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Articles Review: Managing Human Resources

Management may be defined as the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. It can also be termed as a set of principles relating to functions like planning and controlling to achieve organizational goals. There are different types of management. However, we can categorize them into three major types, Autocratic, democratic, and Laissez-Faire. This paper is an annotated bibliography about Managing Human Resources.

Managing human resources, which can also be termed Human Resource Management, is a strategic approach to rightfully addressing individuals in a company. Human research management has various objectives on which it bases. Objectives of Human Resource Management include driving productivity, building and improving coordination, offering employee satisfaction, and setting organizational goals. Human Resource Management has various activities that it carries in an organization. Some of the activities include; recruitment and selection, training, performance management, allocating resources, fostering employee ties, compensation and benefits, and administration.

This paper addresses six different articles on Human Resource Management activities. The article addresses various researches carried on in other locations around the globe about Human Resource Management. The authors of the papers relate Human Resource Management with the success of an organization, clearly stating how HRM activities impact organizational performance.

Article One

Florentine, S. (2017) How to get diversity initiatives right.


The article named above by Florentine comprehensively examines Apple’s side of technology. Florentines’ article goes ahead to account for how shareholders initiated a policy in the company. The policy is a recruitment policy that requires Apple company to enlarge and broaden how diverse the company’s management and board of directors. Florentine claims that it is successful in initiating diversity training. However, she adds that results are dependent on factors like the content of the activity and the duration of training.

Findings and recommendations

This article recommends organizations make investments in racial diversity regarding technology. Florentine suggests that firms should consider changing their initiatives by collecting and disclosing detailed workforce information. This suggestion is crucial in identifying challenges in an organization. The article also suggests that an organization’s management should hold themselves responsible and accountable for changing their failing initiatives.


Florentine further says that executive compensation and employee incentives should be directly linked to an organization’s diversity initiative. To sum up, on its suggestions, the article clarifies that organizations do not need to focus on diversity only. Instead, it should also emphasize inclusion. This article puts a clear insight on how to get diversity initiatives right. Its comprehensive nature on human resource diversity will fit my final analysis of diversity in the workplace.

Article Two

Rukunga, Y. M., &Nzulwa, J . (2018). The role of talent management strategies on organizational performance: A case of telecommunication firms in Kenya. International Academic journal of human resource and Business Administration, 3(3) , 263-288

Objective and research question of the article.

This article aims to evaluate the importance of different talent management initiatives to improve a company’s activities and general performance. This article observes that firms concentrate on ensuring proper utilization of their human capital and resources rather than physical assets. The report follows that this is the basis of the ever-growing global competition. Many organizations are losing talents and experienced people to new enterprises, as observed by the article. This article answers the question, do talent management strategies prove beneficial for retaining human resources, mainly the experienced and talented in an organization?

Research Method

This article used a descriptive research approach in conjunction with the analytical technique to gather data for the research. The research collected primary data, and around 280 administration staff were involved in its collection. Approximately 160 individuals were considered as participants. These participants were from different telecommunication sectors in Kenya. Questionnaires were issued for data collection, and the collected data were coded, edited, and analyzed.


This research presented findings showing that talent attraction strategies proved to be beneficial in enhancing the performance of organizations. The article states that given the high demand for an experienced and talented workforce, any organization must put effective attraction strategies that will attract and retain such valuable employees that will, in turn, improve the performance of an organization.

Article three

 Preez, R . D. , & Bendixen, M. T. (2015) The impact of internal brand management on employee job satisfaction, brand commintemnt and intention to stay. International journal of Bank Marketing, 33 (1), 78-91.


The article mentioned above intends to analyze the effect of internal brand management of the banking sector on the various motivational factors associated with staff members. The factors include their job commitments and intention to stay with the company. This study attempts to answer the question, can the HR team use internal brand management strategies to enhance the job contentment level of workers in an organization- specifically in the banking sector?


This article conducts an observational study on the research to provide a clear understanding of the internal brand management factors in place. The author observed individuals working within South Africa’s banking sector. The authors of this article conducted a survey that enabled primary data collection. The study used questioners issued out to about 157 participants to collect opinions about the brand.


The findings postulated in this research are that internal brand management helps retain an organization’s workforce since employees prefer being associated with and working for well-established brands and firms with good market value. Given that company brands provide job satisfaction to employees, most, if not all, employees will be motivated to stay loyal to the company and work harder, improving productivity and general performance.

However, the article states that given employees’ intentions to stay in the organization are hiked due to brand management, the Human Resource Management team should emphasize internal brand management as they make organizational plans and develop human resource retaining strategies.


This research concluded that internal brand management has a strong influence on the motivational factors of workers. The authors say that employees are attracted to popular brands.

The authors suggest that the Human Resource Management team should strive to analyze the proper internal brand market to motivate employees and stay loyal to the organization.



This research journal deals with the overall scenarios of practices adopted and implemented in the cement industry. The journal portrays challenges Human Resource Management faces in the effective management of human resources and other physical resources in the highly competitive business environment around the globe. The main idea of this journal entails making proper use of human resources. The journal goes ahead to elaborate on the planning of human resources, job analysis, selection, training, retaining of employees, and labor relations. The research objectives for this journal focus on identifying Human Resource Management practices that aim to improve job satisfaction in an organization.


This journal encompasses descriptive research design, which is concerned with varying individual perceptions of factors regarding human resource management. The research entails primary and secondary data sources for more insight into the research topic.


The research found out that actualizing viable human resource strategies improves employee selection process, recruitment procedures, employee training, compensation, and retaining of employees, which will enhance the overall performance of an organization.


This research concludes that human resource management practices play a vital role in providing job satisfaction, improving the recruitment process, and retaining talent and expertise in an organization that enhances the firm’s organizational performance.

Article Five

Piyasena, K.G.C.C., & Kottawatta, H. (2017). The HRM Practices on job satisfaction of operational Workers in the Apparel Industry in Colombo district, Sri Lanka. Human Resource Management. 


The journal has encompassed the area of the research that entails Human Resource Management and job satisfaction of employees in the apparel companies of Sri Lanka that are located in the Colombo District. The journal focuses on the research problem regarding how human resource management affects job satisfaction.


This study uses a research methodology that collects data from more than 290 employees at the operational level in the organization. The employees are from four large-scale companies dealing in apparel manufacturing in Colombo District. The research used questionnaires that were issued to collect information. The study also uses regression and correlation analysis of data.


As represented in this journal, the study provides outcomes that entail the existence of a positive and significant association and relation of human resource management practices in regards to it enhancing employee job satisfaction, loyalty, and improved performance. Some management practices that strengthen job satisfaction include fairness, inclusion, and motivational activities.


The study concludes that there is a relation between human resources management and job satisfaction. Excellent and reasonable human resource management practices lead to higher job satisfaction, resulting in better organizational performance.

The research journal is of great significance in my management career and educational journey since it equips me with ways to identify various issues in an organization and ensure employees are satisfied in their job positions. The journal also provides an understanding of educational information which entails knowing employee satisfaction and its importance.

Article Six

Reddy, I. V., & Medipally, U. (2017). A Study on Compensation Management with Reference To Bank Employees Working in Hyderabad. Management, 2(11), 33-38.


This article aims to understand the effects of compensation on organizational employees and productivity. The report includes employee satisfaction and perception concerning compensation. The case answers the question, what is the impact of employee compensation on company productivity? What are the situations that require compensation in an organization? It also goes ahead to propose how employee compensation promotes their motivation.


The study used interviews to gather information from the staff on how the organization compensates them. The research also collected data from human resource managers through interviews to understand the effects of compensation on organizational performance and productivity. The study analyzed its data using percentage analysis, charts, and graphs.


The study found out that salary administration and compensation policies provide satisfaction to employees in an organization. Compensation policies are vital in helping employees improve their living standards. Employee compensation increases employee motivation and enhances productivity. Higher pay and benefits increase and improve employees’ positive attitude, attracting more employees and retaining them. When employees are not adequately compensated, their motivation decreases, and most activities drag. Employees are compensated when their performance is good and desirable.


Employee motivation increases productivity because individuals feel motivated to work hard. Organizational employees are assured compensation when they hit targets and perform as required. Productivity determines the compensation of the employees within a firm.


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