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Ethical Analysis: CapraTek’s Call Center Set-Up in India

Rhonda’s engagement in CapraTek’s section into India outlines this challenge within the world’s commerce arrangement. There was a complicated moral predicament Rhonda had to bargain with as she was relegated to set up an unused call center. Rhonda’s judgment was addressed, and the corporate control framework had escape clauses. Applying the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) code of morals as a measuring stick, we might analyze CapraTek’s administration decision-making and the broad impacts of worldwide trade morals on the company.

Rhonda’s Moral Judgment and Mistakes

Ethical contemplations are related to a few of Rhonda’s choices when setting up CapraTek’s call center in India. Her judgment ought to have been predicated on reasonableness, profound quality, and respect as upheld within the SHRM Code of Morals. Rhonda’s strategy also needed to improve in two crucial aspects. First, Rhonda committed mistakes when she did not conduct extensive research and adequately followed the complex Indian work laws, leading to possible legal issues and loss of confidence among employees. Furthermore, Rhonda should have done due diligence for a local contractor, undermining fair bidding processes. These mistakes contravene the ethical principles of SHRM and doom Rhonda’s ability to execute her job concerning the ethical responsibilities of the company (Subeki et al., 2018). Consequently, these weaknesses show that Rhonda did not care about ethical issues while conducting business activities internationally, which cast doubt on her ethical judgment and the organization’s ethical orientation.

Rhonda’s Inappropriate Actions in Accepting Assistance

Looking at what Rhonda did, accepting some forms of help raised questions of ethics. SHRM’s code of ethics emphasizes the concept of neutrality and non-conflict integrity. Nevertheless, Rhonda received significant presents from a possible supplier, which may be seen as interfering with equity. This would create doubt about her conscience and honesty and might even indicate corruption within CapraTek and hurt their respectability. According to Podger and Menzel, 2014), SHRM has the principle of promoting ethical conduct. Therefore, it is contradictory when one accepts assistance without full transparency and clear disclosure, which destroys trust.

CapraTek’s Leadership Guidance Issues

The ethical failure experienced in setting up the call center concerning CapraTek’s leadership should be examined. The company saw Rhonda’s unreadiness to withstand the intricate moral situation of foreign trade. Though the training on local customs, laws, and SHRM ethical standards was sufficient, it did not prepare Rhonda for the intricacies of the Indian market. Furthermore, Nelson and Stout (2022) contend that CapraTek must translate its policies adequately to suit a foreign context, leading to a lack of cohesion for policy implementation and compliance. As a more significant problem, these omissions demonstrate that CapraTek’s leader needed to improve in good ethics and poor preparation for overseas operations.

Future Challenges for Rhonda and CapraTek

These, coupled with CapraTek’s weakness in ethical governance, have already done much damage and may present even more significant issues for CapraTek. Due to this, there may be future effects on the company’s public image in India because prospective partners could refuse a partnership with them. At the same time, consumers can feel reluctant to buy their products (Podger & Menzel, 2014). Furthermore, Rhonda’s breaches of protocols bring into question compliance with regional rules, putting CapraTek at risk of possible fines. Such complications hinder operations of and hinder CapraTeks’ entry into the Indian market—a pivotal region in the world arena expansion.

Evaluation of Ethical Judgment and Company Policies

With this being the case, the unethical actions from Rhonda will affect not only CapraTek but also the Capra Tech employees, CapraTech clients, and CapraTech stakeholders. Please do so to avoid chaos among CapraTech. Another policy aims to develop a rigorous monitoring system that would ensure this integrity and build strong relationships.


The case example of Rhonda’s ethical problems regarding the new Indian call center operated by CapraTek is presented as a signal warning for international enterprises. Some areas for improvement have been highlighted in the assessment, ranging from the personal-level choices of various individuals to the organization’s policy. CapraTek, as such, should institute ethics policies as part of the corporate values statement on ethical vigilance. Therefore, one must maintain such a commitment to sail across or even have an international client respect them for their ability to stick to their word.


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