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Tentree Clothing Company

Reasons for investing in Tentree

Recently, a paradigm shift has seen businesses, organisations, and even companies lean towards sustainability and environmental conservation. From an ecological perspective, the two concepts of “sustainability” and “environmental conservation” are the rubric for identifying whether it is feasible to invest in a company or not. Additionally, the company itself needs to be sustainable and innovative, guaranteeing a likelihood of thriving in the future. A company must demonstrate that it can fulfill the two requirements before any investments are made. A look at the structure, objective, and activities of the Tentree apparel firm suggests that the company is performing well regarding the two parameters. As such, it is a venture worth putting resources.

As outlined in the report, there are several ways through which Tentree has realized environmental conservation and created ecological awareness. The company’s primary goal of planting trees for every item sold is perhaps the most attractive aspect of the firm as it helps achieve sustainability and ecological protection (Tentree ca, 2022). The idea of tree planting is not only applicable to the company but has since influenced its consumers to be environmentally aware as well (“Tentree International,” 2021). Using less water and still producing high-quality clothing is a commendable way of using resources and safeguarding the environment. Moreover, a task force that shares the same environmental sustainability mindset streamlines the company’s plight to meet its goals as everyone is working for the same purpose (Tentree ca, 2022). The firm has taken sound initiatives to push for ecological preservation, a course worth joining as an investor.

From an innovative point of view, the firms move to be on the lookout for new and improved ways of increasing production while cutting down their carbon footprint shows their flexibility and represents a chance for evolution into the future (Tentree, n.d.). The system thinking approach to the solution of issues by the company is a model that is worth investing in as well. Collective, collaborative and holistic ways involved in designing, constructing, and delivering a product that involves various systems incorporate and harmonizes ideas from several ends, ensuring the final product is always representative of the people. Companies dealing in products from rich and varied lines have better chances of thriving. Tentree also chooses to involve other players in the sector to push for its plan and make a difference in society. By returning to the community, the company gains favor with the people and is likely to pay back through buying its products. Such innovative ways are what make successful companies stand out from the rest. Tentree does not attempt to go beyond its means to produce its merchandise, source for ideas, or indulge in expensive marketing campaigns. Instead, the company utilizes its people as a resource to get ideas for production, collaborate with other organizations, and support the local communities (Tentree ca, 2022). This kind of corporate social responsibility is worth an investment.

Tentree is a Green Business

A green business that pays attention to the concerns of the people and the planet over making profits. There are numerous products and services a green venture might deal in. Several companies have sprung up with the call for climate action, and the green business economy has expanded a great deal. Activities of such businesses are geared towards lessening detrimental ecological impacts or positively affecting society (Hasan et al., 2019). Therefore, for a company to be regarded as a green or sustainable business, it has to meet the following requirements: integrate sustainable ideas into its business model, deal in ecologically friendly goods and services, have strict environmental policies.

Tentree can be categorized as a sustainable company. To begin with, the company has sound environmental policies which it implements. The rule is to plant ten trees for every commodity sold (Tentree, n.d.); to date, the company has managed to plant 73,327,829 trees and is projecting to plant around one billion trees by 2030. They have tree-planting projects in many countries around the world. In Madagascar, the company has made significant steps in planting mangrove forests in the northern parts of the island (Tentree ca, 2022). Peru has also benefitted from the project, especially around the Andes mountains, where over 50,000 trees have been planted. In collaboration with Eden Projects, more than 100 Indonesians have had employment opportunities to plant over a million trees (Tentree ca, 2022). Locally, the company is working with several partners across the country to conserve and reinstate Canadian forests (Tentree ca, 2022). These and many projects worldwide show Tentree’s commitment to a green environment.

Green companies have to integrate sustainable ideas into their business models. Tentree has unlocked several milestones by creating its products from environmentally friendly material along these lines. Part of their raw material is sourced from waste plastic bottles that are recycled to form polyester, it cleans the environment and gives the plastics a new life (Tentree ca, 2022). The production team also uses organic cotton, which is preferred as it is eco-friendly and does not contain any harsh chemicals. They also make use of hemp, which has been sustainably designed to make use of less water grow quickly and on less land, thereby saving a lot of resources (Tentree, n.d.). In partnership with Tencel, the company has managed to realize zero waste by creating durable and easy-to-wear fibre from sustainably sourced wood pulp.

The company has also looked into ways of thriving in production by coming up with improved designs that cut down on carbon footprint and reduce environmental impacts while maintaining the quality of the clothing. Moreover, the ethical manufacturing move by the company ensures the creation of their products in fair and safe working conditions. The firm has worked with various non-profit organizations like Tencel and Eden projects who drive environmental sustainability through the reduction of carbon footprint (Tentree, n.d.). Thus, the company has ensured that they are not limited to Canada but are spreading the word (“Tentree International,” n.d). Nonetheless, it has initiated a move to use water sparingly to ensure ecological conservation of the limited resource.


Ten Tree Clothing Company is a sustainable company that is worth investing in. The company has taken many significant actions to realize environmental conservation and sustainability. As a green company, the cloth maker has done well to incorporate several aspects of environmentalism in its production activities. Worth noting is that the company has a high innovation potential which has enabled it to thrive as a green apparel manufacturer and give it a cutting edge over its competitors going into the future. The one billion trees by 2030 will indeed be a milestone unlocked. Tentree clothing company has a lot to be admired as it emphasizes the people and the planet rather than profit. A good form of investment as sustainability is at its core.


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