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Child Poverty and Its Reduction Strategy

Summary Of The Publication

The Publication about “Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Ontario, Toronto, ON: Family Service Toronto” mainly talks about the subject of child poverty in the context of ending child and family poverty, which is not a traversable building tougher fundamentals for Ontario families. This Publication begins by demonstrating how culmination child and family poverty is not reachable (Campaign, 2016). The 2017 “Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Ontario Ending” points out that ending child poverty in the region will not materialize by itself, but it needs some external forces to intercede. Society is obligated to be vigorously involved in the process of building tougher foundations to prevent children and their families from suffering in poverty, and this can be achieved through supporting the households living in poverty transversely to the region (Campaign, 2016). The problem is so dire that the victims cannot endure any further. Change is needed to be implemented for building a stronger foundation obligatory to guarantee no children and families are living in poverty.

The aspects of child poverty that the Ontario administration considers important to target include the facet of constructing a poverty-free zone requires the conception and the application of programs and governmental policies to create a society where every child and family has admittance to the support required to live the best lives free from poverty (Campaign, 2016). The Publication envisages that with such support, the whole Ontario region will have families with the potential to access to collective, inexpensive childcare; all-inclusive and wide-ranging health maintenance amenities that major on offering juvenile care services, and secure quality jobs for parents to obtain stable incomes to avoid families languishing in poverty and promotion income security programs that offer sufficient revenues; and affordable, good quality and safe housing (Campaign, 2016).

How to Reduce Poverty For Children And Youth

  • By increasing the household income and supporting family relationships for better parenting.
  • Developing primary and (pre-school) education, and bettering the primary education and introducing post learning programs for parental leadership and commitment.
  • The administration expanding the current Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).
  • Increasing the child care subsidies and aggregating the Ontario federal minimum salary and observance of the ‘work advance’.
  • Introduction of the national training and employment programs to develop the housing vouchers programs, and develop the supplementary security income programs.
  • Authorizing policy decisions proposed to allow reimbursements to reach children, their families and address the existing poverty gaps that might lead children to no longer having access to adequate food.
  • Elimination of gender and social class inequality, by creating quality jobs in a universal manner, to increase the access to appropriate nutrition, childcare services, sanitation and access to clean water.
  • Supporting employment opportunities, raising the province’ average pay, embrace programs such as paid sick and family leave, culmination of mass internment.
  • Supporting investors to capitalize in high quality childcare and early education, tackling child victimization and segregation in schools where poverty is more concentrated..
  • To implement the reforms that help families to evade poverty through linking at least one member from every household to the local resources availed by the government.

Poverty Reduction Strategy

Poverty reduction table

Figure 1: Visual depiction of the poverty reduction strategy framework.


Campaign, O. (2016). report card on child and family poverty in Ontario. Toronto, ON: Family Service Toronto.


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