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Promotional Writing in English – Foodpanda


Foodpanda is one of the significant online delivery organizations that are well known and developed in Hong Kong. After its establishment in 2014, this organization has managed to expand its operation in various parts of Hong Kong (Sharma, 2017). It was ranked as one of the iconic delivery service organizations in Hong Kong as one of the most developing organizations back in 2016. This organization is involved in delivering three primary services: food delivery, supermarket goods delivery, and self-pick-up. This organization has developed for the past 16 years since it has managed to post posters, playing some persuasive advertisements on the MTR station’s television (Pavich, 2021). It also involves spokespersons for promoting the brand, collaboration of celebrities and KOLs for video creation. The success of this organization is based on the conflict that this organization has decided to use at any given point.

Company Logo

Image 1: Company Logo

Every four months, this organization takes a proactive role in ensuring that it is changing its themes and employs its food wrappers (see the poster image below) so that it can educate its clients about the service that it is involved in, along with the costs and benefits of the services that the organization offers in making the delivery of the three services it is offering. Therefore, this organization has created one of the intelligent editorial calendars, which allows the organization to deliver in various parts of Hong Kong on time and conveniently (Pavich, 2021). Further, this organization has ensured that it is using every aspect of the experience that it is gaining into day-to-day operation from the delivery personnel into the manager in the office so that they can leverage content to help their clients better understand its services.


Image 2: Poster

If you want a flexible delivery organization, Foodpanda allows browsing and using it since it has managed to deliver all the products on time and is flexible as per the client’s needs. Therefore, in case the emotion and the experience of the people who have used this organization catches your eyes. You have the reason to browse and use this organization (Friedman, 2019). This organization delivers its service within one hour from the time of order, and thus, it has managed to satisfy some of the clients in the various part of entire Hong Kong. Foodpanda welcomes new subscribers and incentivizes them with some of the significant discounts code and free delivery.


It was just added to the delivery of the new subscribers. This organization is worth considering since it has promoted its brand by reducing the prices so that it can offer some significant discounts to its esteemed clients and new subscribers. It is happening now, and if you use the Foodpanda delivery organization, you will get an additional product like yogurt by spending more than $20 for the delivery of your products within Hong Kong and other parts of the country. Therefore, Foodpanda is inviting you to open read this billboard immediately and see more benefits that you will get in attaining the desired service that we are offering in the region. Ideally, there are more relaxed days ahead, so start browsing our various billboards found in all parts of this country (Chai & Jiang, 2018).



Image 3: Poster

This organization has some essential and unique benefits to our esteemed clients, as shown in the image 3 poster above. The real deal is that the organization has some of the significant features that are helping the clients to understand what is happening across the delivery organization across Hong Kong. Listen, to me, actually, the poster above shows the unique features that we have installed specifically for our customers we call it “table talk,” this is a unique forum that we have created for our customers so that it can bring together what individuals are talking about on the site and the delivery services that were are offering across Hong Kong (Labrador & Ramón, 2020). Again, this form is also taking a proactive role in ensuring that it offers real-time updates to visitors on what delivery services have been added or delivered within the day, along with the time it took to make the delivery to help them build their repertoires.



Image 4: Video

Foodpanda is not only concerned with delivering the services and making money (Carter, 2018). If you want to make some of the special human connections, this is the organization you have to consider. This organization creates video that helps society by connecting. Various people and the organization show their friends and visitors that it is more than another faceless online operation and emotionally relates to them (Osman, 2018). Do you want to connect make some of the significant experiences across Hong Kong? This is your best chance. Subscribe to this organization and make a special human connection. The video that we use in this organization is significant since it has played an active role in ensuring that it shows off to our clients and the world in general regarding our credibility and transparency of our operations. Under the modern world, that was are experiencing traveling restrictions, and this organization is using the video to reach all people across Hong Kong so that it can serve them on the best possible approaches that are available in the country by observing the Covid-19 pandemic measures (Huffaker & Fearne, 2019). This organization is also concerned with the importance and need for understanding our customers’ emotional level, as the comments and the feedback allow us to understand where we need to make an improvement.


Image 5: Video

Are you a social media influencer? Here we go; this is your chance to make a living. Foodpanda is one of the organizations making people’s lives in Hong Kong more affordable since it is creating room for job opportunities by endorsing its brand on various platforms. This organization is not concerned with making more profits in the region; it uses various social media celebrities to make a living by advertising its brands (Rogers & Nielsen, 2017). Therefore, this is not like other delivery organizations in regions since it has opted for modern management, where it gives back to the societies what it is making. Therefore, this organization is open to a new subscription for people who can ideally endorse our products. Therefore, Foodpanda is calling you a future celebrity by just saying, “We see #FoodPanda delivery service in your future.” And if you are wondering, the above image shows the various upcoming celebrities that have been used by this organotin in endorsing our brands. Even though this organization is targeting new subscribers, we have all the existing customers and employees catered for, and thus, this organization leaves with no option but to make immediate browsing of our services that are found online in all interfaces in Hong Kong (Wolny, 2017).

Hong Kong KOLs

Image 6: Hong Kong KOLs

Are you in politics and a follower of key opinion leaders and influencers? Foodpanda is an organization that has applied this aspect to embrace the notion of the significant people in Hong Kong society (Pearson, 2018). As an organization, we have been operating for numerous years. We thank the central government of Hong Kong and the entire society for the significant support they have shown us. Therefore, for that matter, our organization is making some significant development. It is adding some of the new features that are vital for the organization and society. We are recruiting social media influencers and key opinion leaders to help this organization make significant push and development in the various parts of Hong Kong rural areas as they also benefit from the organization. Therefore, it is the role of this organization to ensure that the community is enjoying any available opportunity in our organization. The image above shows the updates made in the last two years to ensure that the above features are attained in this organization (see image 6). The link can be used to make the application if you are interested in supporting this organization as we make our lives in the region more comfortable and flexible as intended (Amin & Priansah, 2019).


Image 7: KOLs

You can receive more benefits if you are selected as one of the significant KOLs for this organization (see image 7). Here we go; make the application and receive more than 20 discounts in the future if you make a new subscription to our organization. Therefore, this is happening in our organization based on the subject of subscription that is made today. Therefore, the people in the image above show the benefits they have received upon the immediate responsibility they made in making the subscription. This is also your chance to get some of the significant benefits that other people are enjoying via our website subscription. The application and the subscription button found on our website are time-limited. Thus, the faster you take action, the better, and the greater the chance to enjoy our discounts as peculated in our company website and social media advertisements.


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