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Shgardi Company Analysis


Due to the competitive nature of the Shgardi Company, it is looking into developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This paper aims to analyze the various factors affecting the company’s digital presence and develop a plan to help it achieve its goals. The rise of social media and the internet has drastically changed how businesses interact with their customers. The new platforms have allowed them to reach their target market and promote their services and products. As a company, Shgardi is committed to developing a digital marketing strategy that will help it remain competitive in the market. This strategy can help boost the company’s online presence and reach its goals. The paper will examine the factors affecting Shgardi’s digital presence. We will then develop a strategy allowing the company to achieve its goals and stay competitive. The marketing mix will be determined based on the company’s objectives.

Micro-environment Analysis

Competitors Analysis:

Shgardi Company operates in a highly competitive industry, so it is essential to understand its competitors. The company’s main competitors are Company A and Company B. Company A is a well-established business with a loyal customer base. At the same time, Company B is a new entrant to the market but has an innovative product range. Shgardi Company needs to analyze its competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) that differentiates itself. Shgardi Company can use various tools to analyze its competitors thoroughly. A SWOT analysis can be performed to identify the different strengths and weaknesses of Shgardi’s competitors.

Additionally, the company can use market research to gather information about its competitors’ product range, pricing strategies, distribution channels, and promotional tactics. Furthermore, Shgardi Company can also analyze its competitors’ online presence by reviewing their websites, social media profiles, and online reviews. This analysis can help the company understand how its competitors engage with their customers online and identify any gaps or opportunities in the market.

Suppliers and Digital Marketing Intermediaries:

Shgardi Company needs to work with reliable and efficient suppliers to ensure it has access to quality raw materials to produce its products. Additionally, the company needs to identify digital marketing intermediaries such as social media platforms, search engines, and online advertising platforms that can help promote its products and services to a broader audience. Shgardi Company can use supplier evaluation criteria to identify reliable and efficient suppliers, such as product quality, delivery time, pricing, and customer service. The company can also negotiate long-term contracts with suppliers to ensure a stable supply of raw materials at a reasonable price. Shgardi can utilize various digital marketing tools to expand its reach. These include social media platforms, which can be used to promote its products. Social media platforms can boost the company’s brand awareness and attract more followers. It can also use engaging captions and high-quality images to generate buzz. Furthermore, search engine optimization can help boost the website’s ranking in search results.

Shgardi can advertise through platforms like Facebook and Google to promote its products and reach specific demographics. These platforms allow the company to create highly targeted ads that appear to potential customers based on their interests, location, and search history. Using digital marketing intermediaries, Shgardi Company can reach a broader audience and increase its online presence.

Customers’ Persona:

Shgardi Company’s target market is young professionals aged 25-35 who are health-conscious and environmentally aware. According to Kotler (2017), The company needs to understand its customer’s needs and preferences. For example, the company can use social media influencers who share the same interests and values as its target customers to promote its products. Additionally, the company can use eco-friendly packaging and highlight its sustainability efforts in its marketing messages to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

In conclusion, Shgardi Company must create a detailed customer persona to understand its target audience’s needs and preferences. The company can use the information collected from market research to develop targeted marketing strategies that resonate with its customers and increase brand loyalty. Avoid developing effective marketing strategies that resonate with them.

Macro-environment Analysis

Technological Forces:

Shgardi Company needs to monitor technological advancements such as the rise of mobile and wearable devices, e-commerce, and social media platforms. These technological forces present opportunities for the company to reach a wider audience and increase its online presence. In addition to the technological advancements mentioned, Shgardi Company needs to monitor emerging technologies Chaffey, (2019). These technologies can potentially revolutionize how companies market their products and services by providing personalized and immersive experiences for customers.

Shgardi Company can leverage AI to analyze customer data and develop targeted marketing campaigns based on customer behaviour and preferences. The company can also use VR and AR technologies to create interactive product demos and enhance the customer shopping experience. Another technological force that Shgardi Company needs to monitor is cybersecurity. As the company collects and stores customer data, it needs to ensure that it has robust cybersecurity measures to protect against cyber threats. By monitoring these technological forces, Shgardi Company can stay ahead of the competition and leverage new technologies to enhance its digital marketing campaigns.

Legal Forces:

Shgardi Company must comply with local laws and regulations governing digital marketing, such as data protection, privacy, and advertising standards. Failure to comply with these laws can lead to legal and reputational issues. In addition to local laws and regulations, Shgardi Company must monitor international laws and regulations. Shgardi Company must also ensure its digital marketing campaigns comply with intellectual property laws, such as copyright and trademark laws. Finally, Shgardi Company must ensure its digital marketing campaigns comply with consumer protection laws. The company needs to be transparent about its products and services, avoid false or misleading advertising, and provide accurate and complete information about its products and services. Shgardi Company can avoid legal and reputational issues and build customer trust by monitoring and complying with these legal forces.

Economic Forces:

Shgardi Company needs to monitor economic trends such as inflation, interest rates, and consumer spending. These economic forces can affect the company’s pricing strategy and product demand. In addition to inflation, interest rates, and consumer spending, the Shgardi Company must monitor other economic factors such as unemployment, economic growth, and exchange rates. These factors can affect the company’s revenue, cost of goods sold, and profitability. For example, during an economic downturn, consumers may reduce spending, and the demand for Shgardi Company’s products may decrease. In such a scenario, the company may need to adjust its pricing strategy or product mix to remain competitive.

Moreover, fluctuations in exchange rates can affect the company’s profitability, primarily if it imports or exports goods. If the company imports raw materials, a weak local currency can increase the cost of imports, reducing the company’s profitability. Conversely, if the company exports its products, a strong local currency can make it more expensive for foreign customers, reducing demand and revenue. Shgardi Company can make informed decisions about its pricing strategy, product mix, and expansion plans by monitoring these economic forces.

Political Forces:

Shgardi Company must monitor political developments, such as government policy and regulation changes. These political forces can affect the company’s operations and market environment. In addition to government policy and regulation changes, political parties can also include political instability, trade restrictions, and international relations Changes in tariffs and trade policies can affect Shgardi’s ability to export or import its products. If the government imposes high tariffs on imported goods, the cost of raw materials for Shgardi Company may increase, affecting its profitability. Similarly, if the government imposes restrictions on exporting goods to certain countries, the company may need to adjust its market strategy or product mix to remain competitive.

Moreover, political instability and international relations can affect the company’s operations in different regions. For example, suppose there is political unrest or civil war in an area where the Shgardi Company operates. In that case, it may affect the supply chain or disrupt production, leading to delays and increased costs. Therefore, by monitoring political forces, Shgardi Company can anticipate potential risks and take appropriate actions to mitigate them. The company can also adjust its marketing strategy and product mix based on the political environment in different regions.

Social Forces:

Shgardi Company needs to monitor social trends, such as changing consumer preferences and attitudes toward health and the environment. These social forces can affect the company’s marketing messaging and product offerings. In addition to changing consumer preferences and attitudes towards health and the environment, social pressures can include demographic shifts and cultural changes. For example, as the population becomes more diverse, Shgardi Company may need to adjust its marketing messaging and product offerings to cater to different cultural groups. Similarly, as the population ages, the company may need to focus more on products that cater to the elderly population.

Moreover, as social media and digital technology continue to shape how people interact and consume information, Shgardi Company needs to stay current with social media trends and adapt its marketing strategy accordingly. The company can leverage social media platforms to engage with its target audience and build a solid online presence. Therefore, by monitoring social forces, Shgardi Company can stay relevant and responsive to changing consumer needs and preferences. The company can also use social media platforms to build a strong brand reputation and connect with its target audience.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Where Are You Now? (Situation Analysis):

Shgardi Company is a local business operating in a highly competitive environment. The company has recognized the importance of digital marketing and has a limited online presence. However, the company has a loyal customer base and produces high-quality organic products.

Where Do You Want to Be? (Business Objectives):

Shgardi Company aims to increase its online presence and reach a wider audience. The company also aims to increase sales and revenue by 20% in the next 12 months.

How Are You Going to Get There? (Strategy):

According to Wind (2019), The company’s digital marketing strategy will include online advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. It will also produce high-quality content to attract its target audience.

How Exactly Do You Get There? (Tactics):

Shgardi Company will create a social media calendar with regular Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts. The company will also optimize its website for search engines and develop targeted online advertising campaigns.

Who Does What and When? (Actions):

Shgardi Company will assign a dedicated digital marketing team to oversee the digital marketing strategy implementation. The team will create and schedule social media posts, optimize the website for search engines, and manage online advertising campaigns.

How Do You Monitor Performance? (Control):

Shgardi will use performance indicators such as online sales and social media engagement to monitor its digital marketing efforts. The company will also conduct regular market research to gather customer feedback and identify improvement areas.

Marketing Mix

Product Variables:

Shgardi Company’s products include organic food products such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. The company can differentiate its products by focusing on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and environmentally sustainable practices.

Price Variables:

According to Jobber (2016), Shgardi Company can use a premium pricing strategy to reflect the quality and value of its organic products. The company can offer discounts and promotions to attract new customers and increase sales. The Shgardi Corporation may also consider dynamic pricing strategies that modify prices in response to supply and demand variables. This can aid the business in improving its pricing strategy and boosting sales. Also, the company can combine comparable products into bundle price offers to entice clients to make larger purchases and raise the average order value. To be competitive in the market, the corporation must assess the pricing tactics of its rivals and make the necessary adjustments.

Place Variables:

Shgardi Company can sell its products through its physical and online stores. The company can also explore partnerships with local grocery stores and food delivery services to expand its distribution channels. In addition to traditional distribution channels, Shgardi Company can consider direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales through its online store or mobile app. This can help the company reach a wider audience and increase customer loyalty by offering personalized shopping experiences. The company can also consider using pop-up stores or participating in local farmers’ markets and food festivals to increase brand awareness and reach potential customers. The company needs to analyze the distribution strategies of its competitors and identify any untapped opportunities in the market.

Promotion Variables:

Shgardi Business can advertise its products online and reach a larger audience through social media marketing, search engine optimization, and other online strategies. The business can also leverage user-generated content and influencer marketing to raise brand awareness and engagement. Additionally, Shgardi Business can host events and support charitable causes consistent with its brand values to spread goodwill and improve client connections. The company can also provide loyalty programmes and referral bonuses to encourage repeat business and consumer advocacy. The business can communicate with its clients directly and offer them individualized product recommendations and special deals through email and SMS marketing, among other things.

Process Variables:

Shgardi Company can focus on providing excellent customer service and a seamless online shopping experience to differentiate itself from its competitors. The company can also offer convenient payment and delivery options to make buying easy and convenient for its customers. In addition, Shgardi Company can streamline its production process to ensure efficient and timely delivery of its products. The company can implement a just-in-time (JIT) inventory system to reduce waste and minimize inventory holding costs. Furthermore, the company can use data analytics and automation to optimize its production process and reduce production costs while maintaining product quality.

Relationship Marketing

Virtual Community:

Shgardi Company can create a virtual community through online platforms Armstrong, (2017); the company can use these platforms to engage with its customers, share product information, and gather customer feedback.

Digital Media for Advocacy:

Shgardi Company can use digital media to support customers’ advocacy by encouraging them to share their experiences with its products on social media. The company can also use customer reviews and testimonials to showcase the quality and value of its products to potential customers.


Organizations must create a thorough digital marketing strategy to thrive in today’s extremely competitive industry. The micro-environment and macro-environment analyses can be used by Shgardi Business to pinpoint its advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and threats. After gathering this data, the company can create a digital marketing plan incorporating the organisation’sorganizations’ optimal marketing mix and relationship marketing. By implementing these strategies, Shgardi Company can increase its online presence, reach a wider audience, and achieve its business objectives. Furthermore, Shgardi Company should regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of its digital marketing strategies to ensure they are producing the desired results. By periodically analyzing and adjusting its digital marketing strategies, the company can improve its online presence and stay ahead of its competitors. It is also essential for Shgardi Company to remain flexible and adaptable to changes in the market environment. This includes being open to incorporating new technologies and trends into its digital marketing strategies and being responsive to customer preferences and behaviour changes. By developing and implementing a well-planned digital marketing strategy, Shgardi Company can increase its brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and ultimately achieve its business goals and objectives.


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