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Ayala Whistler Summer Trip

Communication management

Ayala Corporation is a business sector that deals with a wide range of clients across and abroad in the world. Ayala is believed to be one of the most popular known corporations capable of handling a great number of customers and clients worldwide. There are several communication means that the Ayala Corporation facilitates. Remember, communication enables individuals to have complete information from one another in every business sector. For any business to have enough information about any state, whether it be the corporation or the customers, communication is considered the most important element. For the need to get enough information between the Ayala Corporation and the customers and the client, the corporation has therefore developed a mode of communication that links the three sectors in the corporation. Ayala Corporation allows the transmission of the client and the corporation via email. The project team uses email and zoom, and the vendors also use email and zoom.

For the success of this communication between the company and the customers, Ayala Corporation, therefore, must develop communication management. Communication management is commonly used to point out the general flow of information within the Ayala Corporation or between the Ayala Corporation and other companies and businesses. Communication management enables the Ayala Corporation to reach out to its clients and the customers or the audience as described by the majority of the individuals through various methods of communication. As it has been outlined, there are methods of communication that the Ayala Corporation allows, especially when dealing with different individuals. For example, Ayala Corporation enables email use, especially when dealing with a client. Clients are the constant customers who buy and get the commodities sold within the Ayala Corporation.

Several clients are buying commodities from the Ayala Corporation. For the corporation to mention many clients, it applies email when handling them. This helps the Ayala Corporation to manage communication since every customer’s information is maintained. Ayala Corporation has enabled the information provided by different clients to be secret because of the use of email. Some clients trading with the Ayala Corporation have several personal reasons they wish to share with the corporation. The use of email, therefore, makes it possible for particular individuals to share their information and makes the company interact with the clients fully. The other form of communication facilitated by the Ayala Corporation is zoom.

Zoom involves the online meetings created by the Ayala Corporation managers, especially when addressing various issues with clients or workers within the corporation. Zoom meetings are also commonly held by the managers within the Ayala corporation and the sponsors who offer the funds for the Ayala Corporation. Remember, once the corporation has received various support from the sponsors, there is a need for discussion between the managers in the Ayala Corporation and the sponsors.

Zoom meeting enables individuals to interact fully with one another, making it easy for the corporation to manage its task effectively. The use of different communication methods has been highlighted makes the Ayala Corporation manage the communication within the corporation. Grouping the clients, customers, and sponsors of the Ayala Corporation into different communication channels makes it easy for the corporation to manage its communication. The corporation must separate the groups into various modes of communication as this prevents the loss of the information that different groups of individuals provide. Communication management helps the Ayala corporation protect against the mixing up information from various customers and clients.

Stakeholder Register

There are three main components found in the Ayala Corporation stakeholder register. The components include the details to do with the Ayala Corporation client, the project team, mainly referred to as Synergy, and the vendors, including the car rentals, flight airlines, activity centers, and hotels. The groups mentioned above are the individuals involved in finding the interest and the results for the project in the Ayala corporation. One commonly mentioned group of individuals from the stakeholder list is the clients. Clients in the Ayala Corporation involve the group of individuals who are carrying out the actual trade between the Ayala Corporation and its commodities that are involved in the marketplace.

Clients are an essential aspect of the Ayala Corporation as they are designed to make the corporation financially stable from the completed sale, which forms the basic unit in the corporation project-related document. The lack of clients in the Ayala corporation may lead to the closure of the business since there will need to be more funds to support the business. Vendors are the other group covered under the project-related document or the stakeholders registered in the Ayala Corporation. Vendors, as recorded, includes car rentals, flight airline, activity centers, and hotels. This group of vendors forms the actual market for the Ayala corporation commodities. Remember, for the success of any given corporation, there must be backup energy provided by the other groups of the organizations or, rather, the companies. Some of the vendors in the Ayala Corporation can also act as sponsors who give the corporation a lot of funds for the corporation to sustain the expenses that it is making daily. Vendors also offer funds for the projects carried out in the corporation mapping their success. There is also the indication of the individuals involved in the whole project in the Ayala Corporation. Vendors are the target market for the Ayala Corporation since they act as the main site from where the goods and services produced from Ayala are channeled. This also composes the stakeholders register in the Ayala Corporation because it shows the actual names of the individuals involved in various projects carried out in the Ayala Corporation. Common types of stakeholders list that comprises the list in the stakeholders register in the Ayala Corporation includes the government, communities, suppliers, stakeholders, customers, and employees.

Communication Matrix

A communication management plan was carried out for the Ayala Company project. In this case, the communication matrix will help the individuals involved in the project at Ayala Corporation to thoroughly outline the set expectations from the communication points that will finally take place during the processes and the milestone. From the development of the communication matrix, every individual involved in the project at Ayala Company is informed about the activities carried out during the project. From the project set, some individuals may need help understanding or running some of the concepts carried out in the Ayala Corporation project. With the help of good communication plans, the individuals become updated on the actual activities that are taking place. For example, during the project in the Ayala Corporation, some of the individuals needed help to get some of the concepts explained during the study. The communication matrix lays out the strategies and plans that make these individuals fully aware of what happened at any given step during the project. This makes the individuals fully informed about all the activities carried out throughout the project. It is considered of great importance when every individual becomes aware of what is happening in each project setting. As backed up by the communication matrix as discussed, the majority of the individuals can trace some of the activities carried out by the rest members to get exactly what was done or not done in any project setting. For example, there are many projects held in the Ayala Corporation that are set to benefit both the corporation and the individuals; with the help of a communication matrix layout, individuals are therefore able to catch up and get the missing information from the project.


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