchange, choice, goal, experience, or relationship a CRM programming arrangement conveys the ideal data.
  • Survey– With the assistance of CRM, Kaplan overviews its business market. There were many dating applications in the business field. To recognize its element from the other business, Kaplan had a novel thought. Snack is the primary video dating application. This was another experience for the client just as representatives. With the assistance of a CRM programming arrangement, any organization can grow its business and have an advantage in the business world.

Customer Relationship Management

Figure 1: Customer Relationship Management

(Source: Budgetandinvest, 2020)

Digital marketing and strategy taken by Kim Kaplan:

In the failure time of the advanced dating world, closeness has diminished. Additionally, the daters are very little keen on swiping and choosing the perfect individual. It was decades prior that there were applications that had the swiping highlight and transferred the photographs and give subtleties. There was a requirement for headway in this dating industry and hence there was the introduction of the Snack app (Bala & Verma, 2018). The primary thought of acquainting this application was to get through the standards of swiping and choosing the individual. Indeed, this application gave clients the to transfer recordings very much as somebody can transfer them on Instagram or Tik-Tok. It is a blessing application for recent college grads who were tracking down affection by swiping however are worn out on the cycle.

While building the dating application, the improvement group of the organization was brilliant to carry on a review over the online media destinations where the designated clients were requested input. The primary rationale was to discover the response or the traffic the group can bring to the site. The App was easy to utilize and the clients were needed to give a base portrayal and a couple of hashtags with the video. This showcasing methodology assisted the association with decreasing the undesirable prerequisites which were viewed as vital by other dating applications. The video transferring element of the application acquired the interest of many designated clients. Additionally, the calculation of distinguishing the ideal counterpart for the video uploader was a critical principle for the association.

This component was new, imaginative, and straightforward for the youthful generations. Subsequently, the method involved with making somebody mindful of the preferring was simply finished by tapping on the heart-moulded button (Pelsmacker, Tilburg, & Holthof, 2018). The old strategy for swiping right or left was not utilized in this application. It very well may be broken down that watching a video whether it is of an individual or substance is purposeful to acquire interest. Instead of simply lowering the goal of seeing the photographs and swiping right or left. These elements assisted the clients with having a more valid way to deal with somebody. This assisted the more youthful generation with communicating, appreciating, and being social with individuals even at the hour of the pandemic.

Digital Marketing

Figure 2: Digital Marketing

(Source: Multichannelmerchant, 2018)

Disruption in the market caused by Kim Kaplan:

By building this very first video dating application, the CEO was effective in disrupting the computerized market of the dating business. While building the application, there were numerous deterrents in the street. In this industry, many organizations have arrived at the objective and acquired achievements like Tinder and Bumble (Baiyere & Hukal, 2020). These two applications acquired colossal accomplishment in the dating scene however were created ages ago. Likewise, to be disruptive in the market there was a requirement for progression and more development in content. Kaplan went to many individuals and financial backers and requested assets. This novel thought was recognized by numerous financial backers who were keen on this opportunity. Every one of the assets raised for the send-off of the Snack application was done carefully. Associating with investors who were financial backers drove Kaplan to interface with more individuals of a similar sort and interest. This droves her to construct a solid organization in the advanced world (Templeton, 2019). Presenting this application in the market caused an extreme change in the market due to development. The clients were given a benefit like those of Tik-Tok or Instagram. The clients had the option to transfer recordings and photographs in a steady way making it like a newsfeed for intrigued individuals. There was no rush in informing the individual secretly rather the intrigued individual can like the photographs and videos of the client. This prompted a sluggish yet relaxed approach to being flirtatious or showing interest. Likewise, the association utilized the two genders at equivalent extents. This cannot be asserted by some other group in the dating business.


From the above analysis, it tends to be assessed that for any business it is essential to fabricate a legitimate system. This will prompt the effective sending off of the application and acquiring a feasible position. The CEO of Snack had the option to have a disruption in the market by building the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programming for the designated clients. In the hour of the pandemic, there was an incredible inclination to get headway to the dating scene and be creative. This application gave the clients a loosening upstage to be social and associate with various individuals.


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