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Consulting Project: Baptist Hospital of Miami

Employees’ Engagement

Employee engagement has been an obstacle to the success of many organizations, as the management, in most cases, does not care to listen to what the employees have to say about the running of the organization. They tend to forget that employees are a vital part of any successful progress of the organization as they are the ones who turn its wheels to success (Sun & Bunchapattanasakda, 2019). Employee engagement is a concept under human management resources that describes dedication, enthusiasm, and employees’ feelings towards the assigned job and the organization. The management should always inspire and motivate the employees to attain success, and the best level in their careers as this will also take the organization close to the mission and goals. They should also create the right environment to enable the development of creativity and innovation in employees. Leadership plays a big part in employees’ engagement in the organization’s daily activities. It moves the human management resource to close the gap between management and employees. Organizational behavior, dealing with resistance, leadership, and corporate culture holds the keys to employee engagement, Baptist Hospital of Miami, as a case study, proved this to be true.

Organizational behavior concepts

Organizational behavior is the study of people interacting within a group; a good example is an employee with the workforce of an organization. This academic study was conducted to help understand the behaviors of people within organizations and how it can be utilized to assist in boosting employee engagement which many organizations have taken as a light matter and considerably costing their success (Griffin et al., 2016). Baptist Hospital is a more excellent organization that has impacted millions of lives, and it still stands as a critical pillar in the well-being of society, given that they are a not-for-profit organization. Conducted research still shows employees to feel somehow not well engaged on the vital decisions in the hospital and with claims to have salary increment, protection against diseases like COVID-19, bonuses, employees’ retention, and given some off time to travel like other nurses around the country. A shining beacon to many can easily be put off due to slight ignorance to take care of the smallest part, which seemed never to have any chances to cause any troubles. Light can easily. Organizational behavior is an inter-disciplinary approach combining anthropology, psychology, and sociology to help the human management resources deliver the set success by organizations. The concept is divided into different models, which are vital in improving employee improvement;

Autocratic model

The first organizational behavior concept is an autocratic model, which mainly focuses on the power and authority practiced by the management body. The management makes decisions that affect the whole organization without involving the employees. The employees are only expected to show discipline and obedience towards the directives from the organizations, and there should be no opposition at all. This behavior leads to insecurity, frustration, and dependency on the superior to make any decision, leading to low performance and even minimum wages as the employees have no voice to oppose the oppression subjected them. Oppressing employees and taking their freedom away only worsens as the environment is so harmful for any creativity and innovation. The hostile environment will lead to the organization’s loss and even close up.

Custodial model

The custodial model is the subsequent behavior visible in organizations around the United States and even the Baptist Hospital of Miami. The concept focuses on how employees are provided with economic resources. Employees benefit from financial security provided by the economic response given to them by the management. The approach depends on the firms with high resources instead of dealing directly with the manager or boss. Though the projects get engaged with the employees, they should also be executed well to prevent further divisions and losses that may lead to the organization closing up. The Baptist Hospital employees have some financial freedom. However, they still claim to want bonuses and salary increments which should be well researched to avoid the interruptions of the normal working of the organizations. The organization should be keen on investigating the economic changes in the country to be able to take care of their employees to increase their work input hence increasing the organization’s output.

Supportive model

The supportive model is the third concept of organizational behavior that focuses on the management’s status and recognition. The employees in the Baptist Hospital claim that they are only recognized when they do could task or achieve great results (Pradhan & Jena, 2017). Status and recognition are mainly based on performance, but management should not neglect their employees when there are going through hard times and lack of performance. They should create an excellent environment to motivate and inspire employees during their low times to improve, and the same case should happen when they perform better. People will always crave the feeling of support knowing that someone got your back, and the management should always ensure this support is present in the organization. The approach helps in improving employees’ job performance while increasing the feeling of participation in them. This will also increase the performance of the organization.

Collegial model

The collegial model is the last concept of organizational behavior, which mainly deals with a partnership with the managerial body hence creating an environment that encourages teamwork. Employees in the Baptist Hospital Miami supported the concept of teamwork in the workplace as one of the critical changes that could take them to the next level as an organization. Employees are responsible for the well-being of their teammates and are expected to have good behavior and self-discipline. The concept creates a better image of the organization to the public hence boosting performance and even profits to many organizations. A spirit of “accept” and “respect” is well created in the workplace and embraced by everyone. Baptist Hospital adopting teamwork spirit and discipline can drive them to the next level and achieve their goals and mission. This will also impact the society around the hospital to care more about the people around them and improve the ethics of the whole community.


People will always resist change, while they know very well change permanent. They do not want to leave their old ways of treating employees like slaves and keep them away from the decision-making process that is key and responsible for their well-being and mental health when in the workplace (Grama & Todericiu, 2016). Times are changing, and people are aware of their rights whether in the workplace or anywhere around the country; with strong labor unions, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties organizations ready to fight for employees’ rights and freedom, organizations and companies will have to follow the right way when it comes to employee management and engagement. Employees now have a decisive say in society, and organizations will have to change or perish the results, which may also lead to the closing down. Changing will even boost the organization’s performance than the currently used approaches of key employees far from crucial management processes. Involving them will increase loyalty and the desire to give all the best for the organization as they feel part of the family. As a study case, Baptist Hospital should get employees more engaged in the running of the organizations and improve the concept of employee retention as it will also improve the organization’s performance.


Leadership is a crucial component when it comes to incrementing employee engagement in the workplace. Solid leadership will always aim to develop a strong professional team that will be more involved in the organization’s daily activities. During team development, leaders should ensure the process is well followed to prevent any disruption of the progress of the project or the organization (Carasco-Saul et al., 2015). These stages involve forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. This will boost the team’s performance and organization as it eliminates all the conflicts as the team will work in the same direction to achieve the set goals. The process also gets the employees more involved. It fosters the right environment for everyone in the workplace, hence developing creativity and innovation, which is a sure way to success. Leaders should also train employees regularly to equip them with the new skills required in the market and increase talent, leading to employee retention, which is rare in the Baptist Hospital. Employee training and retention will save the organization the cost of hiring new people while looking for new skills, which will be expensive.

Organizational culture

Organizational culture and values will have to change to put customers at the center of their focus and as employees being part of this focus. The culture should change to make employees more welcomed in the family and eliminate the outsider feeling they have (Alvesson & Sveningsson, 2015). Employees’ engagement matter should be given the right weight and be treated as the base of the organization’s culture. This has increased production, drove profits, improved customer satisfaction, reduced turnover, and boosted employees’ wellness. Organizational culture is a critical concept that can turn events fast in the workplace and drive the organization to the set targets, as humans are generated to perform well in society. When this society has adopted the correct values and culture, it is a sure way to succeed. Creating the right culture and value will even impact the management and every other department to embrace employee engagement and open the doors to success. Baptist Hospital has been a not-for-profit organization that can lead as an example for other organizations to emulate hence improving the well-being of employees.


Organizations should adopt ways to help them implement the right changes as the time and market demand and keep growing and competing. They should also adopt the right leadership skills and discard the autocratic models of business that lack any form of democracy or openness in the organization’s running. Implementation of organizational behaviors concept good help in guiding organizations to the right way of doing their daily business and create a system which values everyone in the organization and even the outside society. Strong leadership will also be essential in any organization’s activities. This is the only department that can make things good or destroy everything simultaneously; the right body should occupy this position.


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