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Digital Marketing Strategies

About 93% of online customers go through the reviews before making purchases, and around 45% of them shop online and pick up their products in the stores. These statistics have been facilitated by the rise of internet users globally over recent years and hence have mobilized many businesses to opt for digital marketing (Goldfarb & Tucker, 2019). Digital marketing is defined as the internet’s use to develop business brands, products, or services online. It emerged in the early 1990s and became famous as the usage of computers and emails increased between 1994 and 1996. For effective marketing, digital marketers have adopted some strategies, which include search engine optimization (SEO), Affiliate marketing, and social media marketing platforms.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the efficient strategies in the digital marketing world. It involves the use of search engines such as Google for searching products and services uploaded on business websites or blogs. About 53% of online customers research a product or service before making the purchase, and 51% of smartphone users realize the latest products and services through search engines installed on their mobile phones (Marketing Evolution, 2021). SEO has contributed much to digital marketing by providing many customers, more website traffic, return on investment, and a better reputation (Matta et al., 2020). SEO is categorized into three types: on-page SEO, Offpage SEO, and Technical SEO.

Affiliate marketing involves the use of outside people or companies under a signed agreement to offer the promotion of products and services in exchange for commission in every sale made through their efforts. It’s a strategy that aims to reduce costs by outsourcing some promotion burdens. Brands’ reputations are allocated to outside individuals, which means a lot of monitoring and tracking is required to keep the brand safe. Affiliate marketing has proved its effectiveness in bringing potential customers and improving sales. During a survey, 90% of the business enterprises that run affiliate programs declared it was the central part of their digital marketing strategy (Singh, 2018). It has led to the growth of business enterprises and employment creation in affiliates.

Social media marketing enables businesses to reach their targeted customers in myriad ways. The marketing groups can utilize their channels to spread paid ads and sponsored content. In addition, Products and services can also be promoted in a significant way organically to people who follow you and engage with the respective consumers. 78% of the consumers demand the brands to utilize social media platforms to bring them together .lastly, and businesses can use social media platforms to build their brands and establish a unique voice that popularizes them to follow and share (Li et al., 2020). In the modern world, most consumers are dependent on social media to follow trending updates about things they follow online.

Search engine optimization (SEO), Affiliate marketing, and social media marketing platforms are the most effective strategies used by businesses in digital marketing. SEO is most effective as it involves using search engines like Google, which are the wide browsers on the internet. Affiliate marketing involves signed agreements between the promoters and the business about percentages of commissions to be paid after sales are made through their efforts. Social media platforms are also widely used to reach targeted customers, promote the brand, and engage customers. The rise of digital marketing has improved the growth of many businesses globally and created employment for many people. Many companies should opt for digital marketing to enjoy the benefit.


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