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Essay on Digital Marketing

Keywords refer to the flags or important word components used by different search engines in digital marketing to help identify relevant content that can fit the searches conducted. The keywords match the words searched and the keywords they identify on the websites. They are essential components of digital marketing. They help one access the information efficiently with close words that enable customers to acquire important information (Dumitriu & Popescu, 2020). Without the keywords, it will be hard for one to acquire any information from the digital marketing platforms if the words searched are not found on the site. Close potential content gives customers faith that they will access the information they need.

The keywords can be categorized into short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. The short tail keywords refer to the broader topics rather than the niche subjects, for example, dark chocolate. In contrast, long-tail keywords refer to the more specific phrases used to search for any content in digital marketing. They are no longer phrases as they are known but are more clearly and on point about their content portrait. For example, ‘dark chocolate bars with no gluten.’

Keyword research refers to analyzing, comparing, and prioritizing information besides discovering the audience’s language to help individuals access the information they look after. A more significant portion of the digital marketing users rarely goes beyond the first website pages. This means that they are likely to acquire the information found on the front page. Instead of steering information making it hard for one to access the data they need, important information is displayed on the front page where one can easily access it and as they feel. If possible, individuals should acquire the content they need on the first three items on the front page.

Process of Keyword Research in Digital Marketing

Make a List of Important, Relevant Topic Based on the Business

The list of essential and relevant topics is based on the aspects of the business. The business should come up with about five to ten buckets that are important for a given business. Chose keywords that are specific to a given business. The number of buckets depends on the complexity of businesses and the items they offer to the people over the online markets. These topics can be searched over the internet to access a clear picture of what is needed. The topics may also appear in most sales conversations. To acquire the best keywords to be put in the bucket, the seller should put themselves in the buyer persona and try to understand the most researched content (Dumitriu & Popescu, 2020). Think of the information searched over the internet and have the information shaped as per one’s personal. It is one of the first steps to acquiring the correct bucket list and the relevant keywords that should be used to determine information researched on the website formed.

Fill in Topic Buckets with Keywords

With the buckets that an individual wants to focus on. The keywords that fall into the buckets are chosen. These are phrases that rank in the search engine results pages because the target customer searches for the specific terms that are outlined. For instance, in an inbound marketing software company, marketing automation with key phrases related to the topic includes lead nurturing; what is marketing automation? Marketing automation tools, top automation tools, and email marketing automation. Currently, most of the keywords are getting encrypted by Google; hence the other way of accessing essential keywords is ensuring that one obtains the keywords that buyers use to access the website. It is the most effective method to enhance effective product promotion.

Understand how Intent Affects Keyword Research

One should verify the intent of the user in a keyword. It is a good idea to try and search the keywords (Dumitriu & Popescu, 2020). One should google and determine what they intend to create as the keywords.

Research Related Search Terms

This step is essential in understanding all the related items that can divert the researched content. If it is hard for individuals to find the required keywords, they can take a step and understand all the keywords that can be viable for more accessible research and understanding.

Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, SECockpit, Moz, Keywords Everywhere, KWFinder, Ahrefs are some crucial tools that can help create Keyword Research successfully (Dumitriu & Popescu, 2020). It is an essential aspect in developing digital marketing websites that are developed to ensure that the buyers can access the products easily without the hassle of having to access the definite keywords to understand all the things offered by a given business.

Purpose of Content

Content is one of the most significant attributes of a product-based e-commerce business where products are sold on the internet using different websites and platforms. Content can inform a given audience, sell the merits of a given item, develop a personality, drive a message, or inform individuals who go through the websites and eCommerce platforms. However, the content has to be valued by the customer to make the product known to many individuals.

Content Informs

The provided content informs individuals about the content they want to know about. Info graphs, whitepapers, and blogs inform individuals about the diverse aspects they need to know more about (Hamid et al., 2020). It is not easy for one to access the required information when they need it then accessing information over e-commerce platforms. The portrait of content allows individuals to know more about the content and the items they need to know more about. It is easier for one to know more about the items they have little information about over the e-commerce platforms and use the information for diverse individuals.

Content Connect

The e-commerce platforms enable individuals to connect with others by the products which are being shared. When the seller markets a product, the buyer will access them over the platforms or the websites used to supply the commodities. It is easier for the buyer and seller to meet and connect up by the products that are sold over the internet as they are worth to those involved in the transaction (Hamid et al., 2020); when individuals aspire to make a transaction, they have to relate with one another and acquire the knowledge that is needed by both the seller and the buyer of the item.

Content Entertains

Content is one of the most important things to all the people it is addressed to. To enable one to understand all the content portrayed, it has to be relayed to make it look entertaining. People will be ready to hear the content displayed when it is done entertainingly. Most people do not want to get involved with the concepts portrayed dully. When the content is portrayed entertainingly, most people will need to know more about the content when it is displayed in an appealing way than when done dully.

Content Educates

As far as information is the most significant aspect of e-commerce, it has to pose some knowledge about the items that are marketed to the community. While marketing a product to others, it had to pose the significant knowledge that helps the buyers to know more about the use and the way of using the product (Hamid et al., 2020). Not all individuals who need a given product know how it is used; hence for them to conveniently go ahead and purchase the product, they should have the knowledge on how the product is used. Hence the buyers who have little knowledge should acquire it over the media and the business websites.


The establishment of internet sites for business marketing and product promotion encompasses acute knowledge that can help reach more customers within the society. Individuals have to open up to take advantage of the markets that have no boundaries. Website development and enhancement of product promotion are attained when there is the freedom to try upon many aspects of trading. The content uploaded to different websites and media platforms have to be attractive enough and crucial to enable one to acquire the best knowledge on a given product. The portrait of the content on different platforms


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