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Stress Management Essay


Stress at the workplace and school environment causes harm to individuals. Some of the major stressors include workplace uncertainties, technological advancements, office politics and the workloads experienced. With stress, productivity is also lowered, which negatively impacts the profit lines of organizations. Both employees and organizations need to have stress management plans to ensure stress is kept at an all-time low. In so doing, a healthy adjustment to stressors ensures both employee and organization well-being.

Comparison of major stressors

One major stress in the workplace environment is uncertainty about various things. Some of the uncertainties include frequent upheaval due to changes in the administrators. Changing managers and supervisors results in management stress that trickles down to the employees under them (Lipman 2019). In addition, frequent changes in routine also result in stress as employees cannot develop work plans that work for them. In the same way, the Covid 19 had a stressful impact on my stress levels at school. Some classes were online, and other vital ones were physical. When I contracted an illness that kept me from accessing the physical classes due to health protocols instituted, I was under a lot of stress and the overwhelming workload I would have to overcome on resumption. Technological advancements are also major stressors in the workplace environment (Lipman 2019). The new times require people to have software skills for work and school. At school, the online classes required that I learn how to use software I had never used before, such as Zoom. However, my adaptability and also knowledge on how to use technology helped keep the stress at low levels.

Preparation for workplace stressors

Preparation for the workplace requires ensuring they have a competitive edge with the frequent brushing up of their skills. Technological advancements easily lock people out of opportunities. Ensuring one brushes up on their skills and remains connected with the world changes ensures that one remains knowledgeable. I frequently brush up on my skills, and it’s easy to know of the frequent changes and ways to use technology while interacting with other students. I plan to enroll in classes that interest me even after I leave school so that I’m not locked out of new opportunities. The diversity of things one can do ensures that their skills remain relevant in a changing world. The technological knowledge I possess already gives me a competitive edge, especially against the generation Xers, but remaining so amongst generation Z will require intentional learning (Joseph 2019).

Additional stressors

Many stressors can occur at the workplace. One is proximity to the work environment. An employee considering an employment opportunity needs to know how accessible an area is or how they can change their circumstances to ensure they are easily accessible. The commute time adds to the workday and, if it’s too long, could be a reason for stress due to inadequate rest time (Nepal et al. 2021). Employees also need to consider the values and ethics of a company. With proper research, one can easily determine whether its values resound with their own. Work is made easier if the values of a company match yours. An employee also needs to consider the end goal of their career. A clear vision for the future helps one grab opportunities as they come, such as taking extra classes to move forward in their career. Being more prepared ensures that one gains opportunities more easily.

Stress preventive strategies

Stress preventive strategies are important for individuals and for organizations. Stressors such as job insecurity, workplace politics and accessibility to relevant tools are easily preventable. One needs to prepare for changes in the job future. Remaining competitive ensure that one’s job does not go obsolete. Employees should remain on their toes to ensure their skills remain relevant by seeking to self-improve frequently. In addition, organizations can help their employees remain relevant by organizing workshops and learning sessions that help improve various departments (Kohll 2019). Workplace politics cause upheaval and animosity within organizations. It is necessary to ensure that employers don’t pit their employees against each other. Employees should also make suggestions to ensure that the organizations remain competitive by informing them of changes required. Choosing managers based on their skills and people skills is important in creating a healthy working environment. Human resource departments are also important in organizations to maintain a healthy working environment. On the other hand, the employees need to prevent hostility by remaining respectful of others and speaking out against harassment. Lastly, organizations should ensure that workers access the tools they need to remain effective (Joseph 2019). Constant research on tools that can maximize production and efficiency should be done.


Stress management should remain a focus in the workplace and at school. Alleviating stress ensures that employees and organizations function optimally and lead more fulfilled lives.


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