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Walmart Company’s Current Human Resources Posture


Every large organization requires a proper management style to maintain its high return and customer base. The organization needs to look into the human resource posture to improve its performance. Walmart is one of the largest retailers globally. The organization ensures that its human resources tend to satisfy the needs of the business. The firm ensures that its activities support human resources to remain relevant. Its skillful employees and use of technology greatly contribute to its success as it takes competitive advantage (Bao et al., 2021). The organization’s human resources management performs recommendable tasks that focus on the customer’s satisfaction as it focuses on quality and low prices. Every individual would indeed wish to work with the organization due to its growing influence and customer base globally. This report aims to demonstrate the understanding of how human Resources Management operates. It will further illustrate how one of the largest retailers in the world has used social media platforms to enhance its Human Resource Management abilities. The report will also look at some of the important aspects of the human resource posture of Walmart Company, such as benefits of compensation, business leadership, and strategy, how the organization uses diversity in the workplace, among other aspects.

Benefits and compensation

Walmart Company is one of the organizations with a great deal in terms of benefits and compensation. That explains why they can overcome their competitors. It uses a strategy that depends on how an individual earns to determine the compensation and benefits of the employee. The rate of pay company considers many factors such as the individual’s job position, the number of hours the employee takes at the workplace, and the department where the individual works. The organization also uses work evaluation strategies to ensure internal equity in determining the rate of wages and salaries to pay. Some factors they look at include the significance of each job, the skills required for the job, the knowledge, responsibilities, and duties necessary in performing tasks in the given job area. The organization may consider the rate per hour, which it can change to daily, weekly, and monthly for the individual (Pandey et al., 2021).

The organization also knows that the employees enjoy when they get quick promotions as they can feel the trust and excitement from the organization. It does exactly that by rewarding the employees who perform well in various areas. Walmart Company gives some of the lucrative incentives to its employees to recognize the good work they perform in the entire process of realizing the profit margin. It also offers some awards to the employees as a special contribution towards realizing the set goals. The organization gives Special gifts such as vacations, theatre, sports tickets, and even personalized gifts to reward the month’s employees. The organization recently increased the earnings per hour for her employees, which was a show of concern. It shows how concerned the organization is about understanding its staff’s needs and shareholders. It is a policy that any associate who works in the organization for more than twelve months receives a pay increment of about twenty percent on the initial basic pay. The organization also offers a share purchase on the associates who contribute to the organization, about fifteen percent in every dollar purchase.

Business leadership and strategy

The organization’s mission statements include becoming the best retailer in the minds of both the consumers and the employees, which means it intends to serve the customers and has the interest of the employees. It also intends to help individuals save money to live a better life. The organization, therefore, attracts all aspects of stakeholders to develop strategies that help in good leadership. The leaders help achieve their goals using memos, emails, and training sessions. The organization mandates the leaders from every department to conduct training of employees, guide them and empower them for their success. The process also helps consider the internal capabilities using the strategy implementation process (Srikant, Pichler & Shafiq, 2021).

Walmart organization looks into identifying the appropriate resources that constitute human capital capable of influencing the organization’s performance. It ensures that workers become aware of its unique strategies through training. It also mandates the leaders to communicate the objectives to the workers, which improves the work rate of the employees. The organization mandates the supervisors to evaluate how every strategy succeeds. According to Srikant, Pichler & Shafiq (2021), the employees’ measures and strategies in leadership are the keys to its worldwide success. Its focus is on the empowerment of the leaders to discharge their duties effectively. It is important to note that the organization monitors the entire production and distribution workforce to ensure better returns.


Walmart is a global organization that distributes its products in several countries worldwide, making it necessary to diversify its products and employees. The organization, therefore, continues to increase its representation, including people of different colors getting job opportunities in the company (Martin, Veiga & Galhera, 2021). The initial attitude that the company had was to put the Americans into the senior positions of the company. However, currently, the organization realized that talent matters more than just the culture and race of an individual. The organization, therefore, ensures that it employs the individual depending on the talent, which enables it to employ people from various parts of the world. Currently, even Asians occupy senior positions in the organization.

Srikant, Pichler & Shafiq (2021) say that the diversity in its employment strategies enables it to take a competitive advantage on the international market. However, the diversity is still low as only a few people from different races occupy leadership positions, which calls for more diversification. The representation of minority groups is still very low, making it hard for the organization to make meaningful and cultural messages relevant to the diverse population. The organization is against the decimation as it prohibits any form of discrimination at the employment, decisions that relate to employment, or matters that deal with business dealings in the race, color, age, sex, religion, or any other form that looks to discriminate in whatever form on every individual. That signifies that the company commits itself to change and focuses on inclusive leadership and services to its customers and other stakeholders.

Employment relations

Any recognized organization does have a way to relate to its employees and stakeholders. Like any other organization, Walmart Company strives to provide the best to its customers. Srikant, Pichler & Shafiq (2021) states that organizations focus on customer satisfaction that it hardly looks into the welfare of their staff. Labor unions criticize the organization as it fails to consider some aspects of building a good relationship in employment. The unions question the business policies, practices, and their effects. The unions also criticize the discrimination in terms of gender and race within the organization.

The organization’s workforce comprises more males than females as it believes that males are energetic and their productivity rate is high (Zhang et al., 2022). However, the organization tries hard to ensure that it serves the interest of all and fights to eliminate the discrimination aspect. Its aspect of appointing individuals from different races into senior positions is a factor that demonstrates how much it tries to eliminate the discrimination tag on it by the unions. However, the effort still needs to focus on intensifying the variation in employment both in gender and race. The workers’ affairs to needs to be in its consideration. The welfare of the staff matters for better performance, unlike the organization, which only focuses on the customer’s satisfaction. The organization needs to check on the welfare of the entire stakeholders for a better result to gain a competitive advantage.

Ethics and corporate responsibility

According to Srikant, Pichler & Shafiq (2021), Walmart has high returns, which accrues due to its commitment to serving its customers. The organization promises its customers low prices, which she upholds as a motto of providing low prices and high return on investment to her stockholders. The low incentives and wages to the employees explain why the company accepts low prices on their commodities which helps them attract a large number of customers. However, the organization needs to think of better ways of attracting customers rather than the current wages as a source of prices of their commodities low (Chen et al.,2021).

The organization also joins other businesses in helping whenever there is an occurrence of disasters such as hurricanes. Walmart Company greatly contributed towards helping the individuals who felt the effect and possibly helped eradicate the situation. Walmart foundation helps the individuals who feel the heat of a pandemic and contributes to the recovery and containment of such disasters. The foundation helps both the communities and the individuals, which makes the organization attract many customers.

Organizational and employee development

The organization has an academy known as Walmart Academies, a training program that equips its employees with skills to develop in their areas of duty. The program trains individuals in the production and sales sectors to improve their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. The academies program trains more than five thousand associates annually. Through such training, the employee develops their skills, which improves the company’s productivity.

Srikant, Pichler & Shafiq (2021) says that the organization is the largest retailer hence employs people worldwide. For such an organization to succeed, it needs a special group of employees to dedicate themselves and offer their best without selfish interest. The employees such as supervisors, sales managers, production managers, and other specialists improve their competencies through such training, making them understand what the organization needs and how better they can work for its success.

Talent management

Talent is a special gift that can contribute to the success of an organization if the organization can develop strategies that can manage them. The organization needs to move and identify individuals with special talents and utilize them to get the best out of such employees. Walmart Company continues to employ individuals with talents and practice their talents to improve their skills. Srikant, Pichler & Shafiq (2021) state that the move seems to work well as the individuals get dedicated to the given duties, which improves productivity.

The organization knows that employing talented individuals is insufficient, but the talents need proper management. The company, therefore, ensures that such individuals with talents get good compensation and quick promotions to continue enjoying their services. The individuals enable the company to grow every year to fairly compete with other competitors and even the challenging environment (Austin, & Williams, 2021).


Walmart Company thrives well due to the high game on the technology, making it one of the largest retailers. Currently, the organization is making some developments on the technologies it created to enable it to improve its business. The preparation is underway to ensure it works in all its branches. The technology will probably provide a platform where the customers can view products online and purchase them on the same platform. The platform will allow the organization to display its products online, record the goods that the customer buys, and record the number of items available in the store (Fortune, 2020).

The organization plans to use the technology and share it with other retailers to display their products using the online app. The app will enable the retailers to avail the available products, and the customers will be able to check the items available in the store and the time they are likely to get the products. The organization also tries to negotiate with other companies such as adobe to improve on the level of technology that may make the business easy and global. The organization’s progress in technology is indeed worth its progress and size.


The organization’s human resource posture tells more about its performance. The organization works well on compensating its employees. Its strategies in promoting talented individuals to senior positions are a way of retaining such special skills, contributing to its high performance (SHRM Foundation, 2021). Walmart’s strategy on incentive pay focuses on the leaders, which may be a wrong direction and requires immediate intervention; as much as leaders do the work of supervision and help generate ideas, the other employees need to get better treatment. The organization needs to develop strategies to have employees of the lower ranks get better incentives to improve its image.


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