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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the factors that are critical in determining the success of an organization. This is because employee engagement is closely connected to employees’ morale and job satisfaction. With employee engagement, workers are emotionally invested in committing their time, energy, and talent, thus adding value to the team as well as advancing the initiatives of a company. It is fair to say that employee disengagement is a crucial factor contributing to an organizational loss in organizations. The reason why employee engagement has been considered a crucial part of management theory is the fact that it is in direct connection with the financial health as well as the profitability of organizations that put it in practice. Engaged employees are characterized by their loyalty to their work and the company they serve. Employee engagement also plays a central role in creating a favorable working atmosphere that helps workers achieve their goals. Therefore, this assessment will provide a piece of well-researched information regarding employee engagement in an organization.

Practices That Motivate and Engage Employees

Research confirms that there are several practices that play a role in motivating and engaging employees. Setting expectations or goals for the organization is one of the best ways to motivate and engage employees (Zarwi, 2020). Leaders who play a central role in motivating and engaging their teams are setting goals and expectations. The expectations and goals help leaders share some light on the direction of the company. With a sketch of it, employees tend to stay engaged as they can mark their progress. Setting expectations is also known for the ability to unite workers to work on the same goals, thus making the easy flow of events. This can be said to be an act that aligns employees with the company’s mission. Communication is another practice that is known for engaging as well as engaging employees in an organization (Men, 2021). Communication touches on several aspects; for instance, it is a tool used by leaders to pass the company’s goals to the employees. Communication can also be used as a vital tool in driving motivation in employees. Sometimes employees might feel like a particular goal is achievable because of a number of barriers. At this moment, the leader comes in and motivates them and shows them a number of options in which the goal can be achieved. The engagement follows after employees have been motivated.

Compares the Best Practices to The Actual Practices of a Specific Organization

Tesla company is known for its well-defined practices of engaging employees. Tesla company reveals in its mission statement that it makes gifts to its employees stock discounts, equity grants, comprehensive medical cover, and other perks as an act of engaging and motivating them (Tesla, 2021). The mission statement also reveals that they do this to help employees increase their productivity. Tesla has emerged as one of the best companies across the globe with high production. This can be justified by the impact of the idea of engaging employees in an organization. A company that does not engage and motivate its employees is more likely to perform poorly. The practices of engaging employees used by Tesla company can be compared to the previously discussed practices. Motivation is one of the impacts of engaging employees that result from the application of the practices discussed. However, from the comparison of practices of engaging employees from both sides, it is fair to say that leadership plays a central role in promoting the effective engagement of employees. This is because the engagement of employees leads to self-driven workers that are guided by the mission of the company.

Recommendation for Tesla Company

After a comprehensive analysis of how Tesla company engages its employees, a number of recommendations will go a long way in improving the engagement of employees in the organization. Getting to know an employee on a deeper level is one of the ways through which Tesla company can improve employee engagement. This involves noticing what is happening to the life of a specific employee. If an employee struggles with anything, the company can chip in and help them; it will be a sign of support that workers appreciate as it makes them feel loved. This recommendation proved to be suitable for employee engagement during the Covid-19 period when people were suffering. A number of companies helped their employees during this time, thus making it a better recommendation for Tesla company (Hamill, 2022). Providing regular support for growth and learning and feedback is another recommendation that would help Tesla company improve its employee engagement. As employees strive to achieve the set goals, it is also good if the company, through the appointed leaders, introduces new skills that help make work easier. This will help provide a vast pool of options on how things should be done. These options will come in place when a particular option fails, and the work will continue.

Insights Gained into Employee Engagement

There are a number of insights gained after the comprehensive analysis of employee engagement. Research reveals that employee engagement is essential for both organizations and employees. It is fair to conclude that employee engagement plays a central role in producing happier employees (Pradhan et al., 2019). Happier employees are associated with high production, thus, leading to the achievement of set goals. Employee engagement is also known for the promotion of the safety of workers. The connection in the workplace brought about by employee engagement goes a long way in the mastery of the surrounding. This brings about the feeling of safety that goes a long way in increasing the productivity of employees. Employee engagement is also known for promoting the health of employees. Usually, employee engagement is known for its ability to strengthen the emotional as well as the mental connection of employees (Lemon & Palenchar, 2018). A company that prioritizes employee engagement helps them maintain good health.

The discussion above reveals a piece of comprehensive information about employee engagement. It has proved that the secret to high production and a good atmosphere in a company comes from the ability to practice employee engagement. Employee engagement also positively impacts both the company and the employees. Different companies should aim at making use of employee engagement as it is one factor that determines the growth of a company as well as its productivity. Tesla Company is an excellent example of an organization that has incorporated employee engagement in its activities and revealed positive results. This is why the company is considered one of the best across the globe.


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