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Nike Brand in the Famous Sneaker Commercial – Jordan Zion Brand


This paper examines the role of the famous Nike brand in the famous Sneaker commercial; Nike.

The brand Jordan Zion sneaker has been the core in maintaining the status of this particular company and maintaining the reputation and innovation in sports. The brand came when a famous basketball player, Williamson, decided to wear Nike shoes at televised national basketball games, the only among all players. With persistence in positioning himself as a superstar in sports, Williamson found himself a core target for sneakers commercials to get more insights into his performance. Hence, Williamson found himself rolling with the Nike Company. However, initially, Williamson had been a fan of Nike shoes since childhood. Williamson signed a deal with Nike Company and made a contract where Nike would introduce a new brand of sneakers branded Jordan Zion after the initial Jordan brand. Jordan Zion brand bears a signature in honor of Williamson. This brand is a core product for Nike and a robust move by Williamson. Williamson brand is an icon for innovative and inspirational sports alongside determination and commitment in both basket and the new world of sports. This paper examines the Williamson Jordan Zion brand as a tool that continues adding value in sports and commercial sports.


The famous Nike shoe company continues to impact the world of sports with modern shoe designs that unquestionably fit the need of consumers. Jordan Zion, a renowned shoe brand, was first released in 2018 and tailored for transcended athletic possibilities of influential games. This sneaker caters to Williamson’s high-flying and basketball expertise and personal traits, which make him a modern generational world superstar. This paper analyzes the famous Jordan Zion shoe released by Nike Company in America and how it has impacted the world of basketball and other sporting areas.


Zion Williamson is a professional basketball player who signed with Nike’s Jordan Brand in 2019. The signing of Williamson by Jordan Brand was seen as a strategic move to strengthen their position in the basketball market and appeal to a younger generation of basketball fans. Before signing with Jordan Brand, Williamson was courted by several major shoe companies, including Nike’s rival Adidas. However, Jordan Brand secured Williamson’s endorsement by offering a lucrative multi-year contract that reportedly includes the largest annual shoe deal for a rookie in NBA history.

One of the most remarkable announcements in his life, Old Zion Williamson, is finding himself in a famous and timeless sneaker industry. Williamson, a 17-year-old and, at the time, a basketball player in Spartanburg in South Carolina, was to face a tournament at a national level that was to be televised in the famous Saturday Prime. By then, he could not choose the appropriate shoe to wear at the game (Chute, 2022). So, he decided to be exceptional from other players wearing Adidas shoes. Hence, he chose the then-famous Nike shoe Jordan Air. Jordan Air had been Nike’s famous brand for decades; perhaps the brand captured the attention of Williamson. Hence, he decided to excite an innovation for the company.

While playing, one of the reporters of the Columbia newspaper took him a photo and later posted it on his Twitter. The post emerged in great discussions among the fans and other viewers at the periphery. According to most viewers, it was unique for Williamson to decide to wear a different brand of sneakers as a whole team alone (Goldstein, 2012). Indeed, this captured the attention of the reporter who snapped a photo for Williamson. However, his decision to wear a different shoe brand did evolve some discussions from the fans. A basketball superstar, he became a top player a day after winning in Spartanburg. On another night, he participated in Duke University and emerged at the top in 2019. Sneaker companies, therefore, developed a great urge to roll with Williamson. Williamson chose Jordan sub-brand that he had already chosen in 2019. At the time, celebrity advertising was advantageous to the brand (Advertising advantages and disadvantages | 8 biggest limitations and disadvantages of advertising, 2023). Since then, the Famous Jordan Zion brand has remained with a signature bearing Williamson’s reputation.

The signing of Williamson by Jordan Brand has been viewed as a significant move in the sports industry. Williamson is considered one of the most highly-touted basketball prospects in recent years, and his endorsement deal with Jordan Brand is seen as a major win for the company. Williamson’s popularity and star power have helped to increase the visibility and credibility of Jordan Brand, and his on-court performances have generated significant buzz and excitement for the brand. In addition to his on-court success, Williamson has also been involved in several commercial campaigns for Jordan Brand. His endorsements and appearances in commercials have helped to further promote the brand and strengthen its connection with basketball fans. Williamson’s endorsement has also helped elevate his personal brand, making him one of the most recognizable and marketable players in the NBA.

Zion Williamson's journey with Jordan Brand to Zion 1

Figure 1. Source: (Dodson, 2021)



The agreement by Nike Company to sign a contract with Williamson to put a product with his signature into the global market is truly an innovative endeavor. Nike makes significant massive profits from its timeless products, particularly in sports (CoSchedule, 2021). Crafting a basketball player a logo to sell his name in the world regarding the world of basketball is a strategic move to the crown sports globally. Williamson has become an outstanding basketball athlete for Nike and Jordan (Benson, 2023). Indeed, he is the seventh player to unveil a signature and among the youngest in history; he was just 20 when he signed the contract.

Williamson’s reputation as a talented and hardworking athlete also enhances his own personal ethos, making him a desirable endorser for brands seeking to associate themselves with his positive image. His endorsement of Jordan Brand reinforces his own commitment to excellence and dedication to the sport of basketball. Furthermore, his personal values and beliefs further strengthen Williamson’s ethos. He has been known for his philanthropic efforts, including donating money to help cover the salaries of Smoothie King Center workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This aligns with Jordan Brand’s commitment to social responsibility and community involvement, enhancing the partnership’s ethos by demonstrating shared values.


Williamson plays an incredible role in instilling determination and character among the youths and is a figure for inspiration through his signature by Nike. Indeed, before the signature, it is clear that Williamson had had many occasions where he played earnestly to emerge a superstar. Being determined and persistent in an endeavor can make one successful

in his/her attempts. Initially, just before this lucky deal, Williamson had become top in two consecutive televised national basket games (Prager, 2020). This is what led Williamson to become a target for sneaker rebranding. Indeed, from the day he signed the contract, numerous individuals and companies began to dig deep into Williamson’s performance through his famous tactic ‘of playing in the air.


The most perfect and exciting thing about this issue is that Nike, the host company, declared to pay Williamson more than $10.9 million in honor of his signature on the company’s brand (Cook, 2022). This, indeed, is an excellent venture for Nike and Williamson. Ideally, this brand has had tremendous demand among Nike’s initial brands. Truly Jordan Zion gave Nike Company and Williamson a more refined name in the sports field (Thomas, 2019). For Nike, the brand has given Nike an unquestionable status in the global market regarding sports products.

Another way logos is employed is through the use of branding and marketing strategies that emphasize the partnership’s logical appeal. Jordan Brand has used Williamson’s endorsement to position itself as the leader in the basketball market, promoting its high-quality products and commitment to excellence. This logical appeal is reinforced by Williamson’s on-court success and reputation as a talented athlete, providing a logical connection between the partnership and the brand’s core values. Furthermore, logos is employed through the use of strategic messaging and branding that emphasizes the logical appeal of the partnership. For example, Jordan Brand’s advertising campaigns featuring Williamson often focus on his hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. This logical appeal reinforces the brand’s position as a basketball market leader and helps build credibility and trust with consumers.

Zion Williamson's journey with Jordan Brand to Zion 1

Figure 2 Source: (Dodson, 2021)


The Jordan Zion, a well-known shoe brand, was presented to the public for the first time in 2018 and was designed to go beyond the athletic possibilities of important games. This sneaker was designed for him not only because of his prowess in the air and on the court but also because of the characteristics that have elevated him to the level of a contemporary generational world superstar. The deal has continued to be beneficial for both Nike and Williamson in many different ways. In point of fact, the brand will never stop commanding the largest and most significant share of the international market for sporting goods. The Jordan brand is a singular figure that encourages young people to participate in endeavors that positively impact their lives and to be determined and inspired in their daily lives. The Jordan brand from Nike symbolizes forward-thinking in athletics, grit and determination in competition, and an instrument for reviving the importance of sports.


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Figure 1. Dodson, A. (2021, April 20). Zion Williamson’s journey with Jordan Brand to Zion 1. Landscape.

Figure 2. Dodson, A. (2021, April 20). Zion Williamson’s journey with Jordan Brand to Zion 1. Landscape.


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