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Essay on Customer Service

Building rapport with customers

Rapport is one of the vital customer service skills. It assists the customers to feel great about one’s service. They are easier and more relaxed to serve since they feel comfortable. Cordial interaction assists one in sustaining a positive mindset all day. It can be achieved through Learning to pronounce a customer’s address and name correctly. Mistakes happen, and customers might be understanding. However, it is good to prevent such a scenario whensoever possible. In any case, if one does not get the customer’s name, he/she should have them repeat it. Many customers will acknowledge one’s effort to contact them decently, thus setting off a positive rapport note (Kim & Baker, 2019). Asking customers for suggestions. People usually like to be wise. Therefore, asking customers for suggestions makes them naturally biased and comfortable to want to help. Paying customers complements. Some people might be bothered about going too far from paying a customer a sincere compliment to being second-rate and flirtatious. To avoid this trap, one has to stick with something that will make the complement bona fide and honest. For instance, one may comment, “I like your watch,” if one justly lauds the brand and style. Such complements add immense benefaction and stir customers toward a pleasant experience.

Making contact with the customers

Making contact with customers immediately can be meandering toward building a certain connection. The following behaviors should be championed to better the interaction with the customer. Employees start a discussion on time. Research shows that customers wait to be chatted within the various business. Studies also discovered the approximate time customers have waited. Constantly, the customer’s appraisal of the time slipped away was longer than the actual time. A quick, warm greeting like guests can assist the customers to feel easy and relaxed, reducing anxiety that customers may endure. A few seconds may often feel like minutes to customers; therefore, a warm greeting upon reaching the location of work helps the customers de-stress and push easy intercommunication (Quirke, 2017). Employees should be able to acknowledge customers even when they are serving other customers. It prevents moments of awkwardness for customers due to silence. Speaking up will acquaint them that they will be assisted soon. Communication between employees and customers should build room for a relationship. One should reassure the customers they have come to the best place to engage in business dealings. Regularly, customers want to examine and settle in the place of work before committing to a business deal. To dissipate such uneasiness, one should use a non-malignant icebreaker, which is inconsequential and warm commentary. For instance, one might ask, “what’s the strangest food have you ever eaten?”

Communicating reaffirmation to customers

Employees should reaffirm customers to conduct their business dealing with them. It avoids the buyer’s remorse. During the transaction, one can infuse against buyer’s remorse by reaffirming to customers that they have made a great choice by highlighting that the product or service is spot-on for their needs and situation(Abd Ghani et al., 2017). One may phrase ” insure you will love it” to help reaffirm and bolster the customer’s settle in to move forward with the sale or trade and, as significantly, feel satisfied with it. Restatements project one’s personality in optimistic ways, touching and reaching out to customers. Studies show Young customers react more positively to touch than older people in most cases. However, it imparted customer impression of personality. The older folks tend to increase their tips as opposed to aged folks who are not touched at all. Providing unvarying customer experience as a way to reach out to customers. Unchanging delivery routine is something many clients appeal for from a business or company. It is crucial for customer contentment. Research shows that unvarying client experience across the whole client journey will surge customer contentment, build trust, and strengthen loyalty.

Projecting on professionalism

Maintaining a professional image is key to the business success when serving customers, which involves paying attention to one’s appearance in terms of grooming, dressing, and attractiveness of the place of work. Professionalism is vital for customer service employees since great judgment and civil actions can better customer contentment and retention. Most big businesses have exceptional customer connections because they have competent delegates who keenly listen to issues and approach customer needs (Karl et al., 2016). The more one efficaciously tackles criticism, the more likely they are to have recapitulated customers and increase the attractiveness of the workplace. Proper dressing and grooming are crucial to gaining respect and a positive impression of the workplace. Grooming is vital in putting the appropriate first conception in front of customers and transmogrifying more services and sales. Survey shows that people with appealing appearances reap more money and spring better sales outcomes in various businesses. Attractive dressing and grooming give off the impression of professionalism in an individual. It instills respect and trust subliminally in the customers’ minds and, hence, persuades their decisions and choices. Casual appearance inculcates the impression of irresponsible and thoughtless nature.


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