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Human Relations Department

In every organization, humans play a very key role in the smooth running of the activities of the organization. There is need therefore for an organization to have a department that runs and manages the people work in the organization. By definition, human relations in any organization are the group that is responsible for managing and ensuring a smooth running of the employee at work. The department deals with everything in the organization that has to do with people, both within the organization and those who do not necessarily work in the organization but have official relations with the organization. This paper will discuss human relations in an organization paying close attention to the role it plays in the organization, its general make up and why every organization should emphasize this important department.

Most people in every organization do not know why the human relations department really exists. Human relations are responsible for hiring employees. This department understands the needs of the organization and puts them into consideration when recruiting new employees. They do not just drop job adverts but they also do deep considerations and consultations with key stake holders in the organization like the affected department and the finance office. Recruiting is not just a simple task as it sounds considering that hiring a wrong candidate can cripple the running of the organization smoothly. Rotemberg, J. J. (1994). The department works closely with managers in charge of hiring to help them make good hiring decisions so that they hire people who are suitable for the given positions. They arrange for interviews and coordinate the hiring process. They are in charge of ensuring that all paper work is filled out correctly by every new employee from their first day at work.

After employment, the human relations department coordinates the orientation of new employees. This is a very important step in ensuring that the employer and employee maintain a good relationship and that the new employee feels welcome and appreciated in the organization. They also carry out training to new employees so that they offer their services well and also prepare them for management roles. Rotemberg, J. J. (1994).

Human relations are in charge of the organizations payroll. They ensure that every employee is paid on time and with the necessary deductions having been done properly. The human relations compensations specialists have to ensure that every employee is paid according to the services they provide in the organization. They usually develop well structured compensation plans that set company salaries and wages such that they are competitive with the other businesses around them or those that are in the same industry as them and competing for employees who have similar skills as theirs. They are entrusted with the task of ensuring that they carry out intensive and extensive researches and surveys to ensure that the wages they pay are in line with the projected budget of the organization.

The department of human relations also analyses the benefits in the organization in relation to the personnel hired. They have specialists who help to reduce the cost the company incurs during turnover, attrition and even hiring and replacing workers. They have the skills and expertise needed to negotiate group benefit packages for employees so that it is within the budget of the organization and also to be in line with the economic conditions and status of the company. Since they are well-informed on employee benefits which attract workers, they use this knowledge to reduce the company’s expenditure.

A positive image is important for every organization. The department of Human relations ensures that the organization does not suffer any allegations which could cause it its image. They do this by minimizing the organization’s exposure and liability to allegations of regulations such as unfair employment. Vince, R (2001) They identify, investigate and resolve any issues in the work place which if left undone could run out of control and damage the image of the organization. They also ensure the organization is running its activities on the right side of the law.

It is the role of the human relations to ensure that they control and minimize any risks and liabilities at the work place. Every employer is expected to provide safe working conditions for the employees. There are workplace safety and risk management officers in every organization who are given the task of ensuring safety and well being at work for the employees. Employees are to be trained in cases where they have to handle hazardous equipment. The HR department is expect to keep accurate work log and records and have programs that reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and fatalities. They promote awareness among the people in the organization on handling dangerous equipment.

Human relations ensure employee productivity by ensuring that employees are motivated. When employees feel that they are treated with respect and appreciated for their work, their productivity tends to increase. On the other hand when an employee is motivated at work through incentives and awards their productivity and their perception of the company becomes positive. Vince, R (2001)

Good human relations in an organization ensure employee retention. Employees who feel valued and respected at work are more likely to continue working for the organization.

In conclusion, human relations department is key in every organization. It is very critical for developing a good and conducive work environment and retaining employees while still maximizing their potential and encouraging productivity. Employers should focus their management approach to create a workplace culture in which employees are comfortable. This in turn grows the productivity of the organization.


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