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Utilitarianism: What Value Does Technology Provide to Life?

The answer ‘yes’ and, no ‘ cannot merely ascertain the value of technology without solid backing for either answer. This acknowledgement is the basis of seeking the truth while expounding on the current technological advances and how they have influenced life in one way or the other. Thus, this analysis shall b positioned on the utilitarianist view in seeking to offer the opportunity for how means justify the ending in employing technology for human benefits.

Technological advances have been significant in the current age while seeking to unravel how each advancement has impacted every sector of humanity’s survival. In the first place today,, technology has changed how humans entertain themselves while riding on the most recent advancements. Notably, in expounding on the ethical philosophy of utilitarianism, the best answer for positive human welfare, this aspect of how humans have advanced in how they entertain themselves through technology is valid in ensuring the ‘good’ is maximized for humanity’s sake.

An example of how entertainment has changed is through the use of mobile phones, which have become a part of human’s daily lives. The mobile phone is a result of technological advances which have been very rapid and progressive in enhancing the best features incorporated in a typical smartphone. Today, technology has enabled mobile phone manufacturers to incorporate many features such as the use of android, iOS, and other operating systems, which comes with immeasurable advantages in the human life. Unlike in the past when the mobile phone’s invention characterised the primary aspects of traditional landline phones. This assertion has been coupled with countless means of accessing entertainment from the connectivity offered in these refined gadgets. In addition, other means of entertainment have been working towards humanity’s improved welfare.

In another context, technology has been very impactful in the field of socializing for humanity, typically the most impactful moment in human history. Technological advances have been very helpful in ensuring that humans today have the best means of communicating and meeting with each other across the globe without due hassle, which used to characterize some ages ago. Notably, a person in the U.S can easily date a person in Africa without having to travel to Africa before formal arrangements are deliberated by the duo. Such advances are subject to technological advances in the information field, where the internet world of things has been spurring numerous means of easing communication and eventually changing how humans interact and socialize today.

The field of science has been very helpful in ensuring that humanity is alleviated from the most basic means of fighting a pathogen to the most complex means of ensuring human health is not threatened by deadly diseases. A great example of how utilitarianism has been embodied in technology is while seeking to understand the COVID-19 widespread nature and how fast humanity was able to use technological advances to share information and mitigate against the further spread. This is while relying on the current technological advances in the medical field to develop vaccines that became a human refuge in controlling the pandemic, such as using mRNA in vaccine technology (Browning, 2022). This is the most recent work of technology in medicine, which has seen a rapid and fast response rate against an endemic disease that has been a threat to humanity. The embodiment of all critical elements of the pandemic typically rides on technological advances. A phenomenon that has enabled humans to join hands in fighting a deadly virus that would have taken ages to solve without the necessary technological infrastructure.

Another notable means of how the ethical philosophy of utilitarianism has been orchestrated across technology is in the field of business. New technological advances, such as increasing efficiency in systems, products and services. The fact that one can easily book a flight in the comfort of their home. Furthermore, technology has been a great enabler of revolutionaries in how organizations have been conducting business. Today as noted by Vitez 2019), small businesses have been accorded a level playing ground with larger organizations through technology. This embodiment of technology in business involves the use of tech-everything for small businesses in the development of competitive advantages in the economic marketplace.

The bottom line, in accounting for the positive outlook of how technology has been impactful in adding value o life, the answers are typically right in the face of everything humanity witness and interact with alongside their ability to withstand world calamities such as diseases and other things. This acknowledgement is a clear illustration of how the utilitarianism philosophy has been extended by technology in the face of the prevailing challenges in life. Thus, it is not only correct to say that technology adds value to life, but it has become part and parcel of life today amidst the prevailing challenges.


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