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Human Resource Management FedEx Corporation

Description of the chosen company

FedEx Corporation was developed in the 1970s and has held a track record for its success associated with the effective delivery of customer services. The company is attributed with a philosophy that stands even stronger today about people, services, and profit (Abratt & Bendixen, 2018). Particularly, the foundational belief of the organization involves excellent care of workers, which is associated with breeding effective services within the organization. In addition, FedEx provides a yearly survey, feedback actions, and programs to track employee relations. The approaches and programs are associated with allowing for the assessment of problems and the resolution of opportunities. Additionally, FedEx organization is attributed with offering efficient ways that can be applied to address challenges to maintain a balanced community.


The Human Resources sector has a very strategic role within an organization. As a human resource officer, I am obligated to several activities associated with the motivation of organizational employees that can be encouraged and achieved by increasing the quality of their life work balance of the workers. The motivation of employees within an organization is essential since it results in an improved organizational climate and increases the direct impact on productivity (Leitão, Pereira & Gonçalves, 2019). Therefore, HR is obligated to motivate employees in various ways, such as keeping open communication, giving them purpose, involving them in decision-making, and focusing on work-life balance. The motivation of employees by giving them purpose is essential as the workers are associated with working harder, thus becoming more successful. With a clear purpose, employees can easily understand an organization’s mission and visions since they will be more eager and willing to execute their duties while bringing happiness to their co-workers.

Additionally, giving employees motivation assist them in understanding the bigger picture of the organizational goals, which allows them to work harder. Employees are associated with them being a part of an organization. Hence, HR officers should be surprised by how valuable their insights are. In particular, employees are attributed to working on organizational products and services with a unique and varying perspective associated with how they can improve their views and change their views. Therefore, involving them in decision-making within the organization allows them to take part in the accumulated process of the organization. As a result, the productivity and motivation of the workers are boosted since they are considered and viewed as essential and valuable assets within the organization. My job as a human resource officer is to accurately notice how valuable employees are and how we can benefit from the relationship.

Further, as a manager, I understand that workers are an essential part of an organization, and they are not disposable as one cannot distance himself from the workers. Instead, I have to maintain open communication with the workers by being transparent while communicating. Employees need to understand that they are appreciated and that their reasons are put first since they motivate them to work harder. Therefore, as a resource manager, I cannot distance myself from the workers but rather make sure that I openly talk to them about all ways that show support.

Elaboration of human resource

Human resource can be elaborated as the division of a business that is responsible for screening, finding, and training of various job applicants. Human resource is the department within an organization that is obligated to the responsibility for all things related to workers (Stone, Cox &Gavin,2020).

Particularly, the human resource department is obligated with various functions associated with employees-benefits programs and handling compensation benefits and employees’ terminations. Therefore, with human resource management, an organization will have the ability to recruit and retain workers effectively. Human resource plays a crucial and significant role in assisting organizations to deal with the fast-changing business environments, and the ever-increasing quality employees demand.

Explanation and definition of motivation

Motivation can be defined as the ability to be moved by something strong that develops to become an inspiration for an individual. Motivation is generally a state of mind filled with enthusiasm and energy, which allows a person to work in a certain way to achieve the desired goals. In particular, motivation is a discipline that assists an individual in achieving more life goals and to be successful in life. Specifically, employee’s motivation can be elaborated as the enthusiasm, commitment, energy levels, and the amount of creativity that workers bring about to an organization on a daily basis.

Illustration of two motivational theories and their link to the organization

Psychologists have been associated with proposing several theories of motivation such as the Expectancy theory and Adams Equity theory. Motivation theory in association to FedEx Corporation involves a way of looking of it influences workers behaviors in personal and professional reasons. The Expectancy theory illustrates how workers are motivated by their desire to be rewarded since increased performances lead to increased rewards. FedEx Corporation used the theory as a way of motivating its workers by offering them various and special recognition awards such as team spirit awards and courier award of the year. FedEx Corporation uses the rewards programs as a way of motivating the workers through reducing their turn over rates. The theory is essential and unique as it mostly focuses on the individuals who want to minimize on dissatisfaction while maximizing on satisfaction. Additionally, the theory is attributed with advantages such as payoffs, rewards, and concern of individuals desires to acquire and attain maximum pleasure and limited pain. FedEx Corporation uses the theory as it allows them to offer their employees a guaranteed fair treatment.

The Adam’s Equity Theory is associated with calling for a fair balance being introduced and struck on an individual employee’s inputs such as hard work, tolerance, and enthusiasm and outputs such as salaries and benefits. In FedEx corporation, grievances of employees are considered to be valuable since they are handled seriously where any sign of inequality has to be solved. Additionally, the FedEx Corporation base their success on making workers as an integral and strategic part of decision-making process which plays wide role and an important approach associated with employee satisfaction and empowerment. The approach is achieved through the creation of a working environment where workers have sufficient security and feel protected. Therefore, the theory allows the FedEx Corporation to put their employees first, which build a strong commitment with the company. As a result, employees are observed to sacrifice their own personal belongings to ensure that the business runs even in challenging situations.

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