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Marketing Strategies of Australian Airlines Post COVID-19

The aviation sector suffered significant setbacks due to the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak. Covid-19’s rapid global spread created unprecedented difficulties for carriers like those in Australia. Before the pandemic, Australian airlines, like their foreign rivals, concentrated on providing a comprehensive variety of local and international flying services. The company’s ads emphasized the importance of the consumers’ safety, comfort, and convenience. In-flight entertainment, more legroom, and prompt service were just some of the amenities promoted in these ads. This paper will examine how these companies’ marketing strategies changed after the Covid-19 outbreak, how well they have incorporated consumer input, and how well they are set up for future success.

Marketing strategies in the aviation business were evaluated in light of the pandemic. According to the Mckell Institute (2021, p. 9), Australian airlines had many challenges, including travel limitations, diminished demand, and apprehensions over safety. To tackle these issues, several crucial solutions were used. Safety was identified as their primary marketing theme. The organization developed stringent cleaning processes, introduced methods to enforce social separation, and mandated using masks for travelers. The airline made strategic investments to improve its digital footprint and mobile application, facilitating streamlined flight reservations, efficient booking management, and timely updates on travel limitations and safety protocols for its clientele. Furthermore, in response to implementing international travel restrictions, Australian Airlines redirected its attention towards internal and regional routes. Perera et al. (2021, p. 13-15) advocated for appreciating Australia’s aesthetic appeal as a viable tourist destination, encouraging domestic residents to engage in exploratory activities inside their nation.

Australian Airlines was able to enhance consumer trust via the adoption of methods that highlighted the company’s dedication to safety and adaptability. The passenger satisfaction ratings improved as passengers had a heightened sense of confidence. However, despite the airline’s efforts to rebuild consumer confidence via safety-oriented marketing strategies, it saw a decline in revenue due to capacity constraints and decreased demand, particularly on its international flight routes. The airline also faced the challenge of heightened rivalry in the domestic market as other airlines used similar methods. The need for continuous inventiveness in their marketing endeavors was evident. Moreover, the persistent alteration of government laws and border limitations has presented ongoing obstacles (Rural 2022, p. 6), complicating the precise anticipation of future demand.

Australian Airlines may consider additional strategies when thinking about the future, such as enhancing loyalty programs to promote customer retention and encourage repeat bookings. Australian stakeholders would do well to get ahead of the game and start working with tourism boards to attract tourists once worldwide travel picks up again (Fan, 2021, pp. 334-335). In the face of intense rivalry from other airlines, keeping a cutting edge might pay big dividends. Airlines can maintain a state of constant innovation via the introduction of new in-flight experiences, the development of cutting-edge technological capabilities, or the formation of strategic partnerships with travel companies that supplement the airline’s offers.

In conclusion, Australian Airlines responded admirably well to the challenges of the Covid-19 epidemic. This resulted from focusing on domestic tourism, adaptability, embracing the digital revolution, and using safety-focused marketing techniques. The aviation industry’s strategies offer a solid foundation for recovery and future progress in the face of constant change despite continual hurdles.


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