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Navigating the Ethical Terrain

People need an appropriate critical thinking mindset and ethical reasoning level to find morally sound principles that define them. Issues concerning ethics can always be present as they are in our private, employment, and general lives. Worse still, the method of acceptance thrills even deters these problems from drying up because it defines a person’s character yet bullies their actions further into the surrounding world.

Ethics, as far as I am concerned, means endeavoring to be righteous and conduct oneself appropriately in all spheres and aspects of human activity. It is a phonic process of self-reflection, assessment, and decision, primarily referring to principles such as equity, truthfulness, compassion, and respecting other people’s values. Although there are numerous ethical theories and frameworks like utilitarian applications and ideological approaches, my approach to determining the ethical order frequently claves from condensations between these theories depending upon the situation.

A primary determinant that I rely on to judge the rightness or wrong of a particular act or conduct is how such action may affect other people. Ethical behavior should focus primarily on individuals and groups of people capable of doing things for each other. Thus, if an act is beneficial to the public despite having adverse risks and under consideration of human rights under such circumstances, I consider it ethical.

For instance, I may face the challenge of notifying someone about a coworker’s misconduct when we encounter such problems. In the ethical analysis, I consider the magnitude of misconduct and implications for affecting other stakeholders’ and principals’ fairness and accountability. In this case, disclosing the misconduct helps prevent harm, promote organizational ethics, and establish a culture whereby employees are willing to speak out against such ethical violations. Consolidating my arguments above, if such uncovering serves a purpose other than bringing about moral values, such as preventing harm in an organization and creating a safe environment that makes employees not be afraid to speak up, I qualify it.

It is essential to take into account societal factors relevant to our acts. The process of moral choice does not extend only to specific results but carries over to distant effects and the advancement of justice and equity in society(Awe,2020). For example, while making choices as a consumer, I prefer companies engaging in practices of fair labor standards and environmental sustainability as well as ethical businesses promoting responsible social values because they create a more just world.

Ethical life starts and ends with principles of equity, understanding that people are suffering but do not want to suffer; mercy should be your next step if anything happens. It does not matter whether the person has done right or wrong; you have to patch him up and call them friends, as this is a mere action. Finally, honesty in times of decision-making, even those who love with sincerity are Often torn between what is right and wrong; people sometimes find it equally difficult to navigate through the treacherous world of moral choices. However, it can eventually spring from self-reflection when a person develops a habit of making ethical discernments because they choose to contribute personal and broader interests toward the common good of all, as exemplified by Jesus’ life. The culture of open discussion and interacting with peers allows us to widen our vision on ethicality and, together, even contribute towards creating a more ethical and human community.


Awe, S. K., & Adedoja, M. A. (2020). A CRITICAL ASSESSMENT OF JOSEPH FLETCHER’S SITUATION ETHICS. Journal DOI6(8). of Influenza Vaccinology. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology9.


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