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Elon Musk’s Acquisition of Twitter


Image of Musk with Jared Kushner at the world cup

This choice was informed by the controversial circumstances revolving around the acquisition of Twitter. Is this image associated with having had links to Musk’s acquisition of Twitter because of his presence at the world cup. This image was controversial because Musk was in the presence of Jared Kushner, who was involved in a deal with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, a major shareholder of Twitter. This image has various implications linked to Musk’s Purchase of Twitter. Kushner was believed to link Musk with the crown prince regarding the purchase of Twitter, as the crown prince is the second largest shareholder in Twitter (Barrie and Christopher). The image as well to an outsider can be viewed as Musk having similar political views as Kushner because Kushner is a son-in-law to Trump and was the former senior advisor to the former president. The photo has political and investment undertones; as described above, the presence of Kushner at the world cup was significant because he was a link between Musk and the crown prince; this makes Kushner a political influencer.

Experts have acknowledged that the crown prince endorsed Musk’s move to privatize the company. The idea from this photo is that Musk is a strategic and aggressive investor aiming to create strategic partnerships. This benefits businesses because they offer a platform for positive business relations reflected in the company’s operational and strategic policies, which impact profits and revenues. For a sociologist, it can be perceived that people associate with a person based on their interests; in this case, Kushner served Musk’s interests, hence the association. Humanitarians require morality, benevolence, selfless and emotional responses and approaches to how people associate (Rohlinger et al.).This image did not showcase a selfless nature because Musk served his interests by socializing with Kushner. This showcases a conflict between sociologist and humanitarian approaches whereby in a social setting, morality and selflessness is often disregarded, and humanitarianism regards these deliverables highly. This image was informed by the controversies linked to the acquisition of Twitter, and this image aims at associating and describing Musk as a risk taker and strategic thinker. This is because having the crown prince as an ally will help reduce the resistance to the acquisition of Twitter.

Elon Musk can be described as an entrepreneur because of his position in the business environment. Musk has invested in and started companies such as PayPal, Space X, Tesla and Twitter. Musk is an interesting character to be analyzed by students, CEOs and people aspiring to live the American dream. Musk can be perceived to be living the American dream because he was initially born in South Africa and migrated to Canada and then the USA progressively. Musk is also a perfect example of an open-minded, risk-taking entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial skills began to showcase at 12 when he sold a video game to a magazine (Rohlinger et al.).Recently his aggressive takeover of Twitter can be described as a bold move. This is because from 2017 according to Twitter’s financial records, the company has been registering losses. Musk’s investment in such a company can be described as bold. This move can also be described as bold because Musk took out loans to finance the purchase; Twitter will finance this loan. A move experts term as strategic and incorporates elements of good debt because Musk did not purchase Twitter using his money.

Experts also acknowledge that to be an entrepreneur. One needs to have unique ideas and the mind of an investor. Musk is an example of n entrepreneur who has monetized their capabilities and inventions. One of the evident strategies Musk has used to monetize his inventions revolves around creating and selling a product. For example, in 1995, Musk created the Zip2 corporation. The amount used for this start-up was $28000 borrowed from Musk’s father. In 1999 musk sold the company for an estimated $ 307 million (Rohlinger et al.).The profit made by Musk for this particular sale was $ 22 million. The proceeds were later used to find, an online banking system. Musk formed a merger with Confinity to form PayPal in the year 2000. In 2002, Musk sold PayPal to eBay, which saw Musk obtain $ 180 million. The period post-PayPal saw Musk as well partake in a risky investment such as Twitter by deciding to invest all his money in SpaceX, Tesla and Solar City.

This move saw Musk become broke, a factor perpetuated by his $ 20 million divorce. As of 2023, Musk’s network is estimated to be $187 billion. This data is according to the Forbes ranking. The above analysis focuses on Musk’s ability to monetize his skills and invention. These inventions have also impacted society as most align with the demands of contemporary society(Barrie and Christopher). For example, Tesla’s car is environmentally friendly as they aim to revolutionize the transport sector. That is, some of the cars produced by Tesla use green energy, which helps reduce the carbon emissions associated with the transport industry.

Nonetheless, the above analysis portrays the characteristic of Musk as an entrepreneur and investor. One of these characteristics revolves around being a risk-taker. This is seen in various instances, from using all his money to investing in purchasing a company to making losses. Musk is also strategic as he remains with part ownership of his companies and avoids cashing out this institution, a move that contributes to his net worth(Rohlinger et al.).The other strategies used in investing within his circles. His investments and inventions have been linked to his close allies and family friends. The other evident strategy is interlinking his businesses. For instance, currently, Musk uses Twitter to market Tesla. This information is crucial for investors, students and persons aspiring to live the American dream.


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Barrie, Christopher. “Did the Musk Takeover Boost Contentious Actors on Twitter?.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2212.10646 (2022).


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