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MBA Strategic Marketing

A brand name is the most crucial element and soul essence for any business as it is the face of the product. Choosing an effective brand name will either attract more consumers or distract consumers from the product. A vital characteristic a business person should consider in selecting a brand name is distinctiveness (Voella, 2018). A brand name should capture the audience’s attention and stand out in its respectful industry to avoid consumer confusion.

An effective brand name should be authentic and speak about the brand without explaining. The title should captivate the consumers and represent the brand’s mission and vision. A creator should consider being authentic by considering the portrayed brand personality and what makes the business different from other brands.

Having a memorable name will increase the consumer number for any brand. Creating a unique brand name will make sure it sticks to the customers’ minds and make them come back for another purchase. The brand name should therefore be catchy, unique, and have simple words.

The business industry evolves every day, and a new and better product emerges all the time. An enduring brand name will ensure the brand is permanent and will stand out amongst a large evolving industry (Voella, 2018). With the maturity of a product, the brand name can change and retain its consumers without reducing sales.

When creating an effective brand name, one has to consider being defensible from a legal perspective (Voella, 2018). An effective brand name requires the brand owner to have legal rights to name the brand in an industry full of similar businesses.

The easier it is to pronounce a brand name, the easier it is to spread the news about it. A wordy brand name that is difficult to pronounce may draw away consumers from the brand.

Having a flexible brand name is crucial to any business. In a rebrand, a brand may change its name and still retain its brand essence.

A brand that is targeting to have a larger audience should consider having a linguistically correct brand name. A brand name should have a neutral and universal name. a neutral name will ensure the meaning in other languages is acceptable.

When creating an effective brand name, one should consider having a name in the same lines as the product or company business. For example, a brand name such as ‘Sparkles.’ Without explaining what the company is about, the brand name suggests the brand is about cleaning or cleaning supplies.

Lastly, creating an effective brand name should be suggestive of the quality of the products. An evocative brand name could be a metaphor for the product and make the consumers understand the brand’s essence better. A suggestive brand name should have a suggestive logo.

Brands that have met the effective brand name creation criteria include Taste, Scrub Daddy and Facebook. Taste, a gourmet spice company that sells a variety of spices. The brand name Taste meets the effective brand name criteria in that it is distinctive. The name stands out in a large spice industry. The brand name is also memorable. For instance, when someone is trying to explain how to improve the taste of their food, they will think of the word taste. The name also suggests that a consumer will precisely understand what the brand is about, elevating taste. The brand name Taste is also tiny, catchy, and easy to pronounce therefore easy to remember. The brand name is also authentic as it explains the soul essence of the brand. It answers the questions, who are we and what is our vision.

Scrub Daddy is a catchy brand name and easy to remember. The brand specializes in cleaning materials. The name is distinctive and stands out in an industry full of different cleaning materials. The name is also flexible and could evolve with the introduction of other similar cleaning materials. The brand name is authentic as the brand essence is present with the name. The name is in line with what they are trying to sell. The name is also linguistically appropriate as it uses English words.

The Facebook brand name is authentic as it stands out on the social media platform. The brand name is also flexible, enduring to changing times and follows the product’s roadmap and considers future releases. As a social media platform, changing brand names is crucial in improving the brand. The name is also memorable as it uses short easy to pronounce words. The name is also outstanding.


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