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Effects of Racism Among American Students

Racism in America is legendary from the days of colonization. In the modern-day, racism is felt like second colonization as it affects minority ethnic groups. This paper analyses racism association with harmful health outcomes and poor academic performance due to prejudice and stress, and how inequality due to school dropout has led to low living standards, as effects of racism among American students.

Racism is associated with adverse outcomes of health. Racism causes psychological distress, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, increased blood pressure, and anxiety. Indigenous students undergo discrimination, which has become so common tending to be compared to the ongoing processes of colonization. Discrimination, in turn, affects the mental health of the subjected students following the Racism publication of (Paradies 2018). Racism has contributed to mental health deterioration by leading to increased anxiety and anger, as reported by Ingram & Wallace (2018). Racism among American students is a big challenge, especially to the minority, and continues to oppress even in the modern generation.

Racism is associated with poor academic performance due to prejudice and stress. Racism has contributed to low grades, especially where the minority is considered. Effective learning requires motivation, which has been lacking due to racism. The emotional stress that accrues from racism has led to the downhill of academic performances by black Americans as opposed to the whites, following the research of Gougis, 2020. Moreover, racial discrimination has negatively impacted students’ academic achievement from ethnic minority backgrounds. With racism, Hispanic and Asian students report more discrimination cases than whites. Hence, harming academic goals after the publication of Browning & Rigolon (2019). In agreement, racism among students is associated with decreased motivation towards learning, leading to low grades.

Increased school dropouts result in low living standards and inequality during employment. Racism contributes to the high rates at which students drop out of school. Discrimination has planted a seed of isolation upon students of the minority ethnic group, which eventually has led to school dropouts. Pensions and expulsions have ridiculously increased over the past four decades despite being associated with school disengagement and dropout, as per the publication of Kennedy & Soutullo, 2018. Furthermore, dropouts are linked with low living standard due to low income since no equal opportunities for the learned and the delinquents. According to Owen (2018), “large achievement gaps exist between high- and low- income students and between black and white students.” The research delves deeper to explain how white families live in the most affluent places instead of black families. White students earn better than black students and hence can afford better living.

In conclusion racism is linked with the negative mental health impact on minority students, poor academic performances that result from prejudice and stress. Also, inequality led to low living standards due to the increased dropout rates. To wrap up, racism among American students has not shed enough light to create more awareness. Minority groups have continued to suffer discrimination if a change is not implemented. Growing up, parents teaching kids the essence of equality among diverse cultures would positively impact the new generation to curb racism.


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