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Effects of the Use of Endangered Species in Luxury Companies


Luxury companies continuously use products obtained from endangered species, especially fashion-based entities. Reports indicate that the fashion brands Chanel, Coach, and Gucci received a blow from the government after confiscating thousands of imported leather products between 2003 and 2013 (Nuwer, 2020). Most business corporates are taking up the behaviour that causes many adversities to society and the country’s economy at large. For instance, many organizations use python skin to make handbags and clothing, which are sold worldwide due to their increased demand and supply (Sosnowski, et al, 2020).

Effects of the use of endangered species

There are many effects of the behaviour both on wildlife and our economy. Wildlife and tourism is a basic element in the economy of Kenya since it acts as a source of revenue, recreation, and employment opportunities for people. If the practice is not regulated and monitored, it will decrease the endangered species and later extinction. It will be very disadvantageous as it cripples the tourism industry and leaves many citizens jobless. The economy may also decrease since most tourists may choose to invest when delighted by an area, therefore boosting the country’s economy.

The leather industry’s alligators and the crocodile family are threatened and ought to be accorded maximum protection. The alligator, to be specific, is an already endangered species that may be prone to extinction if action is not taken appropriately (Sosnowski, et al, 2020). Other species that may be extinct due to the indulgence of luxury companies include the Australian Kangaroo used to make leather products, African Ostrich, North American Beaver, and many more.

The Cause of the Problem

The main cause of these species being endangered is that luxury companies, especially the fashion industry, are out to satisfy their target market. Although the fashion industry. Trading activities in wildlife body parts and botanicals are very significant to the fashion and luxurious industry as it brings millions of money in terms of revenue (Nuwer, 2020). Therefore, it is hard to suppress the trading activities of these corporates since they depend entirely on indigenous animal products. Furthermore, the industry is extremely competitive and demanding, making the major stakeholders outsource sources for the products since they produce quality satisfying to the target market. It helps improve the traffic sales into the business, enabling the high-income generation.

Possible Solutions and Alternatives

In conjunction with the fashion industries, the government should formulate ways to regulate and monitor the use of animal products. There should be a limit on the use of the products and set verifications before giving the go-ahead to use the products. It is also advisable to incorporate artificial products during the production of goods. The move will reduce the use of animal products. It is very cost-effective as it will not the previous efforts and costs used in outsourcing the materials. It has been successful in the past and has protected the wildlife community.

Many investors may not support these methodologies since they may slow down business and reduce the income generated. Many people are extremely overwhelmed by the products made from the endangered species and would not support the use of other materials. It will solve the problem but may slow down the fashion industry. The fashion industry would have to generate new ways of producing the same quality goods using artificial materials. Animals have the right to live and should no killed anyhow for financial purposes. The rate at which companies terminate animals using the products to produce their goods is alarming and should be dealt with immediately. Society should also be in favour of the use of artificial products rather than using endangered animals


Nuwer, R. (2020, May 22). Fashion brands had thousands of exotic leather goods seized by U.S. law enforcement. National Geographic.

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