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Customer Service Training Proposal (CSTP)

Executive Summary

The customer service training proposal (CSTP) is designed for use by customer service representatives who are looking to develop the skills necessary to communicate with customers in a way that inspires customer loyalty and repeat business. The CSTP will be divided into three parts: a section on identifying and communicating with diverse customers, a section on handling customer complaints, and a section on tips for improving customer satisfaction.

The most important element of this program is the section on identifying and communicating with diverse customers. Many customers have very specific needs, which is why companies must train their employees to recognize those needs and meet them. The CSTP will emphasize the importance of being able to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds, ages, and other demographics, as well as people with disabilities. Likewise, companies need to take advantage of all available channels for communicating with these diverse groups of people. For example, email might be sufficient for a young person, but a phone call might be better for an older person who isn’t as comfortable using technology.

Once companies have learned how to identify and communicate with their customers, they must then ensure that they are providing satisfactory service. This means taking the time to listen to customers’ complaints and address them.


Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase(Chen & Tang, 2018). The perception of success of such interactions is dependent on employees “who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest”. Customer service concerns the priority an organization assigns to customer service relative to components such as product innovation and pricing. In this era of a competitive market, organizations survive based on customer loyalty which in turn is gained by customer satisfaction. This level of satisfaction is gained from good quality customer service provided by employees at all levels within an organization. Therefore, organizations must develop a good relationship with their customers through quality services provided by their employees. Nowadays many organizations are developing a customer-driven culture through training and development programs for their employees. Many benefits come from providing good customer service, including A better reputation for your company, repeat business with satisfied customers, and Increased sales due to satisfied customers’ referrals among others.

In the Customer services training program, There are many theories and concepts when it comes to customer service. One theory is the SERVQUAL model( Zouari & Abdelhedi,2021), which consists of five dimensions: reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, and responsiveness. This model can be used by businesses to figure out where their weaknesses are so that they can improve on those areas and become a better businesses overall. Another aspect that must also be considered while providing good quality customer services within an organization is aspects of communication, motivation, problem-solving, teamwork, and listening skills.

Most importantly Good communication skills are required for an employee to provide effective services to customers. Employees should be able to communicate with customers in a language they understand and they should also be able to talk with them clearly and concisely without using complicated words or phrases that can confuse them. In this program, Employees will be taught how to handle difficult interactions with customers that can occur when there is a conflict or when a problem arises, such as a complaint or a request for assistance. Employees will learn how to communicate clearly with customers so that they can resolve issues quickly and effectively without causing an argumentative situation for either party involved.

Furthermore, I will ask every participant what they think about their current job and what they would change about it. After that, we will watch videos together about companies that have good customer service agents who take care of customers, not just in-store but also online on social media platforms. Then we will discuss what did these companies do right and what mistakes we could avoid doing if we were managing these companies. The ultimate goal is to provide employees with the tools they will need to respond effectively when dealing with customers who are upset with products or services.

Comprehensive Summary

A training program is only as good as a follow-up. Follow-up is critical to the overall success of my training program. First, I want to make sure that the training is applied on the job and that employees are getting the results needed When creating your training program, I will want to create an inclusive and collaborative environment. This can help your team better understand and serve your players, as well as create a more open dialogue on challenging aspects of your games. This includes creating a space where new voices can feel welcome, as well as addressing issues that negatively impact your players. For example, if you’re having a hard time replicating a challenge your players are facing in a tutorial or arena, address that during your program. This can help ensure your team better understands the challenge your players face, as well as address any barriers or issues preventing your team from replicating it.

As I wrap up the CSTP, I am going to focus on the next step in my training program. This will be a new sales training program that will focus on the importance of building relationships with customers. The focus will be on each sales associate learning to understand their customers, what are their pain points, and how to help them find solutions. This will be more advanced training for our associates who have proven their ability to effectively build rapport with customers. Our sales associates must understand the importance of building relationships with customers and how that strengthens their overall customer service skills. My goal is to create a training program that focuses on how each associate can address the needs of their customers. I will work closely with store managers and supervisors to determine who will be ready for the next level of training. We must prepare associates with the tools they need to succeed when working with customers. In addition, this training program will help prepare associates for future leadership roles as well as prepare them for future career moves as well.


Shen, J., & Tang, C. (2018). How does training improve customer service quality? The roles of transfer of training and job satisfaction. European management journal36(6), 708-716.

Zouari, G., & Abdelhedi, M. (2021). Customer satisfaction in the digital era: evidence from Islamic banking. Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship10(1), 1-18.


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