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Human Resource Strategy

Human Resource Information Systems

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) also Human Resource Management System (HRMS) refers to the combination of human resource and information technology. It is a software solution for businesses and organizations to manage their accounting, payroll and HR activities electronically. In other words, HRIS is a computer-based application for processing data related to human resource management. (Susan, 2000)

When classified according to categories, Human Resource Information Systems can be operational, tactical, strategic, comprehensive and limited functions HRIS. Operational HRIS include employee information systems, position control systems, information systems for government reporting and compliance, performance management information systems and information systems for applicant selection and placement.

Tactical HRIS include information systems for job analysis and designs, recruiting, benefits and compensation and for employee training and empowerment. Strategic HRIS include information systems for supporting workforce planning, labor negotiations and specialized HRIS. Other HRIS include the comprehensive and limited functions HRIS.

Benefits of Human Resource Information Systems

According to Henderson (2005), HRIS are beneficial to organizations in various ways. One of the largest applications of HRISs is in reporting as they have the ability to create reports and presentations. Another use of the HRIS is in recruiting; a HRIS enables candidates for vacancies to submit their CVs to their potential employers from a remote computer. HRISs are useful in the administration of benefits by streamlining the accounting of employee benefits. For example, new hires can enroll for the benefits plans using available HRIS.

Personally, in the final year of campus when I was an intern, I worked for I Choose Life (ICL) Africa – an NGO that works towards improving sexual reproductive health outcomes among the youth. Working in ICL was the first time I got to interact with various Human Resource Information Systems.

At ICL, to monitor and evaluate a project’s progress, fellow workmates and I would use a Performance Management Plan (PMP). The PMP stated the various targets, the time available to complete different tasks and the individual person in charge. Another HRIS at ICL was the Personal Development Plan (PDP) that was a guide for personal evaluation. The HRISs at ICL were very essential in helping meet organizational targets.

One of the ways to develop proficiency in solving problems related to human resource is by acquiring the required and up-to-date HRIS. This will enable organizations to work efficiently as they can store, analyze and use all their vital data on a computer. HRIS programs can also be very useful for organizations to evaluate their performance. For instance, human resource strategy for accompany would be to use up-to-date HRIS. This can help make sure the organization has very efficient and effective administration of its policies.

Use of Technology for Business

The use of technology for business resulted in cheaper, faster, simple and more convenient ways of doing business. Technological improvements in terms software and microcomputers have really enhanced the use of HRIS. Invention of microchips has enabled organization to store large amounts of data and even do analyses of this data on personal computers. (Maier, Eckhardt and Weitzel, 2013)


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