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Reflective Journal: How Do You Manage Change?

People change, technology changes, leaders change; all things change. The concepts of managing Change from an organizational perspective are critical because all organizations are going through unplanned or planned Change. Planned Change is deliberate and foreseen, while unplanned Change is not deliberate and is unforeseen.

The forces of Change are immense, and organizations must be on their toes to remain relevant and adaptable to new working environments. Digital transformation is one of the most common changes that occur in the organization and is identified in the module as a major factor that leads to Change. According to Hanelt et al. (2020), technology transformation has several impacts on the organization, and thus, management must prepare for change outcomes. The same applies to organizations that are reluctant to change because the market environment is affected by political, environmental, social, and economic factors. In such an environment, the organizations have no choice but to choose Change.

The change management knowledge in this module will significantly apply to my personal and professional life. There are times in my life when I have had to manage Change at a personal level, and sometimes it does not turn out correctly. For instance, moving and adapting to a new country is a change that happens at a personal level, and it affects everything about life. This Change is typical of what happens in the corporate world. As I have relocated to a new country, I have met different people, cultures, and religions. How I manage the new environment influences my experiences and my stay in the new country.

When discussing corporate Change, I have also engaged in change initiatives fronted by my employers. The one scenario I refer to whenever talking of organizational Change is my first job in an IT firm that sold electronic devices. The IT firm changed the recruitment process from manual to online, requiring heavy investment. One thing that the organization excelled in was planning for the Change. The organization undertook robust research on the problems encountered when using a manual hiring process and wanted to solve all these issues through a digital platform. I took part in the Change from the beginning until completion and learned many things, and I had many questions that were answered through the course. The organization managed to implement the Change but had used so much of its profits that it could hardly recover the money through the new Change.

One lesson I learned from this change process in the company is that Change should outweigh benefits against demerits. The organization was instrumental in engaging all experts to determine if the Change was viable. In this case, the financial experts disagreed on whether the Change was feasible. Again, there was less investment in training the staff involved in the change process. The company struggled too much to cope with the impacts of Change, which the management would avoid with the right knowledge of how to manage Change. Accordingly, the module is so useful in my professional career and aspirations. The knowledge will help me implement and lead change initiatives in my organization. From the previous encounter in my first workplace, the module must emphasize financial analysis in the change process and the need for human resource training.


Hanelt, A., Bohnsack, R., Marz, D., & Antunes Marante, C. (2020). A systematic review of the literature on Digital Transformation: Insights and implications for strategy and organizational Change. Journal of Management Studies58(5), 1159–1197.


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