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Cognitive Psychology Essays

The Major Structures of the Brain and the Influence They Have on Cognition and Learning

Introduction The mind administers astuteness, feeling, and development. Its significant designs have specific purposes. The frontal cortex, the biggest locale of the cerebrum, is separated into two sides of the equator and controls cognizant insight, discernment, and willful development. The cerebellum toward the rear of the cerebrum controls equilibrium and engine coordination. The brainstem controls ... Read More
Pages: 9       Words: 2254

Applying Cognitive Psychology to Driving

Introduction Even though many of us drive daily, few of us know the cognitive abilities needed to drive safely. Complex cognitive functions like perception, attention, decision-making, and memory are all used in this activity (Hole, 2014). Driving places a heavy mental burden on drivers since they must continually be aware of their surroundings, foresee potential ... Read More
Pages: 11       Words: 2752
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“Hot Topics” of Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology is the field of psychology that studies the mental processes of humans, such as thinking, feeling, and problem-solving. The specialization focuses on understanding how the brain works and how we use it to make decisions (Sanborn & Harris, 2019). Over the past few years, cognitive psychology has become a hot topic in the ... Read More
Pages: 3       Words: 788

Essay on Cognitive Psychology

Study Strategies For a considerable time, memory has been the subject of study. Scientists investigate the phenomenon of memory loss to grasp its causes and mechanisms. Students will likely find this subject to be quite fascinating to study. To explain the phenomenon of memories deteriorating with time, (Anderson, 2020) proposed two primary explanations. The original ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1261

Branches of Psychology

Overview Psychology is one of the most diverse disciplines encompassing the study of behavior and mind, including all aspects of human experience and how the mind influences behavior through its actions. Because psychology embraces all aspects of the human mind and experience, cognitive development, forensic and developmental psychology and therefore, there are unlimited branches of ... Read More
Pages: 4       Words: 927

Nature, Nurture and Bio-Cognition Theories

Biological evolution is described as any genetic change in the populations of organisms over successive generations. It is achieved using genetic variation and natural selection. Biological evolution is based on the idea that All living creatures are related and slowly change over time (Restrepo 2008). On the other hand, environmental learning examines how the natural ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1254

Current Research in Cognitive Psychology

1) Major theories of cognition Different researchers have presented different theories (Kaufman, 2018). One such theory states that people make decisions based on their experience with the situation and prior knowledge. While this theory could be one of the most important, it does not reflect all cognitive processes. Another theory states that different situations require ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1522
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