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Goal Interdependence and Subgroup Formation


Teams working in many organizations are indispensable in many cases. For a team to function effectively, it must manage its conflicts, disagreements, and capabilities. The research focuses on establishing the relationship between goal interdependence, disputes in a group, and subgroup formation.

Research methodology

The research involves 79 undergraduate students from the university who have helped with the research findings. The students are chosen from the business administration course. The place of research is a university in Asia-pacific region. The students participated willingly, and their age was between 17 and 27 years (Tan, 2017). The selected group worked as groups during the school semester. The groups were supposed to accomplish the assignment towards the end of school semester. The groups involved eight members in each group. The questionnaire method was used as the method of data collection.


The research is based on the workgroups and teams and how they relate to work. There are many aspects of work that determine workers’ effectiveness in workstations. This means that the research tends to establish all the dynamics involved in work performance and effectiveness. Goal interdependence is defined as how the groups perceive the other team members and how the goals relate to one another. Therefore, the research examines the teams’ plans and the conflicts involved in the group and how organizations can resolve them to boost the effectiveness of workstations (Tan, 2017). The research indicates that goal interdependence affects the point of individuals in a group. This means that the relationship between members of the group and how they perceive their goals is what matters. It is crucial to note that for an organization to do well in terms of the outcomes there should be a good working relationship between the team members. The research tries to come up with an experimental study to determine the effectiveness of a team.

Analysis of the findings

The finding shows that three aspects revolve attainment of goals in an organization. According to the organizational theory, the social relationship between individuals is crucial in the outcome of that organization. The research shows three types of goals which individuals in a group. Cooperative goals involve goals involving the achievements of the group members, which affects others positively (Tan, 2017). This means that when one group member achieves, all the members have earned. In the competitive goals, the achievement of one member of the group affects the others negatively. This means that when one member achieves, the others fail. The independent goals involve achievements that are not related to the team members. This means that the achievement of one individual does not affect the goals of other members.

The findings show that the subgroups within a team are essential mechanisms in establishing the relationship between intragroup conflicts and goal interdependence. The sub-group formations act as a medium through which the collective goals affect the intragroup outcomes. The research, therefore, shows the mediation model of intragroup conflict and the goal of interdependence.

Relationship with organizational theory

While the organizational theory studies the effects of the relationship between team members, it also examines the effects of both the internal and external environment, such as the cultural, political, and legal environment (Tan, 2017). Organization means coming together to achieve specific goals. The theory, therefore, relates to goal interdependence which involves cooperating, competitive, and independent goals. The teams selected work as an organization with specified objectives. This means that an organization is a concept that indicates that teamwork is better than individual work.

Key lessons in the research

With the research based on the goal of interdependence and intragroup conflicts, it is crucial to learn that teamwork works better than individual performance. While the research involves teams selected from the university, the findings show that teams with fewer intragroup conflicts perform better than those with conflict (Tan, 2017). It also indicates that groups with cooperative goals do better since the achievement of one individual acts positively toward the others, and the achievement of one is an achievement for all. Therefore teamwork is an essential tool in the success of any organization.

Impacts of the research

The research has created a framework for organizations to foster teamwork. Teamwork is essential in the attainment of goals. The research findings show that cooperative goals are the best in an organization, and team members should avoid conflicts since they cause misunderstandings in the workplace. Companies cannot obtain goals (Tan, 2017). Organizations should have teams in place to foster the organization’s interests and ensure these teams have a clear framework to work. The research has a significant impact on all companies with team members and stakeholders.

Application and conclusion

The research applies to most of the companies in the United Arab Emirates. Most companies in the country have team members who collaborate to achieve the company’s goals. Team members must adopt cooperative goals to enable companies to be successful (Tan, 2017). Team members should adopt internal mechanisms of solving conflict. The companies should create a committee within the organization to solve internal conflicts. Some of the internal conflicts have a negative image of the community. Therefore it is crucial to ensure the company’s reputation is not damaged by both internal and external conflicts.


Tan, (. (2017). Goal interdependence, subgroup formation, and conflict in Teams. International Journal Of Organization Theory And Behavior20(4), 519-543.


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