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Reaction on Business Leader by Jessica Keener: William Rosenberg

Jessica Keener has provided the biography of William Rosenberg in her story Time to Make the Donuts. Keener has described Rosenberg as a great leader born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Jewish parents who migrated from Eastern Europe. Rosenberg was born in 1916 and became a delivery boy at the age of 17 years for the ice cream company, which promoted him to the national sales manager position at 21 years. Keener has helped me know that Rosenberg received several awards and honors, such as the International Franchise Association Hall of Fame and Fortune magazine’s small business hall of Fame. Besides, Jessica Keener has enabled me to understand that Rosenberg was the founder of Dunkin Donuts, an American entrepreneur, humanitarian, and pioneer of the franchise industry. Rosenberg became the first Jewish Trade Union delegate after joining the Bethlehem steel company at the beginning of World War II. This book has also taught me that Rosenberg was a determined and hardworking individual since, after world war 11, he started Industrial Luncheon Services as his first company with one truck, which later translated into a multistate fleet of 200 trucks.

He served customers premium cups of coffee for ten cents and donuts for five cents. Rosenberg turned Industrial Luncheon Service into New England’s largest food service company. Rosenberg later started the first food distribution company that delivered coffee, snacks, and meals to workers in factories found in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition, Rosenberg opened the first donut and coffee shop called Open Kettle after realizing that most of his money was from selling coffee and doughnuts. I have also learned from this book that after two years of Open Kettle’s operation, Rosenberg changed the name to Dunkin Donuts in 1950. The main goal was to serve customers the freshest, most delicious donuts and coffee quickly and courteously in well-merchandised and modern stores. This philosophy has continued to be practiced by this company despite the founder’s death. Rosenberg continued to attract and impress his customers by offering 52 varieties of doughnuts with five different flavors. I have learned from this book that Rosenberg decided to franchise his business after he opened his sixth shop. The book also indicates that Rosenberg is recognized worldwide for creating a dynasty selling donuts and coffee.

Rosenberg started the international franchise association in 1959, and this organization has developed into over 30,000 members since its inception. The creation of the International Franchise Association has made Rosenberg’s name synonymous since his dedication and vision to the free enterprise’s dedication have withstood the test of time. It is also noted that Rosenberg believed in franchising as the epitome of entrepreneurship when others considered it a misfit and an outcast. Franchising has proved to be the most dynamic factor in the world in today’s businesses. Rosenberg was a visionary and focused business leader since Keener tells us that he started his horse-breeding farm with one horse but grew it into over 200 horses with his partners. This enabled him to win millions in the process and teaches us that in a business venture, we need to stake one step after the other, and within a short time, we can succeed. I have learned that life is full of tests and that the success or failure of an individual is determined by what that person does with challenges. This is evident in the book since Rosenberg fought lung cancer for over six years and survived, and he also went through a divorce after being married for 41 years. He did not give up since he remarried again for over 23 years. This means that challenges should be handled like an opportunity to make things right.

Work Cited

Rosenberg, William, and Jessica Brilliant Keener. Time to make the donuts. Lebhar-Friedman, 2001.


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