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Marketing an Innovative Product


The selected product is the Body Comp body scan system by Withings Company. The product is unique and featured among one of the most innovative products of 2022 (Tommorow’s World Today, 2022). Additionally, the product shifts away from telecommunication and other home appliances, dominating the innovative list for a significant period.

The body scan system fulfils the market needs for innovative medical-related products. With the rise of numerous ailments, the public seeks gadgets that would assist in monitoring their bodily activities. The Body Comp body scan system fulfils the market need as a product that would help them monitor their heart rate, vascular age and body composition (Withings, 2022). These areas are the most significant indicator of health risks. The innovative nature of the product helps collect the above data. The device collaborates with an associated app to send these vital data to medical professionals for further examinations.

The company’s website is the current core-advertising outlet for the product. Although the business released only a prototype promising to roll out the product later in the year, it will be a game-changer regarding how diagnosis and pre-treatment procedures will happen. The firm will likely incorporate integrated marketing communication (IMC) to market the product.

The device will contribute immensely to environmental initiatives. This assertion is because it does not result directly in emissions but uses environmentally friendly materials to manufacture its design. Besides, it will be able to minimize the risk of using current products using environmentally hazardous raw materials. The product will allow multiple scanning in one session, unlike the current trend where there are applications of various tools.

Target Market

The target market is the adult group over the age of 40 years. The focus of this faction is because of the prevalence of medical conditions that affect their everyday lives. The population requires healthcare monitoring, with this body scan being handy. Major demographic components of the target market include age, income, level of education and race. Most users of the product will be adults 40 years and above. These individuals could be middle and rich-income earners based on the costs of the item. The education level of users of the scale is a high-school diploma and above. This assertion is because of the need to utilize applications to understand the meaning before forwarding the output to a medical provider. Diverse races could use the product, but it will fit the African-American consumer more because research findings indicate they are at risk of cardiovascular ailments and weight issues, which are core components measured by the body scale.

The body scale market is massive, especially with the rise of lifestyle-related diseases. The market will continue to grow, especially with consumers becoming conscious of their bodies. According to PR Newswire (2022), the smart weight, body composition, and BMI scales market grew by 5.02% in 2022, with the North American market triggering this trend.

The target market will depend on new trends, such as the body scan system by Withings Company. Consumers are likely to sample new and superior technologies as long as they receive the approval of the FDA. Furthermore, the target market could grow because of the prevalence of lifestyle diseases among persons below the age of 40 years.

Product Description

The Withings body scan tool is one of the company’s many products. According to the firm’s website, they will launch the product soon, but the prototype release shows how it operates.

Image 1: Withings Body Scan Machine (Tommorow’s World Today, 2022)
Image 1: Withings Body Scan Machine (Tommorow’s World Today, 2022)

The body scan product is a small black tool that resembles the standard body weighing machines. The black-colored body allows users to view reports presented on a small screen. The innovative feature of the item helps in documenting weight trends. However, the product has additional features. The firm claims the scale can communicate vascular rate, visceral fat, nerve health and heart rate, making it an innovative tool (Withings, 2022). The associated app can communicate essential data to medical providers. The business reports the scale machine would be able to communicate nutrition, exercise and stress management.

Withings is a French consumer electronics company with offices in the U.S. and Hong Kong. The firm is famous for connected devices, with popular ones including Wi-Fi scales, blood pressure monitors, intelligent sleep systems and automatic activity evaluation watches. The FDA’s approval of its blood pressure monitor product is a testament to its capabilities. Withings acquisition by Nokia in 2016 has been the most significant boost to its innovation and global presence. The Finnish technological company has tremendous experience in technology and consumer products, thus, boosting the capability of Withings.


Pricing is a critical feature of the body scale. The company’s website shows that the “Body Comp” brand will retail at $ 209.95 (Withings, 2022). However, the price of Body Cardio and Body + brands is $ 179.95 and $ 99.95, respectively (Withings, 2022). These prices range depending on product specifications. The Body Comp brand has a +Health program for 12 months (Withings, 2022). The company does not indicate any discounts or coverage of shipment costs. As such, a consumer must incur these costs. The buyer must also pay import levies depending on their destination country or existing items tax. Consumers could purchase the product from retailers across the U.S. and online platforms. For instance, global customers could purchase products from and other online stores. The distribution of the product depends on the agreement between a customer and their shipping company.


The company utilizes diverse approaches to promote its product to the potential market. The most significant outlet has been the company’s website. The digital platform features all information and specifications about the product. Users can log in to the company’s website using the URL link []. The firm’s press is another essential outlet to popularize the product and explain other specifications.

The business also utilizes social media to advertise its products. The company use outlets such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to advertise its products. In the case of YouTube, the business capitalizes on the video feature of the social media site to explain its application among target consumers. Social media website is a critical marketing approach for the company because of the massive number of online users. The company’s search engine optimization is also crucial to marketing the product. Additionally, paid searchers are essential in advertising the product.

The company also uses innovative techniques like affiliate programs to market its products. According to Withings (n.d), its affiliate program guarantees up to 9% in commission to any blogger to popularize its products. The company indicates that an affiliate marketer is eligible for a commission between 7% and 9% of every purchase (Withings, n.d). The firm provides each successful applicant with a ready-made banner. The business promises to introduce innovation daily to boost the content produced by a blogger or publisher.


The body scan system is the other innovative product by Withings. The company is famous for releasing consumer products that capture the imagination of the tech-savvy community and other users. The new tool once again awakens the interest and debates of diverse stakeholders. The claim by the product about communicating vascular rate, visceral fat, nerve health and heart rate results once more underlines the move by the business to address consumer needs. The previous approval by the FDA on some of Withings’ products means that the company produces excellent products.

The company’s website also indicates the benefits of the products, and they are relatable to anyone. The focus on the measurement of vascular rate, visceral fat, nerve health and heart rate means that the body scale would solve the most significant problem facing a massive percentage of the population. Previously, individuals had to wait for doctor’s visits to collect information about these data. However, with the arrival of the Withings body scale, they can now gather the information with minimal hassle.

The promotional approaches of the product are also superb. Most users will likely visit the firm’s website to collect data about the body scale. Given that the product deals with a sensitive area of their lives, consumers will derive satisfaction from an in-depth presentation like the one offered by the website. The product also benefits from other advertisement methods used by the business.


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