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Construction Essays

Infrastructural Development in Montreal

Good infrastructures are critical to the development of towns and cities, for they facilitate development movement, interactions, and trade in a given place. Montreal is not a reserve to these benefits accrued from good infrastructural projects, especially those developed in the early 19th century; they opened up the city to more opportunities from people who are ... Read More
Pages: 3       Words: 639
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Building Maintenance for Sustainability

Introduction Buildings, roads, and bridges are examples of physical infrastructure that can gauge a country’s economic prosperity and development. In the development of a construction project, there are several participants, numerous processes, and numerous stages and phases of work, all with the primary purpose of bringing the project to a successful conclusion. However, to measure ... Read More
Pages: 7       Words: 1719

BIM for the Built Environment

The construction industry is a multifaceted field associated with uncertainty, operational inefficiency, and dependency. Although the industry has often been criticized for its failure, it is still thriving. An increase in population, increased demand, and increase in shareholders have always ensured that the business stays afloat. With the emergence of technology, the construction business has ... Read More
Pages: 13       Words: 3359

The Closure of the West Seattle Bridge

Introduction Reliable and safe transportation is the glue of people’s daily life which encourages mass production for trade exchanges in the growing industrial world. Besides, road network connectivity remains the most reliable means of transport that connects different world regions. Furthermore, road features such as bridges determine their safety and durability in serving people’s needs. ... Read More
Pages: 14       Words: 3611

Use of Recycled Materials in Modern Construction

Over the last century, the construction industry has grown tremendously, with technological advancements playing a key role. With over 400 million tons of materials used each year, the construction industry is one of the most resource-intensive industries. The industry is estimated to consume 40% of the world’s raw materials, and their extractions negatively impact the ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1386

Dry Rot and Wet Rot

Wet rot and dry rot are the two most frequent kinds of wood rot, and both of these types of fungal decay may cause structural damage to structures. Identifying the distinction between wood rot and other types of rot is the first step toward permanently eliminating rot from home. Dry rot is the most destructive ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1350

Self-Sustainable Building

Introduction Climate change and global warming are social issues that negatively impact society and need to be addressed by governments and communities. The problems can be addressed through minimized use of plastics, cars, and other activities that lead to the combustion of fossil fuel. A strategy of accommodating self-sustainable buildings is one of the approaches ... Read More
Pages: 12       Words: 3210

Heating Systems Essay

Explain the design process stages and tasks that must be considered for the design of a non-domestic heating system Buildings should have adequate heating systems to ensure the comfort of their occupants. To create an effective heating system plan, a variety of requirements and issues from the perspectives of customers, users, and the environment must ... Read More
Pages: 13       Words: 3308

Children’s Books Review

Book1: Construction by Sally Sutton The book “construction” is an illustration of how construction happens. The visuals give the reader a clear scene of what construction is. It is a text that offers a lot of information to the reader. The audience of this book ranges from one year old to ten years old children. ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1352

Architecture and Environment

INTRODUCTION Since the industrial revolution period, there has been a fast growth in the number of constructed structures all over the globe. An increase in buildings and construction activities has been fueled by the need to improve infrastructures such as buildings and roads to facilitate industrialization. However, on the other end, the globe has been ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1169
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