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Introduction to Health Care Organization

Bellevue Hospital is one of the most distinguished and oldest operating hospitals in the United States of America, located in New York City. The medical center has been at the lead of significant developments in the US medicine, such as tuberculosis treatment and cardiac catheterization. Besides, America’s first ambulance service and the first nursing school originated at the Bellevue Hospital. Additionally, Bellevue is recognized for offering improved care to the homeless and disadvantaged, to notable public figures and the United States Presidents. For a very long time, nearly 300 years, Bellevue hospital has maintained a great relationship with every patient that has come in for medical care. For this reason, the Hospital’s patient-centered approach continues to keep it relevant in present times (Cellucci, Wiggins & Farnsworth, 2014). Notably, Bellevue is a significant component of New York City Health + Hospitals. The NYC Health + Hospitals refers to an integrated health care approach of hospitals, nursing homes, community medical centers, home care, and long-term care facilities.

Mission, Vision, Strategic Goals

The strategic goals, vision, and mission form an essential part of any organization embedded in its culture. The mission of Bellevue is to offer desirable health services with dignity, respect to al, and compassion regardless of gender identity, income, or immigration status. Bellevue’s vision resonates with NYC Health+ Hospital’s vision of being an entirely integrated health system for the people of New York to live the happy and healthy lives. In addition, Bellevue’s values focus on ensuring Safety for everyone, accountability in managing resources, pursuing excellence, and continuous learning (NYC Health + Hospitals Bellevue, 2022). So long as Bellevue adheres to its mission, its vision of becoming a fully integrated health center is achievable. However, the Hospital will require adequate support from the local and government entities to meet its mission.

State of Service 

Bellevue stands out from other hospital structures due to its current service state characterized by NYC Health + Hospitals approach that offers complete and concerned health care across all ages. Besides, they have programs for children to adults. Bellevue offers specialized care at every health center and Hospital within the NYC Health + hospital groups. The Hospital embraces diversity since they assist medical professionals that speak foreign languages. The Bellevue website represents the Hospital’s internet marketing approach, where all information on its services can be found. The NYC Health + Hospitals does an incredible task of ensuring their is information easy to locate and comprehend (YC Health + Hospitals Bellevue. 2022). The website uses fun language and bright colors that help draw in more stakeholders that utilize and offer these services.


Bellevue and the NYC Health + Hospitals have considerable stakeholders behind the services offered. Stakeholders refer to any individual or persons with which the corporation has or opts to establish a working association (Berkowitz, 2021). Some of Bellevue’s stakeholders include the patient, the community, physicians, suppliers, community leaders, health care personnel, insurance entities, and those that work with NYC Health + Hospital’s structure (NYC Health + Hospitals Bellevue, 2016). Moreover, the Medicaid, Medicare, and government entities dealing with Bellevue on regular occasions describe other notable stakeholders.


It is worth noting that the present state of services aligns with Bellevue’s goals, vision, and mission statement. The Hospital aims at providing quality care at lower costs. It offers a personal financial approach plan to help patients understand how to acquire quality care at the lowest possible price. Besides, Bellevue has a sliding scale plan where patients can pay their bills depending on their income. More importantly, patients receive essential information on the best means of spending their money on health care. Thus, Bellevue financial team plays a crucial role in reassuring patients about the care they can fiscally afford (YC Health + Hospitals Bellevue. 2022). Consequently, patients learn to trust the hospital system to provide quality care since they always try to offer services that maintain their overall values and goals.

Target Market 

The people residing in New York City describe the current target market for Bellevue hospital. It is worth noting that NYC Health + Hospitals offer multiple shares of emergency care to the uninsured compared to other New York City-based hospitals; 27 % and 8%, correspondingly. In terms of visits, NYC Health + Hospitals offer double as many ED visits compared to other Ney Yor city hospitals; 30% and 14 %. According to Mann (2017) uninsured and Medicaid patients accounts for almost twice as many hospitals visits as other hospitals in New York City; 38% and 67%, respectively. People from all over the world seek Bellevue medical care due to their exceptional innovation leadership. Bellevue offers services to both the uninsured and underserved population, one of the reasons for Bellevue’s excellence. More fundamentally, Bellevue provides services to all patients that seek medical care; their target demographic encompasses all sexes and ages.

In conclusion, Bellevue hospital offers its services regardless of whether the individual can meet medical expenses. An integrated approach provides a safety net in health care, ensuring the public can access quality medical care. More importantly, they offer high-quality service at an affordable cost, thus mainly having a successful impact on the most diverse United States population.


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